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A Life Changing New Start-Up

I thought I was well past the phases of obviously trying not to smile in pictures. Looking at my camera roll from the past year, I realized I didn’t have anywhere I looked happy smiling. This holiday season, I wanted to share my photos with my family and friends. However, I was afraid to show myself because I was worried that they would ask why I wasn’t smiling. I was right about brushing my teeth most nights and mornings, yet I was still embarrassed and uncomfortable with the state of my off-white smile. I decided to make a change to become more comfortable with my smile. Most of the time, I congratulate myself if I eat three meals a day. There was no way that I would be able to start a regimen with multiple steps every night and morning.

Additionally, I do not like using electric toothbrushes because I feel like they are too rough on my teeth. I started to think about my current routine and small changes that would improve my oral health. When I thought back, I realized it had been over a year since I had replaced my toothbrush. The last toothbrush that I bought was because I lost mine during a move. Since then, I had just assumed that it was good enough that I remembered to brush. No wonder I was uncomfortable with my smile. I looked it up, and there was a layer of plaque on my teeth that my toothbrush had not been penetrating for about nine months. That would explain why my teeth looked a shade off. It was time for me to find a new toothbrush, but I had to do something to ensure that I didn’t forget for so long again. My friend told me to check out Healthy Teeth Club. Her teeth always looked perfect, so I decided to look into it.

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Healthy Teeth Club is a new company that provides a subscription program to get toothbrushes sent to my house every month. They have a specially designed handle that fits with removable toothbrush heads. I decided to give it a shot. At just $3 a month, there was no reason not to. The starting kit came in the next few days with the handle and an interchangeable head. It was just as advertised. I loved the dove blue. I could feel a difference in the first few days with the tongue scraper and tooth massager. The heads fit perfectly into the handle, so I was not worried about the toothbrush falling apart. I recently got my first replacement pack of toothbrush heads. They come in sets of three so that I am ready when I need to switch. This system is perfect for me because I know that I will be able to replace my toothbrush long before it reached the disgusting point of my old one. Another thing that I like about my subscription is that I have the freedom to decide how often I need the replacement heads. Since they come in packs of three, I am always ready, but I can set the timing to fit my schedule and wallet.

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One added benefit of signing up for Healthy Teeth Club is that I feel environmentally conscious. Instead of buying a new toothbrush with all the packaging and throwing the whole toothbrush out every few months, I am just throwing out the head. The packaging used by Healthy Teeth Club is designed to minimize the amount of plastic. Additionally, since three replacement heads come three at a time, I can save plastic instead of getting them one by one. Since starting a subscription with Healthy Teeth Club, I have noticed that my oral health has significantly improved. My roommates have asked what I have been doing differently because my teeth have noticeably improved despite the short period. Last weekend, I took another look through my camera roll, and I now have pictures saved of myself that I like. Since becoming a subscriber to Healthy Teeth Club, my confidence in my smile has been slowing improving. Gone are the awkward photos of me trying not to show my teeth. I now want to share the images that I have. I had no idea that a straightforward change, joining Healthy Teeth Club, would have such an impact.

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