Top 10 Highest Rated Women Shoes Designers in The World

Due to how the fashion industry has remained evergreen over the years, many shoe designers have showcased their talent. These individuals are very gifted and have succeeded in creating their brands. In this post, Topteny magazine will be looking at some of the best women’s shoe designers. These people have impressed their target audiences and followers with great shoe designs. Check out each of them below to know which one to patronize.

1 Ganesia Wveighlin

Ganesia Wveighlin is the brain behind Ceasar walks, a company that produces high-quality shoes for women and men. She is 100% responsible for designing her brand, which is impressive. When creating luxury shoes for women, few people can compete with Ganesia. Her products have always stood out in the market amongst others.

The first thing you will notice about her shoe designs is the handmade touches. These are not just perfect but also reflect professional handcraft. She has also achieved great success in designing male shoes. Despite graduating from the Department of Economics at Clark Atlanta University, she can compete favorably with some of the heavyweights in the fashion industry. She is probably the best women’s shoe designer on this list.

Ganesia Wveighlin design,
When designing luxury shoes for women, few people can compete with Ganesia.

2 Laura E.

Laura E. is a top-rated freelancer in women’s shoe design. With over 7years of experience, you can rest assured that she understands how to develop the most innovative and creative designs. When it comes to designs that can enable you to make a statement in public, she is the go-to person.

The truth about designing women’s shoes is that talent is required to excel. Laura has shown that she has got it all to create designs that raise eyebrows. At the moment, she works with APPLIQUÉ, a Columbia-based company.

Laura E. shoes designer.
Laura has shown that she has got it all to create designs that raise eyebrows.

3 Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard may be from Denmark, but she is currently based in London. Before starting a business of her own in 2006, she worked with Matthew Williamson for around 4years. She has designed different cutout sandals that have earned positive comments and awards over the years. Do you know that she is also the designer of footwear found in the famous Alexander Wang in New York?

Camilla Skovgaard.
She has designed different cutout sandals that have earned positive comments and awards over the years.

4 Adriana Epelboim-Levy

Adriana Epelboim-Levy is highly passionate about designing footwear. She is a Venezuelan shoe designer who has risen by hard work and perseverance. In 2014, she founded her own company known as Alepel. Her designs are a complete definition of self-expression, uniqueness, and art at its very best.

If you are looking for the perfect shoe design that will send out romantic messages during your wedding, Adriana Epelboim-Levy understands how such can be done without hassle. Her designs will ensure that your personality is truly reflected. It is the reason why Alepel is getting better every year. Some of the best local artists understand what creative designs are all about.

Adriana Epelboim-Levy,.,
Adriana Epelboim-Levy is highly passionate about designing footwear.

5 Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls is a Canadian-born shoe designer slowly climbing up the ladder of fame with some unique and stunning work. Her portfolio over the years has been nothing short of impressive. She once lived in Italy and worked with a company that manufactured footwear. Today, she is an authority when it comes to designing shoes.

According to Tracey, clothes are an integral part of your fashion life. However, suitable shoe designs can add to your personality in public. This means your fashion will be taken to the next level.

The designs associated with Tracey Neuls are nothing short of impressive. Also, she is an expert in designing men’s shoes. A trial will convince you firsthand that her products are the real deal. Many experts have claimed she is probably the best women’s shoes designer.

Tracey Neuls,
Tracey Neuls is a Canadian-born shoe designer slowly climbing up the ladder of fame with some unique and stunning work.

6 Aleksander Siradekian

The first collection of Aleksander Siradekian was launched in 2013. Today, this highly-rated shoe designer from Russia has grown more popular. If there is one thing this, she has managed to achieve within such a short time, such as winning the hearts of fashionistas from various countries worldwide. Of course, this couldn’t have been possible without some breathtaking designs.

For instance, he designed shoes characterized by silk tassels. Some shoes have flirty tails and many other projects. For example, Aleksander Siradekian has an awe-inspiring collection of shoe designs that will catch women’s attention in various age groups. There are different women shoe designers, but she has managed to stand out over the years.

Aleksander Siradekian.
He designed shoes characterized by silk tassels.

7 Jamie Nelson

There is no doubt that Jamie Nelson’s designers deserve to be mentioned amongst the best women’s shoe designers in this post. The reason for such is that she hasn’t just created some stunning footwear designs. Also, she has ensured the procedures are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To make her dreams become a reality, she studied shoemaking at the London College of Fashion. This happened before she decided to base in Melbourne, Australia. She is the founder of Nelson Made, a popular platform where women’s collections are being sold. Given how she started in shoe designing, it is evident that Jamie has risen to the top due to commitment and dedication.

8 Emma Hope

Emma is a vastly experienced shoe designer who has managed to work with lots of shoe brands in the past. She has licensed designs and artwork and is one of the UK’s most respected women shoe designers based on achievements.

The designs created by Emma have been very inspiring in many regards. Talking about a shoe designer who can help you express your emotions, she ticks all boxes. She understands how to effectively use various techniques in weaving, embroidery, knit, and printing.

9 Deepanshi Parashar

Deepanshi Parashar is a freelance footwear designer who has impressed numerous clients with her work in the past. Being passionate about fashion means people you need to be in touch with regularly. It is fair enough to say that she is one of such persons. Whether you want footwears that reflect class or trendy designs, Deepanshi can help out.

Once asked what has been one of her essential tools in designing women’s shoes, her reply was straightforward – Adobe Suite.

10 Tabitha Simmons

This post won’t come to an end without Tabitha Simmons being mentioned. This is because she has managed to achieve a feat that most women shoe designers can only dream of in the US but other countries. Such is the reason why it didn’t take long before she could win the hearts of fashion supremos such as Kate Moss and Julianne Moore.

Design is one of the most crucial elements required for your shoes to draw attention in public. It has to be spot on, according to Tabitha, for you to make an indelible impression. She understands how to create footwear designs that can boost your personality.


Top 10 Highest Rated Women Shoes Designers in The World
Top 10 Highest Rated Women Shoes Designers in The World

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