Top 20 Best Family and Divorce Lawyers in The USA

Have you ever had the opportunity of speaking to some great personalities who have become so bitter today because they felt the wrong end of a divorce settlement? It can be a pretty frustrating experience for anyone. From media tycoons to professional athletes, all that is needed for you is to make one silly mistake, and you will be kissing almost half of your fortunes goodbye. By the way, who are these mysterious legal hawks that are in charge of these big cases? Here is our daily knowledge magazine‘s pick for the best 20 family and divorce lawyers in The US.

1 Robert Stephan Cohen

There are some people you just don’t want to mess with, and Robert Stephen Cohen is one of such personalities. When he represented Christy Brinkley in her divorce suit with Billy Joel’s case, it turned out to be a massive victory for Christy Brinkley. Cohen made sure she almost ripped Billy’s fortunes into two and made sure Christy got full custody of their kids. A mean and vicious fighter in the courtroom like Robert Stephen Cohen may just be what you are looking for.

2 William S. Beslow

There was a high-level of divorce that took place in the late 1990s when William Beslow represented one of the spouses. The case was attention-grabbing for many because the two persons involved were prominent personalities. With all the insults and allegations made, this divorce attorney was still able to get a $ 30,000,000 settlement for his client, Duff.

3 Earle Lilly

When you need a firm divorce lawyer, Earle Lilly is the one to fit the bill perfectly. Alex Rodriguez, the Yankee star, and his charming wife Cynthia thought it was time to end their marriage. The media was overly excited about everything. Just when Alex thought that Cynthia cornered due to a pre-marriage agreement, Earle Lilly was able to step in and negotiate a reasonable settlement for Cynthia.

4 Gloria Allred

Think and talk about the best divorce and family attorneys, and you cannot get a list that does not contain Gloria Allred. Besides making a name for herself as one of the best in the field, she has gone on to represent many other clients and has won many prominent divorce cases.

5 Dennis Wasser

There are some stories that you don’t want to remember because they seem to be chasing you for the rest of your life. Facing an experienced attorney like Dennis Wasser appears to be a problem. Harrison Ford of Hollywood can better explain to you what he went through when he got separated from his ex-wife.

6 Donald Schiller

Michael Jordan has always been the right guy on the basketball court. He shot fame with his feet and hands. But when you encounter a divorce lawyer like Donald Schiller, then you can forget about glory because none of that will matter. Jordan’s wife was able to make a meal from him during their divorce, thanks to Donald Schiller.

7 Daniel Jaffe

You have to be a terrible legal giant to think about confronting someone like Daniel Jaffe. Standing against a very wealthy someone in some places is a confirmation that you will lose that case. But that didn’t happen with Daniel Jaffe. Instead, he took advantage of the situation and obtained a $ 1.7 million settlement in favor of his client.

8 Sorrell Trope

For someone with great experience in divorce cases, Sorrell Trope knows one or two ways to get a better goal. Trope is one of the biggest names you want to think of in the celebrity world. So, if you think you can afford Trope, then why not? Go for him!

9 Jonathan D. Katz

Some successful divorce lawyers may not tend to celebrity divorce, and Jonathan is one of these characters. His success in the divorce courtrooms was a huge one. His experience is something any client can always rely on. If you want an affordable divorce attorney, then look no further.

10 Heidi T. Cochrane

The best thing you can do for yourself right way you start talking about divorce matters with your partner is to get good legal advice that leads you in the right direction. You need an experienced hand like Heidi T. Cochrane to guide you through such an experience and come out with the right settlement.

11 Douglas E. Coleman

If you are looking for a quick and successful end to a divorce case with a partner, bring names like Douglas Coleman. He certainly knows the ins and outs of the divorce settlement process. He has recorded great success in this field and has always pledged that he is always ready to lend a hand to everyone who needs it.

12 Anthony Gerard Buono

There is this saying – Nothing good comes easy! Good divorce attorneys like Anthony Gerard are not people you come by every day. And the most beautiful part about this lawyer is that he cannot be intimidated or pushed as long as it is a divorce case. If he ever represents you, you can be sure of a suitable settlement. But if he is against you, then your guess is right.

13 Lisa Mills

List some of the best divorce lawyers of our time, and you want to mention Lisa Mills. With her aggressive and detail-oriented technique, she overcomes some of the biggest names in the game. Take nothing away from her because she is good at what she does. She is everything in winning your divorce case.

14 James Wagman

Here is a man who seems to have made a reputation for himself in the history of divorce and family issues. You can even call him the smooth negotiator because that is how he works. His services are not limited to only family and divorce cases, as he can help equally in juvenile and criminal cases.

15 Kelvin M. Colwell

Kelvin M. Colwell has done exceptionally well for himself when it comes to divorce and family cases. No matter how difficult the case is, he always knows how to burrow his way to success. He has a penchant for representing his clients with all that he’s got and make sure they are well settled after a divorce case. The best is what you get with Kelvin M. Colwell.

16 Jennifer J. Corcoran

Attorneys are getting more technical as divorce cases seem to be growing at an unprecedented rate and are coming in various dimensions. If you are onto a divorce case, then you should be working with someone who knows how to adapt your situation to the case at hand. Jennifer Corcoran is simply a masterpiece when it comes to divorce cases.

17 Megan B. Van Aken

Drive a stake into the heart of your unfaithful partner with the support of Megan B. Van Aken as your divorce attorney. Trust me, by the time you are done with that ex-spouse of yours, s/he will not want to forget you in a hurry. Megan B. Van Aken is your ticket to a successful settlement.

18 Barbara King

Do you need a nice divorce lawyer to talk to? Barbara King just has to be on the cards. She is one of the big whips in the divorce courtyards. Going against her in such situations is the wrong thing to do. She loves to make sure she powers her client to a great settlement.

19 Mary Theresa Colwell

Family and divorce cases can be quite frustrating for someone, especially when things don’t end up the way they have expected. Secure the services of someone like Mary Theresa Colwell and watch how you would smile your way home after the procedure. She is deeply experienced in divorce cases.

20 Sharon Faulkner

Having a good divorce lawyer is what will make all the difference when one is going through such hard times. You need someone who tells the judge how much you have been hurt and how much pain you have been put through. Sharon Faulkner is one reliable lawyer that can help you take care of such responsibilities.

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