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Top 10 Ways to Recover From a Bad Day

Bad days can have a significant impact on your mood. Whether you slept in, ruined a big project at work, or found out some bad news, nobody likes to deal with a bad day. The good news is all hope isn’t lost. You can turn your day around with a few simple tricks. Here are 10 proven ways to recover from a bad day fast so you can feel better in no time.

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1 Go for a walk

First, try going for a walk. Sometimes you just need to clear your head, and a walk is the best way to do just that. Even better, you can walk anywhere. Not only will you get your blood pumping, but you have some chance to think clearly.

2 Read motivational quotes

Whether you need to read wisdom quotes or some love quotes, hearing some smart phrases can do wonders for your state of mind. From the classics to motivational speakers, we all need to hear the truth from time to time. Take a few minutes from your day to read through some quotes. You might find what you’re looking for.

3 Workout your body

We all know about the health benefits of working out, but what about the mental benefits? Working out is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, so it’s perfect for bad days. Psychologists even conducted studies and found that a 10-minute walk might be as good as a 45-minute workout. No matter how you plan to get up and moving, make sure you do it.

4 Write it down

If you’re struggling with racing thoughts and worries, it’s time to write it down. You can send an email to yourself or even type up a note on your phone. The goal is to “clear” your mind by getting all that negativity onto the page. You can write as little or as much as you want.

5 Vent to a loved one

Sometimes writing it out isn’t enough. You need a second person to sit down with you and talk it out in person or over the phone. Sometimes speaking the words aloud will help you recognize that your bad day wasn’t as bad as you thought.

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6 Skip the hard stuff

If you’re in a bad mood and unmotivated, don’t force yourself too far out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to take a day to recover from a particularly bad day. We all need a Netflix binge every once in a while, and your laundry can wait until you’re feeling better.

7 Play a few songs

Music has always had a big impact on how we feel. Research suggests music alone can transform your mood, so it’s time to belt it out. Find a happy playlist and get to work. You might be surprised how much better you feel.

8 Block social media

It’s no surprise that social media isn’t always good for us. Sure, it’s a great way to connect with people, but it’s also a big drain on our energy. If you’re already having a bad day, you don’t need to be triggered by an old high school enemy or something else on social media. Take some time off from your feed.

9 Meditate for 10 minutes

There are so many benefits to meditating, but the most significant of all is that it helps you relax. When you’re wound up with frustration and sadness, you need a healthy way to decompress. Taking the time to focus on your body, your breathing, and the Earth will bring you back to the present.

10 Remember three good things

Finally, if all else fails, try the three things exercise. This is when you swap your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It’s easier than it sounds. Start by listing three good things you’re looking forward to. You might have a trip coming up, or you might have a nice meal later. These are positive things worth focusing on.

Don’t let the bad days get you down. We all stumble every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recover quickly. Try these tips above to kiss that bad day goodbye.

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