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10 Ways to Make Going into Work More Fun

According to a Gallup poll, only 30 percent of Americans are engaged and happy with their jobs. If you’re among the many who aren’t, fortunately, there are ways to help to make going into work more fun so that you’ll be able to pay your bills and perhaps even buy one of the houses for sale in Hamilton or somewhere else.

1 Turn on the Tunes

One of the best ways to feel more motivated each day is to get it started with music that will get you in the work mode. It can boost your mood which makes it easier to get things done and can help you think more creatively, so you’ll be better at solving problems too.

2 Take Your Lunch Break

Don’t skip your lunch break. Not only will it make your day go by much faster, but it will also help improve your focus. You don’t have to eat, get away for a while – perhaps go for a walk, take a trip to the store to enjoy shopping, just leave the office to get your mind off work.

3 Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

If you’ve been wearing the same outfits week after week, it’s probably not doing much for your confidence. Treat yourself to some fun, and perhaps more colorful, outfits. It will make you feel more confident, happier and motivated to get your work done.

4 Laugh More

While there are times when you’ll need to be more serious, don’t be afraid to laugh every once in a while, or, make someone else laugh when it’s appropriate. Fun pranks, office jokes, silly activities and so on, can break the tension and relieve stress, making it a whole lot more enjoyable to be there. Some workplaces are even engaging in “laughter yoga,” thanks to its many benefits, including lowering stress levels. Doing so just before a meeting can make them more productive and even generate more creative ideas.

5 Costume Fridays

Many offices host casual Fridays, with workers often coming in wearing jeans and sneakers. Why not make it more fun by making it a theme day? Choose a costume party theme and encourage everyone to participate. You could even have a prize for the best costume to make it more competitive.

6 Decorate Your Work Space

If you’re in an office or cubicle with blank walls and little or no décor, working there for hours on end can be pretty miserable. Why not infuse your personality into your workspace? Bring postcards from your travels, photos of family and friends, and perhaps some fun knickknacks, cards and other items that can be pinned to a cork board or cubicle wall.

7 Create Art

In addition to making your own space more pleasant to work in, see if you can get the office to work together to enjoy a little art therapy. Create any kind of art, like painting a mural on an office wall, drawing on whiteboards or anything else you can come up with.

8 Socialize with Your Co-Workers

When you have friendships at work, it naturally leads to higher satisfaction and a more compassionate culture.

9 Celebrate Accomplishing Big and Small Goals

One of the biggest influences on happiness in the workplace and productivity is being recognized for accomplishments. Bringing in a bell or something similar to ring when someone accomplishes something, or some small reward is a great way to keep everyone more positive and motivated.

10 A Dog

Having a dog in the office has been found to increase productivity, spark communication, improve collaboration and reduce stress. If your boss doesn’t believe it, show him the research – there have been multiple studies, including one study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University.

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