Top 10 Most Amazing Shaping Trees And Shrubs

Trees and shrubs play an important role in giving our gardens an attractive view. They provide a good landscape to our homes. They are the main source of oxygen, which is essential to our lives. They also add a sense of tranquillity and peace to our lives. There are many kinds of trees and shrubs that can provide this. They differ in colour, shape and size. Every one of these trees and shrubs has its unique characteristics that appeal to us. We should take care of these trees and shrubs that are considered a source of beauty throughout the year. They need a certain kind of fertilizers and should be planted in an appropriate time. They can also be pruned and shaped into different shapes that attract our attention. The time and kind of pruning or shaping differs from a certain tree or a shrub to a another. Here are the top ten shaping trees and shrubs that would help you have this beauty at home.

10Green Velvet Boxwood

The rich green colour of its leaves remains throughout the winter. It can be used to make an evergreen hedge that reaches 4 to 5 feet. Many of these trees are planted in USA. It is planted between spring and fall in a well-drained area.

9Virginia Creeper

The name is derived from one of its native locations. It has large green leaves that become red in the fall. Its berries attract many birds that come searching for food. In the winter, we can find many birds like robin, brown thrasher, nuthatch, and mockingbird.

8Rainbow’s End Alberta Spruce

It is one of the perfect trees for small gardens thanks to its conical shape and diminutive size. In 10 years, the height of this tree can reach 10’ while its width can reach 3’-4’. It has a pyramidal shape. It has dark green foliage and a yellow colour that appears in spring.

7‘Pendula’ or Weeping Eastern White Pine

‘Pendula’ or Weeping Eastern White Pine has a variety of colours. It has soft blue-green needles in groups of five. It can be pruned according to the form that we want. It spreads horizontally. It can grow to reach 50-110’ tall.

 6Ivory Silk Tree Lilac

This is one of the trees that have more flowers. It grows in USDA and has pyramidal form that becomes rounded when it grows older. Its height can reach about 20 to 30 feet. It can spread to 15 feet. It can be pruned only after flowering in order to keep flowers.

5Tricolor Beech

This tree grows slowly to reach 24-40′ tall and 30′ wide. Its leaves have many variations. They can be green, pink, and white. It looks like a pyramid. It can be pruned in late winter to make a hedge. It can live up to 120 years.

4Dart’s gold Ninebark

Dart’s Gold is regarded a compact medium-sized shrub. It was introduced in Holland. It has gold yellow leaves in spring. They become lime-green or Chartreuse in summer. It should be immediately pruned after blooming. It can be planted in different soil conditions.

3Daphne Carol Mackie‏

It is famous for its green leaves that has a yellow margin. It has a lovely fragrance. It can be pruned after flowering. Its height can reach three to six feet. It is planted in moist and well-drained soil. It should have a permanent location and not be moved to another place.

2Maple Autumn Blaze

It is one of the large trees that can reach 70 feet and 120 feet in the wild. Every year, this tree produces red flowers and trees. It grows well in warm areas. These trees are known for the speed of growth. They can resist storms thanks to their strong wood.

1Itea Little Henry

It can be planted in different conditions. However, it prefers a moist and humusy soil. It can grow to reach 2′ tall. Its tiny white flowers can be seen in late spring and early summer. It has oval and dark green leaves that continue to exist on the shrub till December.

These are just ten of the wonderful trees and shrubs that exist in the nature that continue to inspire us every day with its beauty.

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