Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Endorsed By Swiss Watch Brands

All kinds of products endorse sports stars, actors, and models, but one of the most lucrative and exciting options is, of course, a Swiss watch company. These are prestigious and renowned brands which carry a lot of business opportunities, not to mention hefty paychecks. Swiss watches, though sometimes found at lower prices online, are generally known to be expensive items which therefore require the advertising services of only the best of the best. Here are the most famous of all celebrities who are endorsed by the likes of Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, and more.

10 Lewis Hamilton – IWC

Lewis is well on target to become the most successful Formula One driver of all time. Recently winning his fifth championship before the current season has even finished, Lewis is an exceptional athlete and an easy choice to make for IWC. Regarded as one of the cooler and more stylish drivers in the sport, Lewis regularly attends fashion shows across the world, has many celebrity friends, and even has his clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger.

 9 Roger Federer – Rolex

Arguably the best male tennis player to ever play the sport, Federer currently owns 20 Grand Slam singles titles and has held the No.1 spot for a record 54 consecutive months. Although he’s never been controversial like John McEnroe or wild like Andre Agassi, Roger Federer has been a perfect example for young tennis players for nearly 15 years.

 8 Charlize Theron – Breitling

From head-turning roles in films like Monster, Atomic Blonde, and Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron has always challenged herself in her work and wowed audiences along the way. The talented actress moved from South Africa to the USA as a teenager with dreams of making it big in Hollywood, and perhaps unsurprisingly for such a hard-working and talented person, she made it big in no time.

 7 Cara Delevingne – TAG Heuer

Primarily known for her modeling career with established brands such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel, Cara has now been impressing cinemagoers with several roles in the movie world. With spots in the Suicide Squad as well as valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, the 26-year-old is just scratching the surface of her movie career, but of course, will continue to model. For a business like TAG Heuer, you couldn’t ask for a more popular or talented brand ambassador.

 6 Cate Blanchett – IWC

Which Swiss luxury watch company wouldn’t want the immensely talented and awesome Cate Blanchett as a brand ambassador? Starring in many hit films like Ocean’s 8, Thor: Ragnarok, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Elizabeth, I’m Not There, Carol, and The Aviator, Cate is well-regarded as an actress of unending skill and range. Plus, with two Academy Awards, three British Academy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, she has been given the credit she rightly deserves.

 5 Chris Hemsworth – TAG Heuer

Blonde, tanned, handsome, strong, Australian, and played superhero Thor on-screen? Chris Hemsworth has it all. Although mostly known for the role above in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth is sometimes recognized for more comedic roles like in Ghostbusters (2016) and the upcoming Men In Black remake.

 4 George Clooney – Omega

Along with Brad Pitt (also featured in the list), Clooney has been in the upper echelon of actors for close to a decade. Even though there are a few misfires in his resume (Batman & Robin and Tomorrowland), most of his films are well-remembered and fan favorites, like Ocean’s 11, Gravity, From Dusk till Dawn, The Perfect Storm, and Three Kings. Clooney is known for his relentless humanitarian work and political activism, as well as his high-profile marriage to Amal Alamuddin in 2014.

 3 Serena Williams – Audemars Piguet

Along with her sister Venus, Serena Williams changed the face of women’s tennis forever. Playing a dominant and incredibly powerful form of the game that was never seen before, Serena has become the best female tennis player in the world, without any doubt. Although she has struggled with many injuries over the years, Serena has fought back every time and has come away with 23 Grand Slam singles titles to her name. Like Lewis Hamilton and many other athletes, Serena has her clothing line.

 2 Brad Pitt – Breitling

An American icon, a worldwide heartthrob, and a truly once-in-a-lifetime actor, what more could be said about Brad Pitt? Due to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pitt’s list of successful movies is a long one, including Fury, World War Z, Fight Club, Troy, InglouriousBasterds, Snatch, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and of course the Ocean’s 11 trilogy. Pitt has been married twice and has six children with his second ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

 1 Daniel Craig – Omega

Bond, James Bond. To many, Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever to appear on-screen. Tough, relentless and ice-cool, Craig has played 007 four times and will only appear in one more Bond film in the future. While his other films have never really lived up to the same level as his work as James Bond, Craig is still versatile and can handle any genre, with impressive performances in Logan Lucky, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Munich, and Road to Perdition.

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