14 Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Whether you get your trend report from your favorite fashion magazine or you’ve been noticing the rise of new looks on social media apps like TikTok, you’ve probably noticed that this is going to be a bold summer. Typically, summer fashion is simple, whimsical, and highly functional since this season is all about hanging around outdoors, being active, and staying cool. However, this season will be unlike the summers we’ve seen in the past.

Some trends are common staples that are present during every summer, while other trends are new on the scene and may take some getting used to. Are you ready to turn your style up a notch this season?

From plus size tie-dye shirts and tops to split patterns on one pair of pants, it’s about to be a wild summer. While many of these trends align with specific aesthetics, they can be adopted and embraced by anyone. Before you head to your favorite plus size online boutique, study up on the trends so you can build a wardrobe that will turn heads.

1 Co-ords / Matching Sets

If you love a monochromatic look, this trend is perfect for you. Co-ords and matching sets are effortlessly stylish, and they usually make a strong visual impact. If you’re feeling adventurous and would love to sport a co-ord, choose a pastel or neon color for a unique look that will make you stand out in any crowd.

2 Tie-Dye

Whether store-bought or homemade, tie-dye is on everyone’s summer wishlist. While T-shirts will be everywhere, you can stand out by incorporating this popular trend in unexpected ways. Plus size tie-dye dresses are a cute summer staple that you can pair with almost anything.

3 Pattern Pairing

This summer, patterns rule the trend charts in many different ways. One trend that’s going to be extremely popular is matching patterns. If you’re not a fan of wearing head to toe the same pattern, break it up with a fun accessory like a belt or a statement handbag. Florals, stripes and polka dots will be some of the designs you’ll see the most of when it comes to head-to-toe pattern matching.

4  Pattern Mixing

If you’re not a print matching kind of gal, perhaps you love to mix and match different prints together. This summer is the perfect time to try your hand at mixing different patterns, as many of the other seasonal trends will be visually impactful and bold. One rule you could follow to ensure your pattern mixing look is a success is to make sure all pieces have at least one or two common colors. This will help tie the look together.

5 Split Prints

Have you ever seen pants with one leg being one kind of print—let’s say, orange stripes—and the other side sporting a different print like pink polka dots? Plan to see more of these unique pieces this summer. Split prints were something that took the spring/summer 2020 NYFW shows by storm. Expect to see the trend on pants, shorts, and tops, and don’t be afraid to sport it proudly. When incorporating a split print piece into your looks, start by pairing the piece with a more neutral top or bottom to balance it out and accessorize as usual!

6 Mesh Overlay

Love to show skin in the summer, but want to do it in a different way than usual? Mesh overlays are going to rock your world. Highlight your silhouette by layering a loose, flowy mesh dress over a fitted mini skirt. Organza hoodies and cardigans are also making looks a lot more interesting this season. If you love intricate details, look for mesh pieces with embroidery and embellishments.

7 Colors: Orange / Pink / Chartreuse / Neon

Expect to see a lot of these colors this summer. Not only will they star solo in many looks, but they will also be paired together to create the ultimate contrast and illusion. Stock up on these colors and don’t be afraid to incorporate more than once in the same outfit.

8 White Minimalist Dress

While this summer is on track to be a very brightly colored and bold season, you can never go wrong with a white linen dress. On the days you don’t feel like doing the most, opt for one of these minimalist pieces. Accessorize sparingly and prioritize dresses with unique details like side cuts or tiny eyelets in the sleeves that make your outfit feel sophisticated.

9 Tie Waist

If you’re looking for ways to accentuate your waist and figure, the tie waist trend is perfect for you. From dresses to blouses, expect to see a tie waist feature everywhere. This trend adds dimension to any look and ensures that whatever you’re wearing hugs every curve just right.

10 Victorian Sleeves

Do you love a unique sleeve? If so, you’re in luck this summer. While blouses may seem pretty basic, the attention is all on the sleeves. Victorian sleeves will make a huge splash this summer. Pair this trend with fitted pants or skirts for an ultra-chic look.

11 Athleisure

As you head home from your favorite yoga class, skip the outfit change. Athleisure is here to stay. If you love wearing gym attire, you are going to enjoy partaking in this trend. To make the trend your own, invest in bold-colored workout sets you feel confident in.

12 Polos

Polos are back in a big way this summer. Whether you shop for new ones or thrift them, find shirts that fit in seamlessly with your current style. Throw them on with a pair of jeans for cool girl vibes.

13 Side Cuts

Are you looking to show skin thoughtfully and uniquely? Look for cutouts on your favorite garments like jumpsuits and blouses. These peekaboos are subtle, but they are super cute.

14 Jumpsuits

When you think about summer, jumpsuits may not be the first thing that comes to mind since you’ll want to stay cool in above average temperatures. However, denim and faux leather jumpsuits are one of the summer’s hottest items. To keep fresh, prioritize jumpsuits that have a tank top feature instead of full sleeves.

While we may not be off for summer break anymore, we can still use this time to have fun with new styles and mix and match our current wardrobes with the latest trends. Whether you’re a famous online shopper or prefer going in-store, be sure to keep your eyes open for these styles!

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