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Top 10 Most Successful Ideas In Shark Tank

Shark Tank is deemed to be an American reality competition television series whose first performance was on August 9, 2009, on ABC. Shark Tank ‘s producer is Mark Burnett. The show has a board of potential investors, named “sharks”, who mull over offers from hopeful entrepreneurs looking for investments for their business or product. Here is the list of the top 10 Most successful ideas in Shark Tank.

10 ChordBuddy
Being a music teacher for over 30 years, Travis Perry was aware of a thing or two concerning the challenges kids faced when taught chords on the guitar. Attempting to decrease the numbers of irritated students stopping before they got the hang of it, he produced ChordBuddy, which is a simple device that rises to the guitar and lets the player to work on right hand rhythm patterns till they have learned the chords alone.

9 Readerest
Rick Hopper tripped his way onto the set to show his product Readerest. The magnetic eyeglass container was an easy and clever solution to an age-old problem. While Kevin O’Leary viewed only a part of metal with two magnets,Lori Greiner viewed dollar signs and protects a deal with Hopper at $150,000 for 65%. Before appearing on the show, Hopper’s item for consumption revenue was somewhere about $65,000.

8 Plate Topper
A doctor interested in food storage looked an improbable opener for this playing field from Michael Tseng in 2014. The storage device, called PlateTopper, is a plastic, storage device that keeps itself closed to a plate and makes storing leftovers more suitable. Tseng was working on the invention for long years previous to appearing in the tank.

7 Scrub Daddy
As an exclusive sponge that can rub tough stains, Scrub Daddy associated with Lori Greiner for $200,000 in response for 20% fairness in the business. They have sold Scrub Daddy cost millions of dollars, that are available in thousands of stores all over the country.

6 CitiKitty Inc.
It is founded by Rebecca Rescat. It is considered as a device that helps to toilet train cats. The product is available in almost 1,000 stores, and the band has inserted a line of cat and dog treats named TunaTreats and SaltDog.

5 EzVip.com
The service offered by this is pre-purchase of extra event tickets and reservation. Following taking himself out of the request to invest, Mark Cuban returned into collaborating with Daymond John when Nelson added an advertising partnership with rapper Armando Perez a/k/a Pitbull to the deal. Robert Herjevec as well as Kevin O’Leary made another proposal that Nelson neglected for partnering with party animals John as well as Cuban, whom he felt were more probable to have helpful connections.

4 Pork Barrel BBQ
The sharks were disbelieving when founders Heath Hall and Brett Thompson entered the the tank in 2009 with their BBQ sauce and attracted the sharks with the pronouncement that they had 10,000 units standing by. Kevin Harrington asked the clear question, “What if they don’t sell?” And Barbara Corcoran took a bite out of the businessmen with a joke that Hall would suit a pig set of clothes.

3 Tower Paddle Board
The field that seemed like it was sinking concluded with swimming past most of the competition. Entering the show in 2012, Stephan Aarstol got frozen throughout his pitch. However, he pushed through his jitters and let his business seem tempting enough to attract Mark Cuban in at $150,000 for 30%. As the show broadcasted, the company went from $100,000 in life span sales to just below a million in some months, with sales of $1.5 million in 2011.

2 AVA the Elephant
The product helps children take their medicine in an elephant-friendly method, it is viewed as one of the primary and biggest Shark Tank Success stories. Tiffany the inventor entered on the show in 2009, and though she didn’t have exclusive rights yet for her medicine distributor, Barbara Corcoran made a deal with the energetic entrepreneur of $50,000 for 50%.

1 Daisy Cakes
Nelson is a South Carolina baker packed with old family recipes, had translated her skills into a well-liked mail-order cake business. As she pointed out, that the male sharks were eating the whole cake but unforthcoming to make a deal, Barbara saw the satire offered $50,000 for 25%.


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