Top 10 Most Famous Places You Can Visit In America

   The United States of America is one of the superpowers that have a great effect on the world as whole. It is the dominant power in different fields such as politics, economy and culture. Every one dreams of a trip to this country to explore its different aspects. It is a federal republic that consists of 50 states. The number of its people reaches 318 people. It is considered the 3rd largest state in the world. It is characterized by the diverse ethnicities and different cultures. There are different facilities that provide security for the citizens such as the FBI. Its economy depends on a group of natural resources and is distinct in its high productivity. Rate of energy consumption is one of the high rates. It has many educational institutions like The University of Virginia. There are many media outlets like ABC, NBC and CBS. Here are ten examples that best illustrate the greatness of America.

10         New York City

     It is located in north-eastern U.S. It is a combination of many neighbourhoods. This city has a large population. It is full of skyscrapers which add a lot to its beauty. It is full of many species of animals and plants.


9         Honolulu

Honolulu is considered the best place for you to have a good health. The climate there is perfect. It is an island rich in culture and traditions. Its population represent 80 % of all the population in Hawaii.

8         San Francisco

It is the best place to have a delicious meal. The variety of climate conditions gives the opportunity for different plants to grow. There are also different kinds of juice that would help you have a good time with your family or friends.


7   Burlington

It is an ideal place for you children to grow. It provides many services in many fields like education, health and culture.

6       Silicon Valley

 It is one of the famous places  for creativity. It is one of the cities that made great contributions to technological innovation. It had a great effect on developing economy.


  5       Chicago

It is the third-largest city in America. In the 20th century the rate of immigration increased. This led to a great diversity in its culture and traditions. It is known for its architecture that inspires many people.

4 Las Vegas

It is located in Nevada and it is known for shopping, dinning and nightlife. It is a resort area and one of the most famous tourist attractions all over the world. The sunshine is one of the lovely characteristics of this place.


3  Orlando, Florida

It is one of the best places where you can spend your vacation. You can enjoy the view of the sun and the sea with your family and friends or spend a good time in its two, three and five-star hotels.


2   Denver, Colorado

There are a lot of fantastic places that attract you like Botanic Gardens and the Denver Zoo. It is a good place for snowmobiling.


1 Anchorage, Alaska

H2Oasis is a water park where you can enjoy seeing natural scenes. You can also have a look at dinosaur bones at the Alaska Museum of Natural History.

 This mysterious spot of the vast world deserves a visit that would enrich our awareness, cultures and values.

Jack Thompson

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