Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends in 2022

Updating our wardrobes with new pieces from time to time is a joyous task that almost every woman enjoys doing. Building a timeless, lively wardrobe that you never get bored of its contents is not easy. It demands creativity, effort, and experimenting with different pieces and styles. The important thing is that you do not repeat yourself, adding the same items, and creating similar outfits over and over.

One of the best ways to do so is to stay acquainted with the latest fashion trends that appear yearly. Fashion 2021 is about achieving balance in your look, whether between colors, textures, or different mixed styles. A nostalgic tendency to the 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion also showed up. And there are more and more exciting fashion trends to experiment with. Following, we present 10 of the latest fashion trends in 2022.

1 Boho and vintage ruffles

Ruffles are such a joyous, charming addition to any outfit. They are versatile, meaning you can employ them to create different styles. Whether big, messy boho ruffles or small vintage ones, ruffled outfits are such an elegant and trendy option to go for in 2022. You could go all-ruffles with a beautiful maxi or midi boho dress, or invite ruffled pieces into your wardrobe. Ruffled collars specifically are quite trendy this season; they convey classic, vintage vibes that could ideally be balanced if paired with modern, minimalist pieces. You could also play with textures; for example, pair a vintage-looking ruffled shirt with a modern pair of jeans.

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2 A-shaped dresses and skirts

It is a classic fashion trend that was recalled from fashion’s golden age, the 70s. Being tight at the waist and flowing down widely like the letter A, A-shape dresses and skirts look elegant, romantic, and ultra-feminine. Imagine yourself in one of these classic gowns with a tight waist and wide-starched bottom. For a dimensional look, pair an A midi skirt with a more modern-styled top or masculine-looking flats. Do not restrict yourself to plain pieces; invite patterns to your wardrobe too, florals, plaids, stripes, animal prints, etc.

Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

3 All-prints

Speaking of prints and patterns, here is another related trend. All-prints is not easy to nail, for it is about mixing different patterns in one single look, such as different shapes of plaids or animal prints, pairing Polka-dotted and stripped pieces together, etc. To master this fantastic trend, be creative and experiment with different prints and patterns. The trend is versatile, meaning that you can incorporate it into boho, casual, and even classic styles.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels
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4 Leather

Whether you decided to go all-leather or added accents of leather to your look, be assured that you have added one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022 to your wardrobe. Leather is such a timeless, elegant material that could turn a dull outfit stellar. Plus, earthy colors have been notable as a 70s retro fashion trend, which is reflected in leather; brown and beige leather has been quite massive. If you are after vintage-looking pieces, beige leather is a fantastic choice; it looks like an old yellowish sheet of paper. Other colors like green, maroon, and purple showed up too. All-leather suits are another leather trend to look up to in 2022.

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5 Headwear

Headwear appeared notably on the runways of the spring season of 2022. Various types and shapes have been quite trendy, including berets, newsboy hats, warm beanies, bucket hats, and fedoras. Enrich your wardrobe with different shapes, materials, and colors. Faux fur, leather, suede, vinyl, and wool are all stylish options to consider. Plain, neutral hats are quite elegant and practical, for they can go with a variety of outfits. Yet, colorful and printed pieces have their charm too. So, add a couple of patterned pieces; plaids, animal prints, and florals are such elegant options to consider.

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6 Extra-long, layered sleeves

Among the fashion trends of 2022 are extra-long sleeves. They showed up in different styles in the fashion shows of the cold season. Vera Wang employed them in an edgy, boho manner, while other fashion houses like Brandon Maxwell, Lemaire, and Dries Van Noten employed the trend more classically. Layered sleeves have also made a notable presence as a fashion trend for 2022. They are a perfect addition to street style outfits. They guarantee the desirable effortless look that many seek.

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7 Vinyl

Vinyl has been a quite trendy texture this fall/winter season of 2022. For the fans of edgy outfits, all-vinyl is all yours. And do not forget the Matrix-inspired vinyl coats. Also, vinyl biker jackets have been employed classically this season. Paco Rabanne paired a vinyl jacket with a faux fur collar with a vintage-looking lace maxi dress. It is a fantastic combination of both classic and modern styles.

Paco Rabanne

8 Jumpsuits and jumper dresses

Jumpsuits and jumper dresses were present on the catwalks of the cold season, and they are expected to dominate in 2022. Actually, it is not surprising for these casual outfits convey playful, breezy vibes; they are simply irresistible. Jumpsuits have been a massive trend for years, while jumper dresses have formed a 70s retro trend. It is an excellent idea to update your wardrobe with some pieces of them. Among the stylish materials to look for are velvet, corduroy, and denim.

Photo by Cxpturing Souls from Pexels

9 Bows

Bows are one more super-feminine trend that made its way to 2022. The runways of the cold season witnessed bows of various sizes and shapes, from cute, romantic, all the way to bizarre. Bows are such a fantastic complement that could elevate an ordinary outfit, turning it into extraordinary.

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10 Printed footwear

Printed footwear of various types and colors showed up in the cold fashion season of 2022, forming a trend that many have gone for this year. Boots of different lengths, flats, ballerinas, and pumps showed up with a variety of prints and patterns, florals, plaids, and animal prints.

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