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10 Most Popular Perfumes for Celebrities

Every celebrity aims to look and smell good in public. This is one of the reasons why they always want to wear classy perfumes. There are lots of people who are dreaming of emulating such celebrities and using the same perfumes they may be using. This is one challenging task that may end up doing you more harm than good given that there are lots of low-quality perfumes out there. These have been produced by desperate sellers who want to make some quick bucks off the shallow end-users. The good part is that you can still get access to some of the popular perfumes used by your favorite celebrities today. The primary aim of this post is to show you some of the top perfumes that are used by celebrities. Just go through each one of them and choose the one that is perfect for your cause.

 1 Chloé Fleur de Parfum

Mylene Alran and Michel Almairac are responsible for the production of this perfume. Even though they have produced others over the years, there is no doubt that this one stands out due to its classy nature. The scent that it produces isn’t unique but of high class. Verbena, grapefruit, and bergamot are a few of its components. It is also worth mentioning that its aroma can last for a very long time in the body. There is always a high expectation for a perfume that has been recommended by lots of top magazines in the US.

 2 Bleu De Parfum

This perfume is truly a definition of class, and it is expected to be very trendy in 2019. Some of the ingredients used in its production which have been responsible for its great smell are grapefruit, Vetiver, pink pepper, and spicy woody aroma. If you are looking for a celebrity perfume that produces fresh scent, this is highly recommended.

 3 Paco Rabanne (1 Million)

The citrus smell produced by this perfume makes it one of the most preferred by celebrities. The aroma that it produces is a combination of warm spices, roses, and fruit. The scent that it produces is really of high quality that every man would want to wear it. As proof that this perfume is top quality, it has been one of the most demanded perfumes amongst celebrities and elite over the past four years. It can give you good value for money.

 4 La Vie Est Belle

It is one of the best perfumes of Lancôme and deserves to be mentioned amongst some of the top perfumes of celebrity men. It is expected to be highly demanded in 2019 due to its wonderful ingredients and features. There are very few perfumes out there that can produce such powerful scent the way La Vie Est Belle does. This is perhaps due to its combination of spicy, sweet and floral notes. The Irish smell it produces makes it perfect for night outings.

 5 Jay Z Gold

Jay Z Gold offers you something different which makes it great for every man that wants to smell great in public. Do you have a limited budget but still want to purchase a great perfume? Jay Z Gold makes it possible as it comes in various categories. Don’t worry about the scent as it isn’t compromised in any way. It is a combination of amber, ginger, wood, and grapefruit.

 6 Michael Jordan: Flight

Michael Jordan: Flight is one of those perfumes that have been produced to target celebrities and low-income people. It means even if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, this perfume can also be within your reach today. For a price of $20, it produces a very fancy smell that can make anyone exude an unbelievable level of confidence in public. The scent is woody, aromatic and strong to impress people around you.

 7 Pitbulls Man 

Pitbull is a household name in the world of music. This means that this perfume is one that a lot is expected from. You will not be disappointed as it comes with a vibrant smell that will have everyone around you swept off their feet. Spices have been combined uniquely to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations. Celebrities are using this perfume over the years, but even you can also get it today due to its affordable nature.

 8 Usher

This is one of the best perfumes that every man should use. Usher made the headlines for his achievements in the world of R&B some years ago. You shouldn’t be expecting anything short of top-class from this kind of perfume. The best part is that despite its affordable price tag, it has been produced to target men of various age groups. These could be grandpas, young men, and others.

 9 JVxNJ

This perfume is the idea of celebrities Nick Jonas and John Varvatos. Very few celebrity perfumes can produce the electric smell which JVxNJ has been known to produce over the years. It has managed to a standout amongst other perfumes due to its patchouli scent. It is woodsy, minty, and fresh from leaving an indelible impression on people around you. This is one way to have people coming around you due to its powerful scent which is difficult to ignore.

 10 Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume may be expensive amongst others in this list, but there is no doubt that it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a perfume to begin your day with which produces a fresh smell, this ticks all the boxes. One thing that it has been notable for over the years is taking peppermint scent to another level entirely thereby ensuring that users get something unique from what they are used to. There is this popular saying that there will always be some dull moments in life. However, using Jean Paul Gaultier will ensure that such a day never comes. This is because of the exciting moments it can help you create.

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