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Top 10 Weirdest Things That You Can Find Online

Years and years are passing, and humans keep on discovering how fascinating, or maybe strange, they are especially with the emergence of the internet. Humans have invited this guest warmly and believed it would make their lives much easier. 2018 is soon to strike, and as usual, trends are about to strike as well. The new generations have been setting trends since the early noughties.

With all the technology humankind has developed, the internet will always be their favorite since it acted as their Genie in a bottle. The internet brought the joy of having something to come at your doorsteps with no effort. But, what could be the new trends and the weirdest things that may knock on our doors? And do people buy these things? Here’s a list of the top 10 strangest things to buy online.

10 A human-sized hamster wheel

It isn’t clear enough whether people are obsessed with hamsters or with the ideal body-shape. Maybe people have broken all trends with this one. A human-size hamster wheel available online for purchase. Well, it can be used as a workout; seems to guarantee weight loss while having fun. Others would have one just for fun. This wheel would make a very creative Christmas present. You should get yours.

9 Acres on the Moon

Well, Bruno Mars claimed that he’s “Talking to the Moon” in his song. Who said it isn’t possible? You can buy the moon online. Weird? Well, not the whole moon; not only because it’s impossible but also that would cost zillions of money. Nonetheless, $29.95 can get you 1 acre on the moon in the sea of tranquility.

8 Drive through Kit

Entrepreneurs; this would be your lucky day if you caught sight of this. You may have the idea of your project but need funding. Other times, you have the money, but you just cannot find the idea. If you wish to start your own business, get yourself a drive through the kit and start now and be your boss. Brevita Cooperation Association provides a drive through kit, physical one, for purchase. The kit comprises a driving through unit, start-up equipment and supplies, alongside one-year membership in the EA Brevita Cooperation Association with which you will enjoy product discounts and online training. Make your plan and see when you want to start!

7 Human skulls

Everything could be used in right or wrong. You don’t have to be a drug dealer to look for human skulls. You could be a med-school student. Human skulls are available now online for purchase. Skulls Unlimited is the world’s leading supplier website for human skulls.

6 Line standing

Who in the universe likes to wait? It seems that some people have this talent of patience and ability to wait. Therefore, this year, you can pay someone online to stand for you in a queue. Linestanding website now offers this online service for people in Washington D.C. All you have to do is write down your information and leave the rest to them.

5 Urine Powered Batteries

Want to go green? Check out the NoPoPo batteries; a weird Japanese-invented battery that is eco-friendly with 0% toxic materials. NoPoPo (No Pollution Power) battery is charged through injecting any liquid into it, even human urine. It is easy to be used and handy as well. So need to charge your battery, just head to the restroom.

4 Bacon lip balm

Ladies would surf the internet 24/7 just to find all about beauty tips. One of the weirdest lipsticks ever, the bacon lip balm, can be found online; it keeps the lips moist but smells like you have just put your lips on bacon. Real bacon. Warning ladies; make sure you use it at the right time. No harms if you carried one on a blind date; if you don’t get along, it will be the best way to avoid the “date kiss”.

3 Celebrities

What is the best way to pamper yourself enough in special or private events other than renting a celebrity online? The Millionaire’s Concierge, an online website, allows you to rent celebrities whether to perform or meet. You don’t have to be a billionaire since the prices range differs; some may be hired for $20,000, and others won’t accept less than $350,000. Make sure to save some money for pampering…or just win a lottery.

2 Private Islands

If you won in a lottery millions of dollars and found yourself a Billionaire, don’t hesitate to buy your private island. Yes. If you are rich, you can enjoy having your private island. Usually, people would be running away to have some alone time outside the town in a motel. Even rich people would get into their jets and fly to any island. But why not have your own if you’re rich enough? Vladi offers private islands for sale and as they say “where to get away from it all”.

1 Uranium ore

There’s no doubt that it’s very interesting to have your radioactive substance. However, you should think about why I’m buying such a thing. Better know the answer if you don’t want to end up in the court. Uranium is well-known to be used in nuclear weapons. So, why would someone buy a Uranium Ore for personal use? Well, you would get one if you are a chemistry teacher or if you’re someone who wants to conquer the world.

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