The Best Diamond Colors and Their Meaning Explained with Buying Tips

Diamonds are common features on engagement and wedding rings. There are more colorless diamonds in the world today because that’s what most people know. But in stark contrast to what many people know, diamonds exist in almost any color you can think of.

Are you at the point of choosing a wedding ring? Why not learn the different diamond colors before making your choice? If you want to buy yellow diamonds or any other color, you should know what color is perfect for a particular occasion. This article will be treating the different diamond colors, their meanings, and a couple of tips to guide you in your shopping spree. Let’s start with the various diamond colors.

Why Attach Any Importance to Diamond Colors?

A lot of people rate diamonds according to their colors. Color does not only influence a diamond’s price. It also affects the way people see it. Still, choosing a diamond that appeals to you is the most important thing.

Many people have a limited understanding of what diamonds are for. They only assume it to be used as wedding and engagement rings. Interestingly, you can use your diamond ring for other purposes. And that is why you must ensure you are buying the right color.

1 White/Colorless

This is the most popular diamond color. Colorless diamonds are also known to have a very high value. Colorless or white diamonds are perceived as a symbol of holiness, devotion, cleanliness, and love. The color white also symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also be interpreted as zero flaws.

Expectedly, most people go for colorless diamonds because of that symbol of perfection. Colorless diamonds are commonly used as wedding rings. Hence, if you want to be perceived in light of the above, you can go for a colorless or white diamond.

Colorless or white diamonds are perceived as a symbol of holiness, devotion, cleanliness, and love.

2 Yellow

After white, yellow is the most popular diamond color. But unlike white diamonds, yellow diamonds are more suited as gifts for loved ones. They are not too ideal as engagement rings. Yellow color diamond owes its color to nitrogen traces.

Yellow diamonds symbolize hope, happiness, and friendship. Being the sun’s color, yellow is also perceived as positivity and optimism. Any jewelry having a yellow diamond can be defined as an epitome of elegance. Nevertheless, if you decide to use a yellow-colored diamond as a wedding ring, it could portray joy and positivity for the future of that union.

Yellow color diamond owes its color to nitrogen traces.

3 Blue

Blue diamond owes its color to trapped boron particles as the diamond is being formed. Most diamonds appear blue because they absorb yellow light. Others are blue because they contain a high percentage of hydrogen. Blue is not as common as the other two diamond colors discussed above. It is also greatly desired by many people.

Blue diamonds have several meanings tied to the color. For instance, it could mean devotion, peace, royalty, or power. Blue is a reflection of elegance, so you feel empowered anytime you put on a blue diamond ring. This is particularly true when the blue diamond is the dark type. Wherever blue color is used for engagement purposes, it can be a sign of trust, security, and loyalty.

Blue diamonds have several meanings tied to the color.

4 Green

Green diamonds may not be many people’s favorite. However, that does not stop it from being unique. The green color in a diamond is a function of gamma radiation. You can hardly find a green diamond that is evenly colored. But, if you come across such, it will cost a fortune.

No other color describes Mother Nature better than green. In most cases,  green is seen as a reflection of harmony, health, and growth. People who put on green diamonds have one connection or the other to nature, or they feel youthful. Anybody who wears green diamond jewelry is likely to get people’s attention due to its uniqueness.

Green diamond
The green color in a diamond is a function of gamma radiation.

5 Pink / Red

Red and pink diamonds belong to some of the rarest classes of diamonds. That makes them extremely expensive. Only about 0.01% of one million gems excavated are pink or red. That is why they are mostly desired by people.

Pink and red are vibrant, bold colors bound to captivate anybody. They are used to make bold statements and to depict confidence, strength, passion, and power. People associate pink color more with compassion and love, whereas red stands as a sign of passion and energy. If you buy such an engagement diamond ring for anyone, you are indirectly telling the person you hope to have a romantic future with them.

pink diamond
Pink and red are vibrant, bold colors bound to captivate anybody.

6 Orange

It is almost impossible to come across pure orange diamonds. It has only been seen on a few occasions. No one knows what causes diamonds to have a pure orange color. Based on popular views, the color results from the presence of either nitrogen or boron. Orange diamond rings are mostly deemed inappropriate for engagement purposes due to the vibrant nature of the color. However, it is something that looks good on most outfits.

Orange symbolizes youthfulness, optimism, and passion. So, when you wear an orange diamond, you are telling others how energetic, enthusiastic, and courageous you are. As a bright and warm color, orange easily attracts people. That makes it the perfect jewelry color for people who love to be noticed.

7 Black

Black may not sound like one of the funkiest colors for a diamond ring, but it is among the most popular colors. It blends with many outfits due to its natural vibe. Diamonds look black when amorphous carbon and graphite are present in them.

Black diamonds connote strength, passion, and energy. Black is a sophisticated, elegant, and powerful color, explaining why you can only find black diamonds with people who exhibit such traits. To some others, black jewelry is associated with sorrow or mourning. That is why it is not common as a wedding ring.

8 Brown

This is one other color that fits with many outfits. Most engagement rings with brown color are normally labeled as coffee, champagne, or cognac. Nitrogen is what makes a diamond color brown. Its presence during the formation is what results in the brown color. As you may suspect, brown diamond is everywhere since nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on earth.

Brown diamond is a sign of balance and order. Since it is mostly linked to nature, brown diamond accurately depicts reliability, stability, and comfort. Most people overlook this color when buying their jewelry.

9 Gray

Gray’s simplicity is often overlooked even while it is a good match for other colors. Gray diamonds are born when a large percentage of boron or hydrogen is in the diamond during its formative process. Gray diamonds exist in different variations.

Gray is also a sign of elegance. Gray diamond is not commonly used as engagement rings. Gray is for expressing practicality, compromise, and control. Therefore, gray jewelry is fit for calm and responsible people.

Tips and Tricks for Buying Diamond

If you are not familiar with diamonds and intend to buy an engagement ring, you can get confused. Here are some tips to help you buy your engagement diamond ring with confidence and assurance.

  • Compromise Carefully

No doubt, diamonds are expensive. That is why you must carefully review your budget before you buy one. One of the things you need to do is compromise carefully. By compromising, I am not asking you to buy anything that comes your way. It is better to go for a diamond ring with a lower stone size rather than ditching quality altogether to save cost.

  • Diamond Are In Several Shapes

Many people are only familiar with round-shaped diamonds. Other shapes are also attractive and can be cheaper than round diamonds. Pearl and oval shapes are equally popular, too, if you need something close to round.

  • Carats Influence Prices More

Carat weight affects diamond pricing more than appearance. They play a major role in the cost of diamonds. For example, diamond prices increase exponentially according to carat weights. So, you need to keep that in mind when buying a diamond ring.

  • Color & Clarity Should Be Simple

The rule here is to seek diamond rings that have your favorite colors. It should also appeal to you in terms of clarity. No need to dole out your hard-earned money for a diamond that contains inscriptions that are not clear.

  • Ring Style Should Be Considered

When most people shop for their engagement rings, they pay little or no attention to the ring style and lay all their emphasis on the center diamond. That is a wrong approach. The diamond on the ring is important, but that should not overshadow the style of the ring. Ring styles are important because they reflect your style and personality.


Buying a diamond ring for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when you are new to such a market. There are lots of details you should take note of in the diamond ring market. Thankfully, this post has helped to explain some of those details.

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