Top 10 Doctors Who Changed The World

There are professionals that society can not do without. The idea of living without them is like suicide without knowing. Amongst these professionals, doctors seem to be the most obvious. If you suspect this fact, take a look at developing countries where doctors go on strike for one reason or another. Statistics always show that there is an increase in mortality. This is to tell you how important they are in any society.

The primary goal of this post is to know about some doctors who have been able to contribute positively to humanity in different ways. These people have denied themselves and fought to ensure humankind a better standard of living.

 1 Dr. Robert Grant

Dr. Robert Grant may not be one of those names you expect to hear. However, there is no doubt that he gave much to the community. He has been doing detailed research for many years on HIV. Dr. Grant was a prominent figure who insisted on testing antiviral drugs to ensure that people were fully protected from HIV infection. Before such a time, antiretroviral drugs were explicitly used on those who have already infected with HIV. This has been a breakthrough in the medical world, as it offers many options for combating HIV.


 2  Dr. Mark Hyman

He was a doctor but later became the best-selling author. Dr. Mark Hyman wrote one of the most influential books ever known, ‘The Blood Sugar Solution.’ Through this book, he has made people aware of the roles that food can play in their lives. One of his ideas is that food helps to get rid of the abnormal conditions that one may face today. He also pointed out that unhealthy food in your system can make you sick. This may sound a common saying today, but he was the first to put it on the spotlight.

 3 Hippocrates

When you want to talk about the origin of western medicine, Hippocrates emerges from amongst others. He laid the foundation for the whole world today as he was able to ensure that medicine separated from philosophy and theology. The system has evolved over the years to become one of the most competitive areas of study. So, Hippocrates brought the first medical school into existence.

 4 Edward Jenner

Immunology is the science that Edward Jenner worked on. Before his famous discovery in the medical field, smallpox was a fatal disease due to the number of people who died. Edward Jenner was the mastermind behind the discovery of smallpox treatment. Therefore, he proved the fact that smallpox is the only human disease that has already been eradicated.

You can imagine the number of lives that smallpox would eliminate without the creative idea of Edward Jenner. He definitely deserves all the credit that people are giving him today.

 5 Rene Laennec

Rene Laennec is known as one of the most innovative doctors of his time. Before that, it was difficult to examine the heart using a tool, and this is what made medical treatments based on guesswork only. However, Rene Laennec changed all of these through the introduction of the stethoscope. It is a tool used to listen to sounds produced by the heart and lungs.

This was actually one of those thoughts he had when he saw children playing with hollow sticks. The sticks were not only transmitting sounds but also amplifying them.

 6 Louis Pasteur 

This is the only name that beats the bell when we talk about microbiology. Although he didn’t get a doctor’s license, he managed to improve the people’s health. One of Louis Pasteur projects was that germs are a significant cause of diseases. He was motivated to learn more about diseases when two of his children died of typhoid. After this incident, he proved that the growth of living organisms could be caused by fermentation.

 7 DeBakey and Alton Ochsner

These two have shown that innovation requires a lot of passion where there will always be ups and downs. They were the first doctors to search and claim that cigarette can lead to lung cancer. Although many other doctors ridiculed their claim, they proved to be right. You can imagine how many lives they could save with creating this awareness.

The first doctor to carry out bypass surgery was dr. DeBakey. He also was the first one to introduce a standard procedure for the treatment of stroke from the neck. And he did this through removing the carotid artery.

 8 Georges Mathe 

George Mathe is a popular name for everyone in the medical field as his discoveries continue until today with few modifications. George Mathe was the first doctor who carried out bone marrow transplantation successfully. After a few years, he was able to cure leukemia in a patient. Leukemia has been a great nightmare for humanity right of time. He will be remembered largely to put an end to such a nightmare.

 9  Ben Carson

This name must be among the doctors who managed to change the world through some creative thinking. He was responsible for the first separation of conjoined twins. The issue of conjoined twins was one of the problems that occupied the world for some time. The affected persons had to live this way until they grew up and die at the end. But Carson changed all that.

 10 Norman Shumway

Norman was the first to successfully carry out a heart transplant which most doctors use to save lives today. This happened in 1968, and since then there have been some modifications to the process.

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