What Is The Best DNA Test for Adoptees?

As an adoptee, you won’t only have a difficult time finding your birth parents. Instead, the family adoption tree will be very complicated. It will be slightly more complex than the family trees of other people. If you were adopted before the open and semi-open adoptions, your adoption family tree becomes even more complicated.

By the way, you should understand the three types of adoptions, which include the open, semi-open, and closed adoption Understand which is right for you.

Generally, you may have some gaps in your adoption genealogy as an adoptee. You might be in the early stages of searching for your birth parents, or you could be trying to learn your roots. Whichever way, you will need some genetic testing to help you with it all.

How will a DNA test help you? In simple terms, it will help to find your birth parents.

How Do DNA Tests For Adoptees Work?

When you are testing as an adoptee, you will need to take specific types of DNA tests. In this case, you will have the chromosomal markers, which can be identified and measured to determine any possible genetic link between the DNA samples. Therefore, the DNA testing service will run your DNA samples and cross-reference it against other examples in their database. This will be there to find any possible genetic link. Before the DNA samples are matched with other cases, the DNA testing company must have enough samples in their database. After that, the DNA will be matched to find any genetic link from the database. After the test results are out, you will know how closely your DNA is linked to that of others. From here, they can determine how closely you are related to someone else. You can see if you are close relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, grandchildren, and more). Furthermore, you can know if your genetic linkage distantly relates you, thus second cousins, common ancestors, or great-uncles/aunts.

What Happens After the Results?

Once you have received your results from the DNA testing for adoptees, you will be free to upload the raw data into the matching platform. For instance, GedMatch lets you upload your raw data and compare your results with other samples. This allows you to know the examples that match your data. But some good DNA testing companies will also let you match your results with any other genetic related person. This allows you to find your relatives with ease.

Which is the Best DNA Test For Adoptees?

We can answer this question with two approaches; by stating the DNA test that you should take and by identifying the testing company to go with.

For DNA Test:

1 Go With the Autosomal DNA (mtDNA) Test

This is supposedly the best DNA test for adoptees. The mtDNA tests will help you identify people that you share a common ancestor within a family tree. You may have a blank family tree, but you may have some matches with your extensive family trees. Both males and females can take the mtDNA test. These tests will give you an ethnicity estimate. As well as cousin matches within about 5 to 6 generation on both parents. You will learn about your relatives from both your fathers and mothers side of the family. It is the least expensive and offers a more detailed result. Most DNA testing companies advertise Autosomal DNA on media platforms. Some companies will let you transfer your raw data on other DNA testing companies to find any possible genetic match.

 2  The Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA)

This is only suitable for males. It will take the Y-chromosomes and try to match them to other Y-chromosomes in the database. With the Y-DNA, you can know about your paternal heritage. This means that you will know who your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and other paternal ancestors were. Unfortunately, a female cannot use this DNA test. When taking a DNA test, Mitochondrial DNA testing is not necessary for adoptees. Naturally, the mitochondrial DNA is in everyone because it is passed on by women only. In this case, the mtDNA test will trace your direct maternal line. The major issue here is that most of your mtDNA matches will reflect common ancestors from hundreds of years ago. Since female surnames keep changing in every generation, the mtDNA becomes less accurate and reliable for adoptees. So, as an adoptee, you should specifically go with the Y-DNA and mtDNA.

  The Testing Company

When you want to find the best DNA testing company for adoptees, you will need to consider some factors. Here are some of them:

  •  Consider the database. You need to be sure that the details you post will be perfectly matched with other people. This can only happen if the company had a detailed database.
  •  The success history. Have you heard of another adoptee, who used that DNA testing company and their search was successful? This is something you will need to keep in mind. Always ensure that you work with a company that has a successful history with adoptees.
  •  Reputation. What are other people saying about the genetic testing company? Do they have excellent customer service? What’s the experience of working with them? Always be sure to work with a company that has a good reputation.
  •  The technology used. When testing for your genealogy links, you will need to work with a company that uses the most advanced technology to find your matches and do that with accuracy. Therefore, ensure that you do in-depth research about that company before you choose them.

One of the top DNA testing companies for adoptees is Vintage, which is known to help adoptees find their parents and other close relatives. They also have excellent customer service.

As you are testing your genetics to find your relatives (both close and extensive), you need to follow these tips for adoptees. It is all about finding the appropriate DNA test offered by a reliable DNA testing company.

Always ensure that you choose reputable genetic testing company to get accurate results at all times.

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