Budget-Friendly Cannabis Cultivation: The Truth About Cheap Seeds

With the onset of legalization, many people are venturing into cannabis cultivation. The demand for cannabis products is high both for recreational and medicinal purposes. However, growing weeds can be expensive, from the overhead of setting up the growing room to feeding and nurturing the plants. Fortunately, novice and experienced growers can practice budget-friendly weed cultivation with the right approach without breaking the bank. One way to reduce your cultivation cost is to purchase cheap weed seeds without compromising quality.

This article provides great insights on how to grow cannabis on a budget using cheap seeds.

1 Cheap Weed Seeds: What You Need To Know

Many people think that expensive things are directly proportional to their quality. But this theory isn’t always applicable to cannabis seeds. You can easily access top-quality seeds at reasonable prices, and these cheap seeds will be as good as the costly ones. In many cases (with proper research), the price doesn’t affect the quality or the expected yields.

It is imperative to note that cheap cannabis seeds are similar to the standard seeds in the market. The prices might be lower due to cultivation difficulties, or the strain might be a new entrant into the market. In contrast, seeds that are high in demand often attract higher prices.

As a grower, you should know that cheap seeds are also potent and produce great yields. Besides having high terpenoid and cannabinoid content, these seeds also resist diseases and molds.

Moreover, you will have a wide choice when it comes to purchasing the seeds. Finding a product within your budget and meeting your taste and preference will be easy if you know which parameters to check. Thus, it is fully possible to find the strain and seed package without spending a fortune and still obtain rich, rewarding yields.

Budget-Friendly Cannabis Cultivation
You can easily access top-quality seeds at reasonable prices, and these cheap seeds will be as good as the costly ones.

2 Factors that Determine the Cost of Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to cannabis growing, you might wonder why some weed seeds are costlier than others. Let us explore the factors that affect the price of cannabis seeds.

1. Popularity

Some weed seeds are more popular in the market compared to others. These seeds have been grown for years by many people. Thus, the cost might be lower compared to the unpopular seeds.

2. Supply and Demand

Like with other products, supply, and demand also affect weed seeds’ price. The cost might increase if a specific cannabis strain is in high demand or when there is a shortage. Thus, current market trends can affect the prices of specific seeds.

3. Novelty

New cannabis seeds in the market can be expensive because of their rarity. Many growers will be lining up to buy the rare seeds, driving the demand to greater heights. So, the best strategy is to wait for the demand to decrease, resulting in lower prices.

4. Genetics

Cannabis seeds can attract high prices because of exceptional genetics. However, you can still buy quality seeds at reasonable rates from a reliable vendor or a licensed seed bank. The primary reason for the high costs is that the breeder invested time and resources to produce a great strain.

5. Cultivation Difficulties

Some seeds are difficult to cultivate, so their prices are lower. Many novice growers starting cannabis cultivation might shy away from trying out the seeds with growing difficulties. But after years of experience, buying cheap seeds will not be an issue since they have learned the ropes of cultivation. However, this factor is not critical in seed price determination.

6. Cannabinoid Concentration

Usually, cannabinoid concentration affects the price of cannabis seeds. For instance, high-THC seeds are more expensive than those with low THC content. Also, CBD (cannabidiol) is a potent cannabinoid that sways the cost. Seeds with high CBD content produce more therapeutically valuable weed, so they are priced higher.

7. Production Costs

Breeders who invest much of their resources, time, and labor in producing specific seeds will transfer the costs to the final seed price. For instance, feminized or auto-flowering seeds are more expensive since they need extensive genetic interventions. In contrast, regular seeds are not resource-intensive; thus, they are quite affordable.

 Moreover, many reputable brands offer hefty discounts to attract new consumers. So, growers will always access quality weed seeds at low prices. Taxation margins also affect the costs in different states. The higher the taxes, the more expensive the seeds.

Therefore, finding cheap cannabis seeds in an online store or at your local dispensary is normal and should cause no suspicion. You can be sure of getting high-quality yields despite the low cost.

Cannabis Seeds
CBD (cannabidiol) is a potent cannabinoid that sways the cost.

3 Growing Difficulties of Cheap Cannabis Seeds

As mentioned above, the cost of weed seeds is not directly related to the ease or difficulty of their cultivation. It is vital to understand that growing difficulties stem from other factors, such as the strain’s type, genetic profile, etc.

The seeds that pose more growing difficulties are usually regular weed seeds. One of the main issues with regular seeds is the high chance of producing male plants. Around 50% of the plants will turn female, meaning you must remove the other half. Hence, you must purchase more regular seeds for planting to make up for the half you removed. Doing this will ensure the production of more female plants.

Looking at this simple math, you may understand that regular seeds require putting in extra effort if you want good yields.

Cheap feminized seeds are also accessible in seed banks. These types of seeds offer an easier cultivation process than regular seeds. Feminized seeds produce 100% female plants. Thus, you will not have to do extra work to remove the male plants. Besides, you can access various genetically modified seeds with exceptional quality and minimal cultivation difficulties.

You can also find cheap auto-flower seeds if you have a busy schedule. These seeds don’t demand a lot of time and resources. In addition, they have fast-flowering properties compared to other seed types. If you are a novice, you can grow this type of seed because auto-flower plants require minimal input and provide sufficient yields. Thus, they make the cultivation process a no-brainer.

Whether you want to purchase expensive or cheap cannabis seeds, the basic growing conditions remain unchanged; you should know them to ensure your plants grow healthy and productively. These include:

  • Adequate water
  • Sufficient light
  • War temperature
  • Recommended nutrients (potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen)
  • Fresh air

These growing conditions are vital for your seeds to thrive. It doesn’t matter if you choose an indoor setup or outdoor location to grow your weed. Fortunately, you can research online for tips to grow cannabis on a budget. Besides, if you’re on the lookout for the cheapest weed seeds, this is a good place to begin your venture.

Growing Difficulties of Cheap Cannabis Seeds
You must purchase more regular seeds for planting to make up for the half you removed. Doing this will ensure the production of more female plants.

4 Risks of Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

As much as you can access cheap weed seeds online, not all vendors are genuine. Scammers are posing as reliable companies selling quality products, and you might fall victim to substandard products. Numerous websites sell expired, poor-quality seeds that will not produce healthy plants.

Let us explore the risk factors of buying cheap seeds online without due diligence.

  • Germination challenges: Bad seeds will not germinate within the expected timelines.
  • Vulnerability to pests and diseases: Your plants will be exposed to diseases easily.
  • Wastage of time and resources: Feeding and watering will not have an impact.
  • Low yields: The seeds will not produce healthy buds.

Poor-quality seeds will frustrate your effort in nurturing your plants. Besides wasting resources, you will not reap the desired yields during the harvest period. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, you must conduct extensive research and purchase only from reputable seed banks with positive customer reviews.

Numerous websites sell expired, poor-quality seeds that will not produce healthy plants.


Purchasing cheap cannabis seeds doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. Many types of weed seeds in the market will not dent your pocket. However, you need to study the strain’s properties and ensure the vendor is legit when buying cheap cannabis seeds. Consider genetic background, cannabinoid profile, cultivating properties, therapeutic properties, and the type of seed first. Keep in mind that the seed’s properties are more important than the price if you want to produce healthy and potent cannabis plants.

The article was written by Tia Moskalenko, an experienced cannabis blogger at AskGrowers. Tia is fascinated with the cannabis industry’s prospects and ability to provide various categories of consumers with exciting recreational and medicinal benefits. She researches the market landscape and shares the best tips for weed cultivation and product selection with the public.

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