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The Ways to Build Your Business: Get a Great Headshot

When browsing the internet, I’m sure you come across plenty of pictures of people. Not only your friends on Facebook but also in the blog posts you read and the companies that you follow. People are sharing their image with everyone. We all know through negative Facebook experiences that a poorly taken photo can make you look like someone you are not. It is a highly recommended business practice to get a professional headshot taken. Promoting yourself with a professional, high-quality picture can be just what you need to take your business to that next step. With a professional headshot, you will become more recognizable and personable. Here are a few other reasons that getting a professional headshot taken can help you grow your business.

The picture of yourself that you post online is the first time clients will get to see you. In the age of the internet, a significant amount of communication is done online, cutting out that initial in-person first meeting. Presenting a good quality headshot is just as functional as having that first face-to-face meeting.

People will warm up to a good image. A good headshot will paint you in a positive light. If you make it look friendly and welcoming, more people will be inclined to do business with you. It is much easier to do business with a smiling headshot than the cold blank face of the automatic, anonymous profile stock photo.

It will make you look professional. Taking a high-quality headshot shows that you care about appearance and how you and your business come across. Think of your headshot as branding yourself. You may have created a logo for your company that exemplifies everything that your business stands for, but what about you? You need an image that presents you to your consumers as well. You want the picture to be professional and trustworthy so you gain the trust of your clients.

It helps you build recognition. You have pictures of yourself everywhere. Why not have a picture taken professionally and cut out all the different pictures you post all over the web? Between social media profile images and website about pages, your picture is everywhere. Using many different pictures of you can become overwhelming. Cut down the stress and use one professional headshot everywhere.

It will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a link shared on Facebook or Twitter or a link that pops up in someone’s search, your headshot will make it stand out. If you see one face amidst a lot of text and links, you will be more willing to click on it because you can put a person with the information. You become a real person instead of just an online presence when you use a headshot.

A professional headshot can be a hand tool when growing your business. When you use a good quality image like that, you will become more than just another online business. People will be able to put a face with you and your business’ name. They will recognize you more often and be more willing to do business with you. Getting a professional headshot taken can be well worth the money. After all, there’s no price to pay for having a better picture replace those dreaded late nights Facebook pictures you were tagged in.


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