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How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident? It is normal to be stressed, confused, and overwhelmed by the chaos of the situation. You need financial compensation to pay your bills and support your family. If the accident happened because of the negligence of another party, you may be able to hold them liable for the full value of your damages through a personal injury claim.

At the same time, personal injury claims are complicated. Big corporations and insurance companies fight hard to pay the absolute minimum. You need a skilled lawyer on your team. This raises an important question: How do you hire a personal injury attorney? In this article, you will find an overview of the key things to know when hiring a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer
You need a skilled lawyer on your team.

1 Steps to Take After a Serious Accident (How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer)

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention for Any Injuries

Medical needs come first. You should see a doctor after a serious accident without delay. A severe injury may require an immediate trip to the nearest emergency medical center. All non-emergency injuries should be evaluated and treated properly. Seeing a doctor is important for two reasons: 1) Your health and 2) Your claim. You need to get the right care so that you can recover from the accident. Further, you need to see a doctor to be eligible to bring a personal injury claim at all.

2 .Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company

Most personal injury claims are handled by insurance companies. For example, an insurance company may represent an at-fault motorist or at-fault trucking company after a serious crash. Alternatively, an insurance company may be responsible for handling a slip and fall accident claim that happened at a business. You cannot trust an insurance company representative to look out for your best interests. Avoid giving any statement to an insurer until you hire a lawyer.

3. Schedule a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

How do you go about actually hiring a personal injury lawyer? The best place to start is generally with a free initial consultation. Most personal injury law firms offer free, no-obligation consultations to injured victims. The consultation may be in-person or remotely. A consultation is your opportunity to explain your case and ask direct questions to a personal injury lawyer. It is a great tool to understand your rights, your options, and if you have found the best attorney for the job.

4, Make Sure that You Understand their Plan, Process, and Fees

Most often, the hiring of a personal injury lawyer requires signing an agreement with them and their law firm. The contract will govern your relationship. Before you sign an agreement, it is crucial that you understand key details, including:

  • What is going to happen next;
  • How the attorney plans on handling your case; and
  • The fees associated with their representation.

Personal injury attorneys often represent victims and families on contingency. With this type of billing arrangement, there are no out-of-pocket costs. An attorney is paid based on a percentage of the ultimate recovery—either through a settlement or a verdict.

You need to get the right care so that you can recover from the accident.

2 When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

You do not want to fall behind the defense or the insurance company in the personal injury claims process. The best practice is to consult with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your initial accident. Even though Florida has a more forgiving statute of limitations than most states—four years for negligence claims—key evidence that you will need to prove liability or damages can get lost or destroyed. The sooner you have a top personal injury attorney on your side, the easier it will be to effectively navigate the claims process.

Personal Injury Lawyer
You do not want to fall behind the defense or the insurance company in the personal injury claims process.

3 Four Traits to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

You do not want to hire simply any personal injury lawyer. You need an attorney who is the right fit for your case. How do you find the best personal injury lawyer? Here are four key traits to look for when hiring a personal injury attorney:

  • Relevant Personal Injury Experience: Personal injury law is complicated. You can benefit from hiring a skilled and experienced professional. As a general rule, it is best to look for a personal injury lawyer who has relevant experience. For example, imagine that you were hurt in a pedestrian collision in South Florida. A personal injury attorney who has prior experience with pedestrian accident claims is a good option.
  • Record of Success (Results & Testimonials): Results matter. You need a personal injury lawyer who has a proven track record of successful outcomes. As you research personal injury lawyers and ask questions, it is always a good idea to inquire about their history or results as well as reviews and testimonials from former clients.
  • Willingness to Dedicate to Your Case: The most skilled personal injury lawyer in the world is only going to be of value to you and your family if he or she is going to put time and resources into your case. You need a personal injury attorney who is willing and able to handle your claim with the care and attention that it rightfully deserves.
  • Strong Communication Skills: The best personal injury lawyers are strong communicators. Your personal injury attorney should be able to communicate with you, the defendant or insurance company, and any other party involved in the case. You should feel confident that you know exactly what is happening with your personal injury claim through every step of the process. You should not be left in the dark, asking questions about what is happening with your case.
Personal Injury Lawyer
You need an attorney who is the right fit for your case.

Ultimately, the right personal injury lawyer is a skilled and experienced advocate who knows how to get results, will dedicate time and resources to your case and is a good personality fit for you and your family. You should always take advantage of a free consultation when looking for a lawyer.

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