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Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Supplements For Fast Muscle Gain

Everybody thinks that having muscles is sexy and attractive, right? Well, that is significantly true, but people should learn that muscles are not only about being either sexy or attractive, but it is also about being healthy. Muscles training should be an essential part in any workout program; it does not matter what exactly you are trying to do with your body, whether you are trying to gain, lose or maintain weight, you should lift weights.

This rule actually applies for both men and women and women, in particular, should ditch this mythical notion that states that their bodies will get bulky and look manly if they ever lift weights; it is not true at all. Okay, let us learn the reasons for the importance of building muscles in any workout routine; first, if you have a skinny body and want to bulk up and gain some weight, lifting weights and resistance training should be your choice because building muscles will surely help you bulk up. People who are trying to lose weight might get scared that they might get bigger when they are trying to do the complete opposite, but that is not how it works; in fact, building muscles can make you lose weight faster.

Confused yet? Well, let us get this clearer; muscles actually can rev up your metabolism and that is exactly what you need in order to shed those excess layers of fat, so this is how it works; the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, besides, muscles will help you tone those excess skin that is caused by weight gain.

So, apparently, everyone needs to build muscles for reaching the optimum results of having a fit body, but building those muscles might not be that easy; it needs patience. The good news is, there are supplements and products that help you build your body faster and gain those muscles you are striving for. Check out this list that features the best 10 bodybuilding supplements that are used for fast muscle gain and they can be purchased from

10 MRM, HMB 1000 Muscle Maintenance [$19.79]

HMB is a dietary supplement that is used for building up muscles and it comes in the form of pills. They are not actually anything like those diet pills that people get scared to use for their side effects, but actually it is a supplement that consists of mainly amino acids and protein which is the element responsible for the formation of the muscles. HMB provides you with all the support you need for gaining muscles and increasing their strength. It delivers the best results when taken alongside a programmed workout that consists of weight lifting and resistance training. The process of building the muscles requires patience, but with HMB, you can decrease the time taken for achieving your goal. You can purchase this product at the price of $19.79.

9 Muscle Pharm, Combat Crunch, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough [$26.90]

Everyone loves cookies, right? Well, the answer is definitely yes, but we all know that muscles gain and cookies do not ever go hand in hand. It is fat gain what goes perfectly with indulging cookies or dough, but that does not apply to Combat Crunch.
Combat Crunch are chocolate chip cookie bars that contain protein and deliciously baked for an ultimate taste. These bars contain a high amount of protein and fibers with a little amount of healthy carbs, but you should still consider eating those delightful bars in moderation or else, you will not get the results you desire. It contains only natural flavors and is gluten free, so it is safe and healthy for everyone. You can purchase a whole pack consisting of 12 bars of Combat Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughs for $26.90 and enjoy these soft-textured candies.

8 Muscle Pharm, Sport Series, Combat Protein Powder, Chocolate Milk [$44.62]

For all the chocolate lovers out there, here is one more product where you can enjoy the taste of chocolate and still gain muscles instead of fat; Combat Protein Powder which is a product of Muscle Pharm, widely known as MP. Combat Protein Powder is a certified dietary supplement that was proven to be ultimately effective in maximizing the growth of lean muscles, besides, it gives you more power to work out for a longer period of time. You can enjoy this protein powder by blending one scoop of it in cold water and you are not restricted to a certain amount of water, you can either increase or decrease it according to your preference of concentration and taste. You also have the choice to mix in milk instead of water, but make sure it is either skimmed or low fat. You are free to take this supplement either before or after your workout, choose whatever suits you better. It is available for $44.62.

7 Muscle Pharm, BCAA [$19.13]

BCAA is one of the Muscle Pharm’s products that are ultimately effective for a fast muscle gain. BCAA is perfect for the growth of the muscles, reducing its damage, and increasing the formation of protein. The formulation of this dietary supplement is designed to continuously release amino acid both pre and post your workout. For achieving the desired results, use one serving for up to three times a day and preferably between meals, half an hour before your workout, or right after you are done exercising. Muscle Pharm, BCAA can be purchased from for $19.13.

