Top 10 Most Famous Body Myths You Think Are True

What are the famous body myths that we think they are true? There are many things that we know and think that they are true but in fact they are not. We believe most of the things that are said to us by others whom we know especially parents, relatives, friends and others who are close to us because they are believed to care about us and not to deceive us one day. We are perfect at giving advice to others and claim that what we say is a scientific fact. We usually hear “Do not do this because it will harm you or because it is wrong”. Most of the rules that are given to us are associated with our bodies and they pass from one generation to another like a precious thing that should not be left or ignored. These rules or myths are not scientific and they are just based on imagination that was thought to be true by our ancestors. Are you curious about those body myths that you are always told to be scientifically true? Here is a quick glance at the top 10 most famous body myths we think are true.

10 Coffee is the best solution for those who are drunk  

It is widely believed that coffee can sober us up when we are drunk. This is why you can drink a cup of coffee when you are drunk to be able to drive your car or change the content of alcohol in your blood. Do not do this because coffee cannot sober you up when you are drunk and all what happens is that coffee makes you less tired and somewhat alert. So, you have to ask for help.

9 Seven years for just one piece of gum to be digested

Do you like chewing gum and making big bubbles? It’s okay but do not swallow gum because it takes seven years to digest just one piece of gum. Of course this is ridiculous because gum is not digested at all in our bodies and there is not a scientific evidence which shows that the gum which you swallow stays in your body for seven years to be finally digested. It will not be digested even if it stayed for a longer time.

Seven years for just one piece of gum to be digested

8 Drugs damage the brain and kill its cells forever

It was scientifically believed that the brain cells do not have the ability to regenerate and this is why there are many people who may advise you to avoid drugs in order not to kill the cells in your brain. This fact is not true as it was discovered in 1998 that new cells can be created in the memory and learning centers of our brains making it possible to cure Alzheimer. But you still have to avoid drugs for saving your life and keeping your body healthy.

7 Cold weather will make you catch a cold

It is widely believed that the cold weather is the main thing that is chiefly responsible for making you catch a cold. In winter, you have to cover your body to keep yourself warm and you have to look for a warm place to stay in and avoid catching a cold. As a matter of fact, being with a sick person who is infected with a virus will make you sick and nothing will prevent you from this even being in a warm place. However, the cold weather still affects the body temperature and decreases it which in turn affects the immune system in our bodies and weakens us making us unable to strongly fight any diseases like cold.

6 You are extremely smart because you just use 10% of your brain

Do you think that you are stupid because there are many things that you do not understand? You are completely wrong because you just use 10% of your brain which means that you are really smart. All of this is really ridiculous and there are not any researches or scientific studies which tell us that we use just 10% of our brains. And if this myth is true, then where does the rest of our brains go and what prevents us from using all the brain and its abilities.

You are extremely smart because you just use 10 percent of your brain

5 Sitting close to the TV damages the eyes

Young children always like to sit too close to the TV when they watch it as if they are going to go inside it and meet their favorite cartoon characters. The mom always comes to say “don’t do this in order not to hurt your eyes” thinking that the light which comes out from the TV is capable of damaging eyes, but this is not true. The light of the sun and laser beams are the only lights to damage your eyes. But you have to know that increasing the distance between you and the TV will be more comfortable for you and will not quickly tire your eyes.

4 Don’t want acne? Don’t eat chocolate

Do you have acne? This is because you eat chocolate and fatty foods 🙁 . This is what you usually hear, isn’t it? There is no one who does not adore chocolate and you may prevent yourself from eating chocolate and different types of fatty food because you are told to do that to avoid acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are completely innocent and have nothing to do with the acne that you have. Your acne is chiefly caused by the hormonal changes or shifts in your body and not related to the chocolate that you eat. The proof is that there are thin people who have acne, although they are usually expected not to have this problem because they do not eat greasy food.

Don’t want acne Don’t eat chocolate

3 Cracking knuckles means arthritis

Do not crack your knuckles because this causes arthritis. This is usually said to you when you start cracking your knuckles that may annoy others. You do this because you are nervous or stressed and need what can relieve you which is cracking your knuckles. We are usually told to avoid this because it causes arthritis, but this is not true. Cracking knuckles is not responsible for arthritis, but it impairs hand function, causes lower grip strength and may lead to hand swelling especially for those who continually crack their knuckles. So, what do you think of this bad habit?

2 Not less than eight cups of water per day

Drinking water is highly essential for your health and necessary for keeping you hydrated. But what about number eight and where did it come from? Mineral water companies are the only ones to call for drinking this number of cups per day to increase their earnings. You are completely free to drink the number of cups of water that you like whether this number is eight, more or less but do not force yourself to drink those eight cups of water if you do not want to do that. There are several sources from which you can get the needed amount of water for your body such as food, drinks and even the tap that you have at your home. So, forget about this myth that tells you to drink at least eight cups of water.

1 Don’t ever try to skip your breakfast

“You have to eat your breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day” this is what you usually hear, isn’t it? You do not have to eat your breakfast, do you believe that? 🙂 Yes, this is true since having breakfast will not help you to lose weight as it is always claimed or to get the needed energy throughout the day and sometimes it means consuming extra calories which means gaining more weight. Several studies show that having breakfast or skipping it has nothing to do with weight and does not increase or decrease it. This means that the breakfast is just an ordinary meal.

Sara Nagi

Sara Nagi is an Egyptian writer and activist. After earning a degree in English literature from Cairo University, she began working as a journalist and publishing articles on social issues.Nagi rose to prominence with her debut short story collection "Hawaween" in 2008, which explored feminist themes and was groundbreaking for Arabic literature at the time. She has since published several other acclaimed short story collections and novels that have been translated into multiple languages.In addition to her literary work, Nagi co-founded Basma, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women survivors of violence and single mothers. She has been vocal on women's rights issues in Egypt through columns, public speaking engagements and advocacy campaigns.Her contributions to both Arabic fiction and social activism have earned Nagi several international awards, including the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature from the American University in Cairo. Forbes Middle East recognized her as one of the 100 most powerful Arab women in 2018.Nagi continues to push boundaries with her writing while raising awareness about gender equality through her work with Basma and other organizations.
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