Top 10 Weirdest Dental Facts!

We are totally aware that our mouths are full of teeth and we know that almost everyone has them, except for babies and elders. However, we do not seem to pay too much attention to them unless we are brushing or flossing them during the morning when we have just woke up. Or if you are a dentist, in this case, you pay way too much attention to people’s teeth more even than necessary because you are forced to encounter them on a daily basis; that is how you make a living. People who are not dentists do not realize the significance of their teeth unless they need to chew on something to cut it off, for sure, and not as a mean of entertainment; we are not rats. Above and beyond, we realize how important our teeth are when we want to grind up the food inside our mouth, but they are hurting us and we may also realize them while we are smiling for a photo.

It is really weird that people get to interact with their teeth every single day and yet we do not ever give them that much thought. Well, speaking of teeth, remember George Washington? Yes, most of the people believe that he had a set of wooden teeth, but actually, his spooky set of denture was made of a variety of metals in addition to human and animal teeth. He was an example set as a warning for those who do not like taking care of their teeth. We know that teeth are strange subjects to be raised and may sound bizarre to a lot of people, but there is actually a whole science about teeth. Whether you are interested in this science or not, you will definitely be fascinated by the facts and stories you are about to find out about our teeth and the history of dental health care, check them out.

10 Bejeweled Teeth

Since almost 2,500 years ago when the world was still an uncivilized place, the Mayans were known to be one step ahead of the world. They may have been one of the very few cultures who had a very advanced understanding of the science of teeth. Having white teeth is deemed to be very attractive since it gives you a charming smile; however, white teeth were not enough for the Mayans, they went to some further extremes to be satisfied with their teeth. They were known for getting dentists to use a simple tool like the drill to decorate their teeth, by cutting parts of them out or shaping it into something that looks interesting. However, the most extreme modification they ever came up with was bejeweling their teeth. They created holes in their own teeth in order to fit gemstones inside of them, making their mouth look attractive. They were known to be very skilled at doing so, for they were able to fit the jewels and the gems without breaking the teeth.

9 Perez the Mouse

Remembering when you were a kid and you were first told about the Tooth Fairy? Well, most of us believed that this fairy actually comes to collect our tooth and leaves money in exchange, but actually, in some cultures, children are not aware of the tooth fairy because they were told different things. For example, Hispanic countries used to believe that there is a mouse that comes to take your teeth. The story is known as Perez the Mouse and it started in Spain when the king’s son lost his first tooth and the king asked a priest to write a story for the kid about this special incident and then, Perez the Mouse was a well-known story among the Hispanic children. Some countries know the story of Perez, but named as the Magic Mouse, instead. However, in Argentina, children do no usually put their teeth under their pillows like most of the cultures, but they put it in a glass of water, instead.

8 Special Thanks to the Toothbrush

Although the toothbrush plays an important role in our lives for keeping our mouths clean, a lot of people are still ungrateful for its existence or, in other words, they take it for granted. In the past when toothbrushes were not brought into being yet, people had to use several objects and things in order to keep their teeth clean. These things may include salt and chalk; they were used to remove stains and dirt from the teeth. Above and beyond, people used other substances that you choke upon knowing them; they used to make powders for teeth from ox hooves and eggshells, not to mention that they also used crushed oyster and bones. Apparently, it is time for you to feel grateful for having access to this magical piece called toothbrush.

7 Toothache Remedies

A toothache is deemed to be one of the worst pains to experience ever and, unfortunately, everyone of us has experienced it at some point in our lives. A toothache may take place due to several reasons, including gum infection, tooth erosion, or fracture of the tooth. Normally, when someone experiences a toothache, they visit a dentist to figure the problem out, but that was not the case in the past. They have used unusual methods to remove the pain. These odd methods included performing complicated procedures where they used wax and seeds to remove the tiny worms, as the believed, existing in the teeth. It was strange enough, but that was not actually the only odd method they used; they also believed that they can exchange bodily fluids with a frog and speak some magic words to cure a toothache.

6 Teeth Tattoos

We know that this may sound bizarre, but actually, teeth tattoos have become trendy nowadays. Their shapes can range from boats to the oddest phrases out there, pretty much like the regular tattoo. Scientists at Princeton and Tufts have decided to take a totally different approach with the teeth tattoos; they started using graphene instead of ink, but not for getting the tattoo to look more artistic; in fact, these tattoos are electronic sensors and they are the bacterium’s worst enemy. Thanks to the electricity found in the cell membrane of the bacterium, a signal can be sent to a nearby antenna, so scientists can determine the kind of bacteria that is crawling around inside your mouth and save you from it, but that does not mean that you can give up on brushing.

5 The Fake Braces of Asia

The standards of beauty are relative and may differ from one place to another. For example, braces are considered ugly and unattractive in the west, but in Asia, they are deemed to add coolness to your appearance, and known to be very expensive and unaffordable for a lot of people, so it has taken the breeze of wealthy stuff.
They also believe that dentist is not needed when it comes to wearing fashion braces on teeth, using the popular DIY kits; however, they are considered illegal in Thailand, for two teenagers once developed lethal infections for wearing the braces all by themselves. Above and beyond, the wires of the braces contain a considerable amount of lead, so the authorities have shown their concern about that matter, stating that young people may die choking on loose pieces. As a result, the government outlawed the braces and punished whoever performs this practice.

4 Street Dentistry

In the early 1800’s, the modern dental science was surely something of the imaginative future and people did not have any actual dentists around to solve their problems with their teeth because the profession was not even there. Subsequently, those who were capable of using the appropriate tools filled the position of dentists, but these people were usually found randomly on the street; besides, the dental work was also performed by barbers since they had the essential tools. Thankfully, that was something of the past; ever since the dental profession was brought into being, there were licensing requirements to prove that the dentists have undergone serious training.

3 Germ Encrusted Toothbrush

This may sound a bit weird, but it was proven to be true; flushing your toilet can throw away some fecal airborne germs that can infect your toothbrush even if you believe that your toilet is several feet away, so it is always recommended that you keep the cover of the toilet down before flushing. However, the real source of germs that may be worrying you is the brush itself, for the brush’s function is to brush your teeth off any bacteria and that may leave it coated up with it. Avoiding germs from inhabiting your toothbrush is not actually by keeping it as far away from the toilet as you can; bacteria thrives in moist places, so always make sure that you keep your brush dry to avoid the existence of germs.

2 America and the Toothbrush

Before the Second World War, America was not familiar with this little invention known as the toothbrush. However, American soldiers were ordered to brush their teeth on a daily basis and they seem to have brought this habit their homes until it became a normal habit for everyone.

1 Teeth Day

A lot of people take care of their overall health; however, when it comes to their teeth, they may put off this healthcare because they fear the dentists or due to the expenses of it. In a country with a massive population like China, it is actually hard to make sure that every person is doing well in terms of teeth healthcare, so they decided to increase the awareness of the significance of dental care by setting a special day called the National Love Your Teeth Day. This day comes every September 20 and it involves promotions on dental clinics to attract people to visit dentists when needed. This campaign has been running for a very long time and, as luck would have it, it has been very successful in raising the awareness among the citizens when it comes to teeth healthcare.

We personally believe that the whole world should celebrate that Love Teeth Day, so we become surer that bacteria is not plaguing our world more than it actually is. So, brush your teeth every day and put a nice smile on your face to show them off.


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