Top 10 Catchy Diamond Brooches

Adding diamonds to anything we use makes it more luxurious even if this thing is traditional and is not costly. Diamonds can be found in different things we use especially these accessories that we wear to look catchier. Among the accessories that we use and are encrusted with diamonds are brooches. It is thought that wearing brooches is something that is restricted to those of old ages and that it is out of fashion. The truth is that these brooches are back again in fashion. They differ from other brooches that we used to see in the old ages which were worn by aristocratic women. Most of the diamond brooches’ designs that are available at our time are derived from the surrounding nature and items that we use every day.


The most common brooches that can be found for this year are those with diamonds and gold which is used with its different colors whether it is white, rose or yellow. You can also find brooches which are made from ceramic and other cheap materials. It is not necessary for the brooch to be completely encrusted with diamonds and they are used in different colors and not in just one color to make the brooch more attractive and to depict different catchy shapes.

GE1305 Walska briolette brooch

Wearing brooches is not restricted to the formal occasions. Although most of the designs that are available are more suitable to formal occasions, you can find other designs that are especially designed to fit casual occasions such as parties and other occasions which do not require wearing formal brooches and clothes.


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