Top 25 Lawyers Types and How to Find The Best Lawyer for Your Legal Problems

One of the benefits of hiring the best lawyers is that your interest will be well-defended and represented in the court of law. Although there are different types of attorneys, only a few can handle your case. This is why you have to read the details of this post from beginning to end. Here, American magazine TopTeny reveals the different types of attorneys. Also, you will discover some of the tips that can help you hire the best lawyers. Find out the lawyers’ types today.

1 Immigration lawyers

Are you searching for an attorney to have your interest represented in an administrative court? The best professionals to handle such are immigration lawyers. They usually have a vast level of knowledge about matters related to immigration. These are issues about deportation, citizenship and naturalization, green cards, visa applications, and non-citizen employment.

Find best immigration lawyer for your legal problem
Find best immigration lawyer for your legal problem

2 Criminal defense lawyers

These are professionals who defend the interest of people accused to have committed one crime or another like theft, robbery, and pilfering. Their area of specialty is on defending or prosecuting criminal matters. They analyze cases in a bid to finding concrete evidence that will ensure the freedom of the defendants.

Find the best criminal defense lawyer for your problem
Find the best criminal defense lawyer for your problem

3 Bankruptcy lawyers

The primary duty of these attorneys is to advise clients on bankruptcy laws. They know how companies can pay up their debts after assets have been liquidated. These are the right professionals to hire in a situation whereby a business is about to be dissolved.

Find the best bankruptcy lawyer for your problem
Find the best bankruptcy lawyer for your legal problems

4 Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate involves the buying and selling of physical properties like houses, land, and others. The duty of a real estate lawyer is to help clients scrutinize all the documents of properties to be sold or bought to find out whether they are valid or not. They also look at the various conditions involving such transactions on behalf of their clients.

Find the best lawyer for your real estate problems
Find the best lawyer for your real estate problems

5 Personal injury lawyers

This is an attorney who is specialized in representing the interest of clients who are involved in accidents. Such professional will scrutinize police reports and insurance company policies to ensure clients are compensated as expected

Personal injury lawyers

6 Family & Divorce Lawyers

In case you are considering the option of filing for divorce, this the right attorney for such a job. He is an expert in fields like marriage annulment, child separation, divorce, child visitation rights, and child support.

Find the best lawyer for your family problems
Find the best lawyer for your family problems
Find the best divorce lawyer for your family problems
Find the best divorce lawyer for your family problems

7 Birth injury lawyers

Have you ever encountered a medical doctor who was negligent while discharging his or her duties? Birth injury experts are the right professionals to handle such matters. They will look at the law to ensure clients receive their full compensation as required.

8 Business and Corporate Attorneys

This is a professional who is specialized in defending the interest of clients on issues related to businesses. These can be matters on intellectual property, taxation, and others.

Find the best corporate lawyer for your business problems
Find the best corporate lawyer for your business problems

9 Digital Media and Internet Lawyers

These lawyers represent the interest of clients and companies in business activities related to the internet. They handle lawsuits that are based on litigating electronic privacy, gaming, and social media posts.

10 Media lawyers

Media lawyers are quite different from the above given that they tend to be broader in terms of their areas of specialization. These include being television, the internet, films, theatre, advertising, sports, music, and more.

11 Truck accident lawyers

This is an attorney that is skilled in handling matters relating to truck accidents. It is the duty of such an attorney to investigate the extent of property damages, loss of earnings, and medical compensation. They defend the interest of clients especially when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

12 Sexual assault lawyers

This attorney is specialized in cases that are about rape, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, intimate partner sexual violence, sexual advances, sexual favors, and more. Cases related to sexual assault can attract serious punishments once found guilty. This is why you can’t do without the help of an attorney.

13 Child support attorneys

This lawyer has the role and duty of assessing cases as well as file documents on the issue of child support. On behalf of clients, they can enter into agreements on child support. Finally, they can have the terms guiding child support order clarified with regards to payments and how much can be collected at regular intervals.

14 Government Lawyers

These are those lawyers who provide public services. They work for the government by providing professional legal advice to ministers and other members of government staff. This is a quite competitive job.

15 Environmental Lawyers

This is an attorney who is skilled in handling environmental matters like issues about waste management, ecosystem, biodiversity protection, and others. They can also lobby for favorable policies to be formulated on such matters.

16 Civil rights lawyers

The duty of a civil rights attorney is to defend the interest of clients on matters related to discrimination, social freedom, human rights, and equality. They have the responsibility of drafting legal documents and participating in the process of settlement negotiation.

17 Entertainment lawyers

This a professional who works with music producers, music composers, record label executives, music publishers, songwriters, record producers, and more. They aim to ensure terms surrounding legal agreements are well-interpreted for clients.

