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Top 15 Brain Exercises That Enhance Memory and Sharpen Mind

Brain exercises as proven by medical experts over the years can help to ensure that the brain stays fit and sharp, and help you become very focused on your everyday activities.  Without an active and working mind, you may find it very difficult executing bodily and cognitive functions. The problem is that most people don’t know which brain exercise can help improve their memories. In case you are one of such individuals, ensure to follow the content of this post as it will be showing you the top brain exercises that can improve your memory. These are tested and trusted practices. Therefore, there is no doubt that they will have the most positive impact on your mind.

 1 Take Another Direction Home

Taking another route to your home can help to get your brain stimulated because you will be focused on thinking more than you used to in finding your way around. You will ensure that your brain remains at alert while you drive to your house. Medical experts explained that when you do one task over and over again, it stifles your creativity in lots of ways.

 2 Loud Repetition 

Loud Repetition can help to improve your memory far beyond what you have ever imagined. Have you learned anything that seems difficult to remember? You can try out this exercise today. It only involves trying to say or repeat it in a loud way. For instance, if you just came across someone for the first time, you can repeat his or her name loudly to help you remember the name next time.

 3 Listening While Reading

There are times when reading isn’t just going to cut it when it comes to remembering something you have just learned. If that is the case, you can change your approach by listening to the audio version while reading. This will not only boost your level of understanding about that thing but also help you remember it easily in the future.

 4 Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzle games such as scramble whereby letters are being arranged to form words that have meanings will help your memory improve over time. Your brain will be stimulated. People who are engaged in puzzles such as these understand the meanings of many words than those who don’t.

 5 Doing Chores While Eyes Are Closed

This work may sound weird, but it has been discovered to help improve the memories of individuals who have tried it out in the past. You can decide to clean your house, arrange the sitting room or even take a shower with your eyes being closed. Your brain will be forced to make use of pathways which are different to get those tasks done.

 6 Meditation 

Meditation is another great way to improve your memory over a given period. It helps you to maintain a very high level of focusing on a particular issue due to the calmness that it creates in individuals who engage in it. Another way that it can help improve your memory is ensuring that you are in a much better mood.

 7 Doing Calculations Inside Your Head

Sometimes you get tempted to make use of a paper and pen in calculating, but this can slow down the development of your memory over time. To avoid this problem, ensure to do calculations without using a paper or pen. Although this may seem difficult and impossible initially, you will get used to it with time.

 8 Memorizing Names and Phone Numbers 

You should develop the habit of memorizing the phone numbers of people you come across. The connections existing between the brain cells of an individual will be strengthened through this. Just try to arrange the number in your head in such a way that it will be effortless to remember.

 9 Telling Stories

By telling stories, you will help to get your brain stimulated into trying to remember past events. In this instance, emotions will be associated or linked to memories which can help to boost how events of the past are recalled. Also, storytelling has been discovered to be very good when it comes to helping those with Alzheimer’s disease.

 10 Visualizing Concepts 

Another way to improve memory is to picture concepts that you’ve learned in your mind. For instance, you plan to purchase a shirt from the market. You can imagine how that shirt will be on your body, and this will make you not to forget buying it.

 11 Creating New Acronyms

It is another effective way to improve your memory over a short period. It involves trying to come up with a new way of remembering something that you have learned. It is very effective and can help you recall things easily. Just create mnemonic phrases or acronyms to improve the way your brain recollects events. For instance, you can make use of the initial letters of concepts to form names. Numbers can also be used provided you will remember the formulae or blueprint.

 12 Resting

Resting is an exercise even though we live in a world where people are busy doing one thing or the other now and then. It is recommended that the minimum number of hours a person should rest is 8 – 9 hours to help your brain feel refresh and effective. It will improve your memory and sharpen your mind. You will recall events with ease by resting adequately.

 13 Varying Your Activities 

Once you engage in different activities, your memory will improve much better than doing one thing over and over again. For instance; as a student who wants to study, avoid studying only one subject over a long period. Instead, you should vary the subjects being studied for better understanding.

 14 Meeting New People

It is not only fun but can also help in improving your memory. When you meet people for the first time, it is only natural that you discover ideas that are new. Also, this will make your memory begin to find ways on how they can be explored.

 15 Learning Another Language 

You can sign up with a course online and start learning another language which you aren’t used before to challenge the brain thereby making your memory more effective.

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