Top 10 Hottest Home Decoration Design Ideas This Year

 “Happy new year”  It is still too early to say that, we know but we want to start preparing ourselves for welcoming the new year. We should not wait until the beginning of the new year to start looking for what is new in the world of designs and fashion. We always wait for the newest and hottest fashion trends to look fashionable and gorgeous among those who know, but what about our homes? Our homes also ask us for bringing what is new in the world of home décor and design to wear and to be inviting not just for us as the owners of our homes but also for those who visit us inside our homes. Let’s leave all of that to start talking seriously about the hottest trends in home decoration to renew our homes for welcoming the new year and to enjoy a new environment that makes us comfortable while being inside our homes.

1. Functional designs: The new designs that are presented in the new year tend to be more functional and practical which helps you to make use of different items that you already have to be used for more than one purpose and to be turned into new pieces that seem to be seen for the first time in addition to saving space.


2. Geometric designs: Geometric designs appear in everything you can imagine such as lamps, decorative items and even prints and patterns that can be found on fabrics, furniture and tiles.


3. Mixing cultures: The world has become like a small village thanks to the advanced technology that helps us to communicate with different cultures around the world and this does not only affect our thoughts, but it also extends to affect different aspects of our life even home design and decoration. You can find African style, Persian style and other various styles that belong to a wide variety of cultures from around the world and are mixed together to create new designs and products.

mixing cultures

4. Eco-friendly products and designs: Caring about nature and the surrounding environment increases to include the designs and products that we use inside our homes such as plates, spoons, furniture, decorative items, stylish curtain designs, lamps, lanterns and other items which are made out of natural materials that are eco-friendly and are taken from the surrounding environment such as raw wood, copper, glass, stone, copper, burlap rope, linen cloth and other natural materials that can be found in nature even bone and horn.


5. Recycling different items: There are many things that we have in our homes and are left without being used, so why do not you try to reuse these things such as glass jars and bottles that can be turned into lanterns, wooden boxes that can be transformed into containers for storing different items that we rarely use and other things that we have in our homes.


6. Natural colors & soft pastels: Natural colors which are derived from the surrounding nature and soft pastels are considered to be the hottest colors for the next year. You can find gray, black, creamy white, brown, green, mustard yellow, peach, lavender, purple, mauve, periwinkle, blue and pink colors which make your home inviting and comfortable.


7. Natural designs and themes: The new designs and themes that are used in our homes in the new year tend to be more natural as there are bright prints for fabrics, green surfaces and walls with natural plants and flowers for decoration, natural colors such as green, floral prints and patterns whether they are for fabrics or wallpaper and tiles and there are also vibrant colors for walls.


8. Creative ideas for decorating walls: In addition to the geometric patterns and prints, floral and natural prints, there are also other creative ways that are presented for decorating the walls of our homes in the coming year such as the chalk drawings, posters, meaningful words and handwritten letters.


9. Large prints & digital art: Forget about the small prints that are used for decorating fabrics or even walls and go for large prints that come as one of the hottest trends for decorating home in the next year. You can also choose digital art for decorating walls and fabrics such as pillows.


10. Marble: Most of the bathroom accessories that are presented for the new year are made out of marble to make your bathroom catchy and elegant. Marble can also be used for creating other decorative pieces in our homes such as tabletops.


11. Sheer curtains and textured pillows: Sheer curtains can increase the elegance of your room and make it catchier and they can also increase the natural light because they are transparent and do not prevent light from entering your room. Textured pillows are also among the hottest trends for the new year.


Sara Nagi

Sara Nagi is an Egyptian writer and activist. After earning a degree in English literature from Cairo University, she began working as a journalist and publishing articles on social issues.Nagi rose to prominence with her debut short story collection "Hawaween" in 2008, which explored feminist themes and was groundbreaking for Arabic literature at the time. She has since published several other acclaimed short story collections and novels that have been translated into multiple languages.In addition to her literary work, Nagi co-founded Basma, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women survivors of violence and single mothers. She has been vocal on women's rights issues in Egypt through columns, public speaking engagements and advocacy campaigns.Her contributions to both Arabic fiction and social activism have earned Nagi several international awards, including the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature from the American University in Cairo. Forbes Middle East recognized her as one of the 100 most powerful Arab women in 2018.Nagi continues to push boundaries with her writing while raising awareness about gender equality through her work with Basma and other organizations.

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