18 Legal malpractice lawyers

Have you been poorly represented in the past by an incompetent attorney? This is where legal malpractice lawyers can be of help. They will investigate the duties/roles of the past attorney, areas where there seems to be a breach, and causation.

19 Public interest lawyers

Just as the name sounds, these lawyers are skilled in defending the interest of people who have been marginalized in one way or another. They are professionals who protect the less privileged in any society.

20 Employment lawyers

This is an attorney who is specialized in interpreting employment laws. He understands the rights, obligations, and duties of employers and their workers in the work environment. Employment lawyers handle matters related to compensation within the work environment.

21 Toxic tort lawyers

These attorneys are specialized in representing their clients on matters related to pollution which has caused health damage. It can be exposed to a particular pollutant or toxic substance which has led to some health implications. Toxic tort lawyers are professionals who can handle such cases.

22 Private Practice Lawyers

This is an attorney who works with a law firm that already has some attorneys/lawyers. They are employed by law firms to handle the legal problems of clients. In other words, they are lawyers who partner with law firms to get more clients.

23 Military lawyers

This lawyer prepares clients for trials, offers advice to clients who are arraigned before the court, handles the creation and maintenance of military handbook. He only works with the military.

24 Tax lawyers

These attorneys are highly specialized in tax laws. Such could be on matters about settling back taxes, unfiled returns, undoing property liens, account levies, and reaching agreements with IRS.

25 Child Abuse Attorneys

These are experts who help children receive compensation or therapy in the case of any form of abuse to their health. Cases they handle are only related to minors on sexual, mental, or physical abuse.

How to find the best lawyers

Having seen the different types of attorneys, there is no doubting the fact that you can’t wait to hire one who will handle your case. There is a right and wrong way to go about this process though. The details below will be revealing how to find the most reliable attorneys.

1 Consider experience

The reputation of an attorney is very important and shouldn’t be ignored in any way if you really want to make headway in such a case. Try to find out how long such a company has been existing, the number of cases handled to yours, and the success rate.

2 Industry recognition

This is probably the selling point for most professional attorneys. It is important to find out whether an attorney has been recognized in the industry by reputable organizations. This is usually in the form of awards or even certification. Your mind will always be at peace knowing that a certified attorney with lots of awards and accolades is handling such cases. You can’t find the find best lawyer without this tip.

3 Consider area of Expertise

Just as seen above, it is always important to hire the services of an attorney who is vast in such cases. For instance, there is no need trying to hire a criminal law attorney to handle cases related to sexual abuse, divorce, or truck accident. The bottom line is that your chosen attorney must be specialized in such a field.

4 Consider his/her passion

This is one aspect that most people usually overlook when it comes to hiring the services of a professional attorney. It is not enough to hire a lawyer who claims to be specialized in such a case. Instead, you have to observe whether he or she is showing lots of zeal and passion to help out. This can be in the form of making contributions and rendering legal assistance wherever necessary. Avoid an attorney that is only interested in your hard-earned money.

5 Asking questions

You will always hire the wrong lawyers for a case whenever you fail to ask people around some sensitive questions. This strategy becomes even more important when you can’t find a professional attorney. There must be persons you can ask. They can be friends, neighbors, or even colleagues. Their suggestions and recommendations may prove invaluable later on.

6 Understanding fee structure

This is another important tip to always remember before hiring an attorney. Based on the size of your budget, it will help a lot to ask questions about the consultation fees and whether such will be based on hourly payments or not. Payment structures usually vary with attorneys. This can help you find a professional that offers charges which fit into your budget.

7 The time factor

The only way your interest can be well protected is when there is enough time to examine facts through extensive and detailed research. Your chosen attorney should have time for this. Try to find out about his or her schedule. Time is always required to ask questions about a case.

8 Past client reviews

Every experienced and successful attorney must have handled cases in the past. It wouldn’t cost you anything to find out the views of past clients about such lawyers. Don’t just take their words for it since they will likely want to convince you about their expertise. You can end up not getting good value for money by ignoring this tip.

9 Broad range of services

You indeed need to hire an attorney who understands your case inside-out. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a professional who offers only such service. Instead, it has to be a core part of his/her business. For instance, divorce lawyers also handle cases related to child support. This saves you the stress of having to look for another attorney later on to handle related cases.

10 Community presence

It is great to work with an attorney who can render services within your community or location. One of the benefits of this is that it can help reduce your charges. Don’t ever make the mistake of hiring an attorney who is far away. If you look around carefully, there will always be a professional to hire around your neighborhood. If you really want to find the best lawyer, this is one of the easiest methods to explore.

The following infographic summarizes the lawyers’ types and the required tips to find the best lawyer …

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