Top 10 Best mesothelioma lawyers in the U.S

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer develops in the lining of the lungs or abdomen, caused by asbestos, a heat resistant material that can be used in fire resistant and insulating materials.
Making a selection of a reliable mesothelioma lawyer is important, however it is not an easy task; just in the same way as the difficulty of these cases; it is hard to detect, follow the traces of asbestos exposure in the environment, evaluate the damage that has been caused by the responsible company, gather reliable proofs, and ultimately get their clients fair compensations. For this purpose, the most prestigious attorneys for mesothelioma present their services. There are renowned mesothelioma lawyers who have been known to fight for their clients. An overview of the best 10 mesothelioma lawyers is as follows.

10 Jim Sokolove

Jim Sokolov has got about 38 year experience in the mesothelioma cases field and during this period he has helped out about 265,289 people all over America. He is among the attorneys who has assisted in recovering about 6 Billion dollars. His law firm, Sokolove Law, takes the credit for helping people in all the 50 states of the U.S. The most common cases where he and his company have taken are related to the personal injury claims; they have provided immense legal support to their clients.


9 ELS Law
ELS Law is a firm comprises some of the best mesothelioma lawyers in the country; James F. Early, Jennifer Lucarelli, Robert J. Sweeney and Chris Meisenkothen. This is a national-level firm and it is famous for obtaining millions of dollars compensations especially for those who were exposed to asbestos at any period, and in any form, during the course of their life, and also those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma. ELS Law has sought out asbestos litigation cases for more than three decades.


8 Simmons Hanly Conroy

John Simmons, Paul Hanly and Jayne Conroy are such prestigious lawyers of a good repute that many people hire. They are mesothelioma trial attorneys who has been helpful in recovering their clients as much as 5 billion dollars in settlements and verdicts. They also goes through variety of complex procedures and investigations thereby providing their clients a first-class counseling. Their law firm is not only specialized in mesothelioma related cases, but it also defends the victims of corporate wrongdoing in general.



7 Weitz & Luxenberg

Attroneys Weitz and Luxenberg has been working together in this field since a long time. They have developed a strong working bond that they both form a really good lot of mesothelioma trial attorneys. Their first ever success was to win the verdict for 36 men who worked for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Since this immense success the firm has been expanding and has now got more than 85 attorneys in its realm. Weitz & Luxenberg has evolved into the richest law firm in the country and has provided its clients world-class services.


6 Cooney & Conway

Cooney & Conway was founded in Chicago 58 years ago. Currently, it comprises more than 20 lawyers who have many years experience in the mesothelioma lawsuit field thereby proving their best in litigation procedures of various cases. The firm’s lawyers have won a lot of cases which enabled them to recover enormous amount of compensations for their clients who were diagnosed with mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos.


5 Brayton Purcell
For the past 30 years, Al Brayton and Gil Purcell has been working in the field. Their law firm has excelled in handling the cases of mesothelioma, and asbestos exposure, the injuries or harms caused by it. They have taken many such cases and recovered millions of dollars for their clients. The firm has also been significant in helping its clients to get over the financial, physical and emotional side effects of their state.



4 Karst & von Oiste

This national law firm is dedicated to help the victims of asbestos exposure who have fallen prey to dangerous diseases like mesothelioma. This firm has got a long history of achievements in this field and has got settlements and high compensations for huge number of their clients.


3 Motley Rice

The law firm developed by Motley Rice was founded in 2003. Although it is no old firm, it has achieved remarkable mesothelioma lawsuits settlements. Motley Rice has got experienced lawyers in the complex litigation procedures. The law firm holds significant records of successful settlements and satisfying compensations for their clients, especially those who were diagnosed with mesothelioma due to prolonged asbestos exposure. Besides asbestos exposure cases the company also took insurance cases of the 9/11 incident and won insurance claims for more the 6,600 families.

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2 Bergman Draper Ladenburg

Although not so big, yet Bergman Draper Ladenburg achieved many successes which made it find its way to this list. The lawyers of this firm are known on national level for fighting against asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Legal Services Seattle WA

1 Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood

This firm was founded in 1974, and right now it has got 25 highly skilled and experienced lawyers. Kazan Law has taken cases for thousands of people and won high compensations that helped their clients to persu medical treatment for mesothelioma.


Having a look through the asbestos exposure cases and the harms it causes, we can notice the increasing rates of mesothelioma, and the wide range of cases have been monitored. The lawyers all over the United States have been fighting for the victims of asbestos exposure and have achieved massive success rates for them.


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