Top 10 Longest Rivers In Asia

Rivers are sources of freshwater. They are characterized of their calmness, as they are free of waves. Asian rivers are very beautiful; they have an amazing reflection of nature. This article will focus on the top 10 longest rivers in Asia. Thus, if you want to travel to Asia and visit its rivers just relax and follow this writing.

10 The Euphrates:

It is a river that bears a historical importance in Western Asia. It meets with the Tigris, to be one of the two major rivers of Mesopotamia. It begins from eastern Turkey, and flows all the way through Syria and Iraq to stick together to the Tigris in the Shatt al-Arab. The Euphrates flows all the way through many different vegetation areas. The stable drop in annual rainfall from the bases of the Euphrates in the direction of the Persian Gulf is a brawny determinant for the plant life that can be held. It covers about 2,800 km – 1,740 miles.

The Euphrates

9 Salween River:

It means the angry river in Chinese. It is about 2,815 km or (1,749 mi) long which runs from the Tibetan Plateau into the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia. It consumes a tapered and watershed that enlarges into China, Burma as well as Thailand. Vertical canyon walls line the speedy, strong Salween. It is not only one of the longest rivers in Asia, but also in the world.

Salween River

8 The Brahmaputra:

It begins from Angsi Glacier, positioned on the northern edge of the Himalayas, Tibet as the Yarlung Tsangpo River, it runs across southern Tibet to penetrate the Himalayas in great gorges and into Arunachal Pradesh, in India. It runs southwest all the way through the Assam Valley. It covers about 2,900 km – 1,800 miles of distance in Asia.

The Brahmaputra

7 Nizhnyaya Tunguska:

It is a river, located in Siberia, Russia, that runs through the Irkutsk Oblast and the Krasnoyarsk Krai. Nizhnyaya Tunguska is a right branch of the Yenisei that connected it to Turukhansk. This beautiful river is 2,989 km – 1,857 miles in length. In the past, the river was employed as a way for the fur trade, transportation of goods and mineral wealth. It was an profitable river to the economy.

Nizhnyaya Tunguska

6 Ob River:

It is a main river in western Siberia, Russia and is deemed to be the world’s seventh longest river. The Gulf of Ob is considered to be the world’s longest estuary. The river is used frequently for irrigation, hydroelectric energy, as well as fishing. A dam was built near Novosibirsk that made the largest manmade lake in Siberia, it is named Novosibirsk Reservoir. Ob River is about 3,650 km – 2,268 miles long.

Ob River

5 Yenisei River:

Being 4,090 km – 2,540 miles long, Yenisei River is the largest river system running to the Arctic Ocean. It is the innermost of the three enormous Siberian Rivers that run into the Arctic Ocean. Moreover, the utmost depth of the Yenisei reaches 80 feet. Throughout World War II, both Germany and the Japanese Empire saw eye to eye to divide Asia along a line that tracked the Yenisei River to the border of China, and all along the border of China and the Soviet Union.

Yenisei River

4 Lena River:

It is ranked the 11th longest river in the world. It is the biggest among the rivers whose watershed is totally within the Russian boundaries. Some stories in the country say that in the years 1620–23 a group of Russian fur hunters led by Demid Pyanda sailed up Lower Tunguska, and discovered the closeness of Lena River and brought their boats there, that the river reaches 4,400 km – 2,734 miles long.

Lena River

3 Mekong River:

Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Asia. Navigation is very difficult in the river, because of the tremendous seasonal variations in flood and because of waterfalls. The Mekong is one of the richest regions of biodiversity. There is no any other river to be deemed home to such numerous species of large fish. It covers about 4,909 km – 3,050 miles in length.

Mekong River

2 Yellow River:

It runs through 9 provinces, and it pours into the Bohai Sea near Dongying in Shandong province. The Yellow River is one of a number of rivers that are important for China’s existence. However, it has been accountable for several fatal floods, as the only natural catastrophes in history that have killed more than one million people. It length reaches 5,464 km – 3,395 miles.

Yellow River

1 Yangtze River:

It is deemed to be the longest river in Asia and the third longest one in the world, with 6,300 km – 3,915 miles. The Yangtze has long been the most essential means of China’s water transportation system that remained important for many years, till the production of the national railway in the 20th century.

Yangtze River

Here are the longest rivers in Asia, all of them have economical importance.



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