Top 10 Most Famous Black Sand Beaches in the World

Usually, sand has a yellow color. Other times it can be golden or a light brown; but have you ever thought that there is black sand?. Yes, there is sand that has a black color. In addition, there are already some black sand beaches around the world; and they are really beautiful. In the following article, you will find a list of the top 10 most famous black sand beaches in the world.

10 Santo Domingo Beach, Albay


Santo Domingo Beach in Albay is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the Philippines and the world. It is said that this black sand has formed due to some volcanic activities in the region. The view there is stunning, not only because the beautiful black sand but also because of the clear blue water.

9 Black Sands Beach, California


The Black Sands Beach in California is a 3.5 mile beach that is located near Shelter Cove town. This beach is distinguished by the small and smooth black pebbles that cover its sand and give it the beautiful black color. Moreover, there are some offshore reefs to explore as well.

8 Black Sand Beach, Alaska


The Black Sand Beach in Alaska is a beautiful beach that is located between Gravina Point, Judy Hill and Blank Islands. This beach is not as warm or sunny like other beaches because of the glaciers that is only 5 minutes away. However, in the warm months, this beach is perfect for sea kayakers because the mountains keep winds away.

7 Langkawi Island, Malaysia

The Langkawi Island in Malaysia is a magnificent beach that combines between both black and white sands. Though the mixture of black and white sand makes Langkawi Island very beautiful, the clear turquoise water makes it even more beautiful. In addition, due to its clear water, this beach is perfect for diving.

6 Point Venus, Tahiti


Point Venus is the most famous black sand beach in Tahiti. It is said that Tahiti was formed by volcanic activities and that is the reason behind the presence of black sand. The water of the Island is full of colorful coral reefs which make it ideal for diving and snorkeling. Moreover, Point Venus Island also has a lighthouse and a park, so it is the perfect place to spend your holiday.

5 Vik Beach, Iceland


The Vik Beach in Iceland is famous for the black sand as well as basalt sea stack. The contrast between the black sand and the white waves makes the place look very spectacular. At the western side of Vik Beach you can also find the Reynisdragar, Basalt Sea stacks situated under the mountain Reynisfjall, which is 340 meter high.

4 Punaluu Beach, Hawaii


Punaluu Beach in Hawaii is the most popular black sand beach in the world. This black sand beach has formed from volcanic activities. You can find there at the beautiful Punaluu Beach, both Hawksbill turtles and Green sea turtles as well. Though this beach is magnificent, it is dangerous for swimming because it is very rocky.

3 Kamari Beach, Greece


Kamari Beach, which is located in Greece, is a beautiful beach resort on the south east of Santorini. This beach has earned the Blue Flag reward which is given to beaches with high quality standards. The beach there is very organized and you can find everything you want. In addition, the water there is very deep and blue, so you can enjoy diving.

2 Lovina Beach, Bali


Lovina Beach is a 12 kilometres beach that is located on the West of Singaraja in North Bali. Lovina beach is very quiet and calm which makes it perfect for swimming. Tourists from all over the world go to Bali and especially Lovina in August to enjoy the beautiful weather, the spectacular view of the black sand and the clear water.

1 El Bollullo Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands

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El Bollullo Beach, which is located in the Tenerife Island, is a black sand beach that has a strong waves. Like most of the Canary Islands, the El Bollullo Beach in Tenerife is composed of Basalt. Though this beach does not have many luxury facilities it is one of the most popular black sand beaches in the world.

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