6 MuscleMaxx, High Energy + Muscle Building Protein, Vanilla Dream [$33.74]

MuscleMaxx, High Energy + Muscle Building Protein is a vanilla-flavored powder that is mixed with either water or milk to get a delicious foamy milkshake. The formulation of this product helps you grow muscles and even recover them faster after work outs or if they were ever damaged because it contains a wide range of different amino acids that guarantee that your body has all the essential amino acids needed for being highly energetic and active. MuscleMaxx helps you achieve the desired results if it is taken right after your workout where your body is in a state of breaking down the muscles, for it helps in altering the state of your body to another one in which the muscle tissues are formed instead of breaking down. It is available for $33.74.

5 ALLMAX Nutrition, Leucine [$23.24]

ALLMAX Nutrition is one of the widely recognized brands in the industry of bodybuilding. One of its greatly effective products is Leucine; it is a Gluten-free dietary supplement that encourages the formation of protein in the body, increases the mass of the muscles, and makes the recovery process a lot faster. What makes Leucine effective is the fact that it activates the body into an anabolic state, which is the process of forming protein, right during the time it is supposed to break it down. You are suggested to take two servings per day, one right after your workout and the other during any time of the day. For those who suffer from any allergy, you should check the label of this product before attempting to purchase it, for it contains ingredients that might arouse your allergy; those ingredients include peanut, milk, soy, egg, fish, tree nut, crustacean as well as shellfish products. You can purchase it for $23.24.

4 Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard, 100% Whey, Double Rich Chocolate [$57.99]

Whey Protein Isolates are actually the untainted form of whey protein that is currently available and it is the main ingredient of the Optimum Nutrition, %100 Whey. This product is recommended to be taken right after your workout in different ways. You can pour some of it in a shaker cup with your preferred amount of water, shaking it for a few seconds then drinking it immediately to get a good amount of protein, or for an easier solution you can ditch the whole shaking thing altogether and, instead, add one scoop of the product into a glass full of water and just stir it, it will blend just fine. You do not actually have to limit yourself to water; you can add it to yogurt, milk, or even oatmeal for a tastier meal and add some fresh fruit to your drink if you would like to. You can use it accordingly to your daily protein needs, but make sure you combine it with a balanced diet that consists of high protein. The 100% Whey can be purchased for $57.99.

3 Nutrex Research Labs, Glutamine Drive, Black, Unflavored [$6]

Nutrex Research Labs, Glutamine Drive is a dietary supplement that aids in the process of muscle growth and reduces the muscle tissue breakdown. Glutamine is the main ingredient of this product and it is actually one of the most essential amino acids. Glutamine can be significantly reduced in your body due to several reasons including stress, malnutrition, and high-intensity workouts, so you need to maintain its level in your body in order to be able to gain muscles. Just like any other protein powder, you are suggested to mix one scoop of it in water or any beverage you prefer since it does not have a flavor. Two servings per day is the perfect dosage you need, but on the days that you work out vigorously, it is recommended that you take one more serving right after your exercise. You can purchase Glutamine Drive for $6.

2 Muscletech, Clear Muscle [$51.91]

Clear Muscle is one of the best dietary supplements that are used for increasing the mass of lean muscles in your body, besides; it improves your performance and increases your strength if taken regularly along with training and a balanced diet that high in protein and fiber. You are recommended to take two servings per day, two capsules for each serving, and three servings on your workout day, but make sure you do not exceed 6 capsules within a day, for some complications might occur. It is available for $51.91.

1 Muscletech, Nitro Tech, Whey Isolate + Lean Musclebuilder, Cookies and Cream [$37.62]

Nitro Tech is a dietary supplement that is ranked as the most powerful protein formula that was ever developed. It is said that it is better than the regular whey proteins for gaining muscles and preventing their breakdown, besides; it builds more strength. For the most effective results, consume 4 servings per day, in particular between the main meals and after training. You can mix it either with water or milk, skimmed or low-fat, and enjoy your beverage. It can be purchased for $37.62.

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