Seeking A Fair Settlement After an Accident?

Here is How Lawyers Can Help...

Undoubtedly, accidents can be devastating. People suffer from physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial distress. After all, paying for medical treatment and car damages while taking leave from work can cost a fortune. To avoid this financial setback, some people try to seek compensation after an accident. They turn to insurance companies to get coverage for personal injuries and car repairs. Likewise, some individuals also try to get compensation from the negligent party responsible for the accident.

However, coming to a fair settlement won’t be an easy feat. The insurance agents will offer a low compensation that might not even cover 50% of the damages. Similarly, the offending party’s lawyer might convince you to settle for a meager amount. In some cases, the negligent party doesn’t take accountability for the damages, refusing any settlement offers. Honestly, dealing with highly qualified lawyers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, you have to level the playing ground by bringing an accident lawyer on board. He/she will document your case with all the evidence and put forward your demands to the negligent party. If they still refuse a fair settlement, the lawyers won’t mind taking your case to court. Here we are listing six ways how lawyers can help you get a fair settlement after an accident.

1. Preserve Evidence

Without adequate evidence on the accident case, you would be shooting arrows in the dark. Since you are not in the position to gather evidence, let the lawyers overtake this responsibility. Although you can hire an accident lawyer, it is better to look for someone specializing in the niche. In case you had a bike accident, look for motorcycle lawyers. If you reside in Tennessee, search for a Murfreesboro motorcycle accident attorney to bring the most competent lawyer onboard.

These lawyers are well-versed with legal protocols and gather evidence properly. They will take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and the police report. Simultaneously, they will collect the names and contact information of the people who saw the accident. All this evidence will help the attorney prepare a solid case and improve your chances of winning.

2. Calculate Medical Expenses

Usually, the accident victims are not in their right state of mind to make rational decisions. As the pain and emotional distress overshadow their judgment, lawyers make decisions on their behalf. They calculate medical damages since it plays a substantial part in the injury claim. The attorney will account for medical expenses that include all the treatment expenses.

Likewise, they also seek compensation for emotional distress because, according to the law, the negligible party is liable to pay for intangible damages. It includes therapy, counseling, prescription, or any other form of mental health care resulting from your accident. The lawyers also account for the pain and suffering depending on the severity of injuries. Besides this, they make sure you file the case within the statute of limitations because, after that, your injury claim would be void.

3. File Lawsuit Right Away

While you are getting treatment, the lawyer will file the lawsuit to help you get compensation immediately. If you are fighting against insurance companies, they will schedule a settlement date with insurance agents. Although insurance companies are not in a hurry to settle, the pressure of approaching a court date will make them serious about the case. Otherwise, if you have to fight a case with a negligent party, the lawyers will present your case to seek a settlement.

If they disagree, the lawyer will proceed with the lawsuit to negotiate a better deal. Sometimes, the case goes beyond settlement; the jury and the judge decide the case’s fate.

4. Cover Occupational Damages

In addition to physical injuries, people also encounter occupational damage. Since severe injuries take time to heal, taking a lot of time off from work can cost money. It doesn’t matter if you are using paid leaves or taking an unpaid absence; you are losing wages. Therefore, a fair accident settlement should cover these losses. The negligent party should pay the victim what he/she would typically earn. In case the offending party thinks you don’t qualify for compensation for lost wages, seek approval from the doctor.

Unfortunately, injuries last a lifetime in some cases. People suffer from disabilities that reduce their ability to earn a living. In such situations, the settlement must cover for this loss. The negligent party has to pay for this irreversible damage to ensure the victim doesn’t have to suffer from financial difficulties.

5. Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Sometimes, the offending party is willing to offer compensation immediately after the accident. Usually, people accept the offer and settle the case, but do you think it is fair? Right after the accident, you have no clue about the potential repair costs and medical expenses. As a result, victims end up settling for less than they deserve.

Fortunately, a lawyer can save you from such impractical decisions. They will negotiate with the insurance companies and offending parties to get a fair settlement offer. Even though the insurance agents have strong bargaining power, the lawyers use their knowledge and expertise to negotiate the best deal. Besides, they are also aware of insurance policies and claiming procedures, handling all the paperwork for you.

6. Account for Vehicle Damages

Perhaps, the most common result of an accident is damage to your vehicle. If your car has been damaged but not destroyed, you can claim the cost of repairs. The negligent party can calculate expenses with the reduced cost of used parts and offer fair compensation. However, if your vehicle got destroyed in the accident, the offending will compensate for the vehicle’s value. Additionally, the lawyer will also seek compensation for substantial losses of property that were inside the car.

For instance, if your laptop got destroyed in the accident, the lawyer will include these possession’s value in your settlement. The attorney will back up all these claims with evidence to prove the negligent party’s liability in front of the judge and jury. Precisely helping you get a fair settlement.

Wrapping Up

After suffering from a tragic accident, people feel vulnerable and helpless. They even try to seek settlement but dealing with proficient lawyers and expert negotiators isn’t their cup of tea. Therefore, hire a competent accident lawyer who can manage the case on your behalf. They will preserve evidence, account for potential damages, and negotiate with negligent parties to secure the best deal for their client.

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