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Top 10 Event Planners and Organizers that Rock All Time

An event is not just an event when you hire the best event planners and organizers. There are elements that make an event be unique and exceptional depending with the organizers you choose. Here are some of the world renowned event organizers who do exceptional work.

10 Shan events management

Shan events management1

Shan events management2

Shan events events management is a reputable company that plans and hosts events leaving you with unforgettable memories. The company specializes in planning big events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events. It is based in Pakistan, however, its services are also available abroad. They offer a unique and wide range of services when you hire them. These services comprise coordinating, catering, music selection and DJ, video shooting and photography, decoration of events and setting the right theme for events. The company comprises of shrewd and brilliant leaders whose wide experience in events management and coordination leaves you struck with awe.

9 Bella Creative Events

Bella Creative events1
Bella Creative events2

Bella Creative Events is a company that is revered for its illustrious detailed planning and hosting various events. The company provides exceptionally high-quality services thereby guaranteeing you one of the most adorable events. Bella offers quality yet affordable services. You can hire them to organize and coordinate your event be it a social function, a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event. Be ready to be mesmerized by the elegant services you will be offered. In addition to events planning, they undertake ancillary services related to the functions such as wedding cake baking, gown dressings, transport services, hair styling and make-ups for your events. This therefore ensure you get a one-stop services for all the events requirements.

8 Wedding Carnival

weding carnival1
weding carnival2

Wedding Carnival is one of the most successful weddings and event organizers in Bangladesh. Wedding carnival devotes itself in giving you the best services by giving you the first priority. Your event will be taken a notch higher with a high-quality plan and executions. You will also enjoy video and photography services using the latest state of the art equipment. In addition, services like the music systems, lighting and decorations are offered alongside the main events preparatory services. Its crew members are polite, hardworking and dedicated planners able to turn your nightmarish chaotic organization into a well-synchronized event.

7 Ralph & Co. Events

Ralph & Co. Events1
Ralph & Co. Events2

Ralph & Co. Events makes your complex event look simple through elegant planning and execution. They make use of the modern innovative and creative technology to ensure that all your needs are met and executed as per your expectations. They offer excellent services for weddings, birthdays, social, corporate and debut events. They have a team of skilled and innovative individuals who will cater for every detail needed for the successful execution of an event. They offer thematic stage designs with debutante’s chairs, couches, ceiling drapes and décor, wedding styling and decorations and other services.  Your event can be turned into an amazing thing when you hire Ralph & Co. Events to grace it.

6 Baz Events by Walid Baz

Baz Events by Walid Baz2
Baz Events by Walid Baz3

This is one of the leading event organizers in Lebanon. Baz Events incorporates all elements that makes your look unique and brilliant. They have an understanding that flowers are not all you need to color your event. They infuse technology and design to give your event a unique and inimitable touch. Superior landscaping, lighting and architecture are incorporated to bring life to the event and ensure optimal satisfaction. Baz strives to bring the best out of your wedding function. Creativity and imagination are not limited at Baz Events, hence setting them aside from the other events organizers.

5 Grupo Glacé

Grupo Glacé1

Grupo Glacé2

This Grupo Glace is one of its kind companies that organize just the children’s events. They specialize in making a variety of baby cakes including birthday cakes and others. They also prepare cakes and cookies for an auspicious occasion. They organize events such as birthdays, baby showers, and corporate special events. Their meticulous planning ensures that your event receives the best treat befitting your esteemed guests. Their products are also tailor-made to meet the needs of each event and match with its theme.

4 Shahjahan Wedding Planner

Shahjahan Wedding Planner1

Shahjahan Wedding Planner2

The Shahjahan Wedding Planners & Events Management Limited is revered for its extraordinary skills in planning events from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays to graduation parties and most other social events. The company has been in this services for long. Its extensive experience in this field is utilized to replicate your highest expectations for your events. You can also be taught on the best ways to make your event superior since they have qualified personnel who are well accustomed to planning and hosting events. Their services are available in a significant number of countries worldwide and cannot miss a glimpse of a lively party with them.

3 Rakı İçmeyi Sevenler Derneği

Rakı İçmeyi Sevenler Derneği1

Rakı İçmeyi Sevenler Derneği2

This another major event planning company with excellent skills in weddings, birthdays, children events, corporate events and social events planning. The company is renowned for its ability to prepare brilliant cuisines for parties and events. You are assured of an event full of joy and excitement as their skills in electrifying your guests are second to none. They conduct your event at an affordable cost and give you the best outcome at the end of it all. When you are in need of catering services, they have a team of brilliant chefs who will offer you the best dishes to meet your standards.

2 Lavender Wedding Planner and Event

lavendar wedding planner1
lavendar wedding planner2

Lavender Wedding Planner and Event is a major events organization in Vietnam. It has a long experience in serving in wedding and social events since 2006. With vast experience in media operations, you are assured of quality photography and videos. They have the best and well-skilled personnel who implement the latest technology and manipulate nature to give all features of a colorful event. Here the type of event does not matter; you are given the best service in wedding, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers and any other type of social event. They have quality services at an affordable cost to spare the blush of a dull and unentertaining event.

1 Bridal Heritage

bridal heritage2
bridal heritage3

Bridal Heritage is the ultimate pearl of the wedding and social events. They make your emotive event become one of the most memorable features of your entire life. Events are pimped with the best colors, lights and decorations to make them blazing. They produce high definition video and photographs that give you vivid memories of the event you hired them to plan and manage. Modern technology is incorporated into the planning, therefore, delivering quality and unparallel feelings.  Do expect nothing but quality when you hire them.

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