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7 Easiest Ways to Avoid Procrastination

Most people usually have the problem of starting tasks. Even worse, they consider these tasks very daunting as they will feel discouraged while wanting to implement them. And this will only deprive you of achieving key goals in your life. The problem with procrastination is one that faced by more than 90% of people around the world. They move from one task to another without having to complete one.

Are you trying to accomplish or complete a task but seem to be struggling? Do you think there is no way to overcome procrastination? The good part is that once you have read this post from start to finish, there is no doubt that you will be able to end any task given to you regardless of its nature. This post aims to expose you to some of the secrets of avoiding procrastination and becoming competent in your endeavors. These are the highest secrets that used by great people all over the world to accomplish one task after another.

 1 Assessing the Level of Difficulty

It is perhaps one of the most effective solutions to the problem of procrastination. Have you ever imagined that the reason why you put off tasks is that you find them difficult eventually? It is essential that once you have a job that needs to be completed, to assess its level of difficulty to help you figure out the steps to take to end it.

It is always a wrong plan to start a project without assessing whether or not you can complete it. Because something may come up in the middle of it and you will discover that you are struggling to end it. Of course, you know the eventual result as this will lead you to abandon such a project or task for something more accessible.

 2 Simplifying the Task

Another major problem that most people who procrastinate always experience that they still fall into the temptation of wanting to complete tasks simultaneously. You need to ensure that you have broken down any given work regardless of its nature. And this will enable you to focus on how to get every section completed without hassle.

Sometimes you feel that completing a project at once is the easiest route you can take to achieve your goals. It isn’t the case in reality as you likely struggle. From henceforth, ensure that you have broken down a task that you want to get completed. One of this method benefits is that it makes you more effective. Trying to accomplish something once will lead to doing shoddy work.

3 Starting With the Easiest

Procrastination becomes inevitable when you start with the most difficult tasks that have been given to you because it may get the point where you will run out of ideas. The trick here is beginning with the works that seem easier. This will serve as a means of motivating you to go ahead and complete the other ones. For instance, you are given two assignments by your boss in the office to get completed within 48 hours. While one of the tasks seem simple, the other looks very difficult to get completed. You need some form of motivation in other to get going. The source of your motivation will come from doing a simple task.

4 Self – Discipline 

Most times, you are guilty of procrastinating tasks due to a lack of discipline. It can be that the time you are supposed to get something meaningful to do, you are busy watching TV and when you decide to start it, the zeal is no longer there. You need to discipline yourself by sticking to your original plan. Don’t set out what you intend to do for the day and relax. Instead, it is all about being consistent to ensure that all the tasks are done for the day. Self-discipline can make you a much better person.

5 Setting Deadlines

It is a very effective way to overcome the temptation of putting off tasks. You need to set deadlines when you complete every task. You can even take this extra step to paste the deadline everywhere around your home. The reason for this is constantly reminding yourself of the need to complete something. The only thing here is always sure of setting realistic deadlines. Don’t fall into the temptation of setting a period that seems so short that you do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

6 Giving Room for Lapses

The human system has been designed to rest, and yours isn’t an exception in any way. What you need to do here is ensure that you have given some room for lapses at any time you are setting out the time when a project needs to be completed. Procrastination is natural and you can’t stop it completely as you need to create time when you should rest. For instance, you have to complete a task within 24 hours. It is not possible to work for the entire 24 hours. You then have to create time in your plan when you will be able to get some rest. This will reduce the rate at which you procrastinate such a task.

7 Don’t Attempt to Be Perfect

In an attempt to get perfect, you will start postponing tasks that are supposed to be carried out. Experts have always advised that the best way to complete work is to begin from any point. You will be surprised that over time, other things will start to fall into place. Just get on with the task and aim towards perfection as the process goes on.

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