Top 10 Classic New Year’s Resolutions

As soon as the countdown to the New Year is finished and the celebrations have ended, the next thing many people will think about is their own resolutions for the coming 365 days. Of course, making them is one thing, actually completing them is another. Nevertheless, you have to try, as there’s no harm in at least making a new resolution! These are the 10 most classic resolutions people will make for the coming year.

10 Lose weight or get fitter

The trick to doing this is to find a sport or fitness center where you actually enjoy going to! If you like the idea of team sports, then there are many soccer or basketball leagues happening in cities across the world, but if you prefer working out alone, then you can always go to a gym, go running, or even bouldering. Fitness should always be fun.

9 Quit smoking

Cigarettes are tough to defeat, but it can be done with the help of vaping gadgets (or e-cigarettes) and even nicotine patches. Not instantly giving in when someone offers you a cigarette is important, too, as you don’t want to get into the mindset of “just one can’t hurt me.”

8 Give up alcohol

There are several great reasons to ditch alcohol, or at least cut down on it, including better weight management, improved sleep, healthier organs and a lot of cash saved. Alcohol, particularly at a bar, certainly doesn’t come cheap! It can be hard to choose a soda when everyone else is drinking beer, but it gets smoother when people recognize and respect that you’re doing your best to ease off the alcohol.

7 Eat healthier

This usually comes part and parcel with a better fitness regime, as it’s pointless to work off all those pounds when you put them back on again with a cheesy pizza, chocolate, and large soda after the workout! Eating healthy doesn’t need to be just lettuce and carrots, there are a lot of delicious recipes that are good for our bodies and minds.

6 Change your appearance

Altering our look doesn’t have to be as extreme as a tattoo or a completely new wardrobe; it can be as simple as a few nice accessories or a well-made jacket you’ve always had your eye on. If you do like the idea of a big change to your style, then a new haircut or color would be a fantastic option that would catch a lot of people off-guard. Short blonde hair will suit many different face types, but going for a shorter style is applicable to any hair color.

5 Save more money

Unfortunately, to do many things on this list requires money, but the main thing to consider when wanting to save is what exactly you’re saving for! Is it for a nice retirement, a new car, a long holiday or just a new pair of shoes? Putting away just a little amount into a savings account every month means that you’re not tempted to spend it and the overall sum is increasing bit by bit.

4 Meditate

We often think about our bodies getting stronger and fitter, but what about our minds? Meditating takes a bit of time and practice to get right, but once you find your flow, it’s an easy routine to do simply 10-15 mins every day. Meditating can relax you after a hard time.

3 Travel to exotic locations

Travel does broaden the mind, so if you’re tired of seeing the same buildings, the same people, and the same weather all the time, then go across the other side of the world and experience something completely new. A beach in Australia? A garden in Japan?  The plains of South Africa? Traveling somewhere unfamiliar is a great idea for the new year.

2 Learn a different language or hobby

If you’re going to travel somewhere new, then learning the local language is a top idea as well! But if you find learning all those new words too difficult, then picking up the guitar, trying origami, or playing a different sport are all great ways to switch things up.

1 Read more

Finally, it would be safe to say that many of us spend too much time on our phones, laptops, and watching the T.V., so that’s why reading a proper book (not a tablet) is fantastic to escape technology and be old-school. Getting lost in a great story is time well spent and is a good way to relax.

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