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Top 10 Most Luxurious Flights in the World

There are lots of possible challenges you can face while trying to travel by air using a cheap airline to your favorite destinations around the world. These could be too much stress, almost zero special treatment, poor or low-quality amenities, and lack of comfort. Given problems like these, you are likely to find it difficult getting the ultimate flight experience. There is a solution to overcoming these challenges, though, which is using the services of luxury flights for subsequent trips. Are you thinking about using any of those luxury flights but don’t know where to look? There is no doubt that you’ve come to the right place. The American magazine Topteny reveals some of the most luxurious flights in the world. Just read the details from beginning to end and choose your favorite.

1 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is probably one of the most expensive airlines around that you can take advantage of today. It even got better in 2007 when the Suites Class was introduced. This is an expensive package that gives customers the chance of getting access to the gourmet cabin, a very comfortable bed that can easily be transformed into a seat at will. There is also a private cabin. Other features are stylish bathrooms that are specious, high-end coffee, and luxury pajamas. This is one airline where luxury has been redefined. Traveling from New York to Singapore can cost around $14,000.

2 Qantas First Class

Qantas is an Australian that has proven to be one of the best over the years when it comes to meeting the needs of customers without any compromise. Traveling from Los Angeles to Melbourne can cost over $14,500. Imagine having access to sophisticated and advanced gadgets on display. If you are the type that likes wines, you will be entertained with some expensive champagnes. The dishes being offered here are also top-notch. You will be entertained in its first-class section.

3 Etihad Airways

Etihad is one airline that can’t stop leaving an indelible impression on customers from different parts of the world at the moment. Although the business class seats will offer some form of comfort to passengers, also its Diamond First class is another kind. There is no doubt that you haven’t experienced anything of such before. Prices can usually range from $600 – $1500, depending on your destination. Passengers are offered Belgian chocolates as well as different dishes of their choice. These will all combine to make up for the ultimate flight experience.

4 Emirates airways

Emirates has great first-class suites. For the price that it offers to passengers in such a class, there is no doubt that it represents good value for money. Imagine suites enclosed using a full bed, Bulgari welcome kit, and others, as a first-class passenger, you get access to a separate bathroom with high-quality shower facilities. Assorted wines are present in the bar to sustain your passion for alcohol. You will also be given the best of attention by its attendants while in this class.

5 Japan airlines

The first-class passengers of Japan airlines usually get to experience what true comfort is firsthand. There is a woodgrain interior that is semi-enclosed, thereby ensuring passengers have some privacy. It also has an entertainment screen, storage compartment, laptop power brick, and others. There is an air weave bedding where passengers can rest easy until they reach their destination. Japan Airlines’ first-class section is classy, given its features over the years.

6 Lufthansa

The first-class seats of Lufthansa airlines are breathtaking. There is no doubt that you will find them very impressive. Footrest and backrest will be adjusted once you are sitting on them. This makes for the perfect relaxation while onboard. For your comfort, there is also its movable ottoman. You will be rendered top and uncompromising services. There are exceptional lounges and comfortable bedding. The bed comes with a mattress topper as well as a duvet (temperature-regulating).

7 Air France

Although Air France has first-class seats or sections in each flight. These are limited to about 9. They are perfect when it comes to those long-distance flights because you will be extremely comfortable. Although the seats aren’t enclosed like some of the airlines listed above, you will still enjoy some privacy. Its bedding is worth taking note of too. The seats are known to recline about 180 degrees. You will experience the best of in-flight entertainment, given its large screen. Passengers are offered expensive and delicious dishes to make their flight worthwhile.

8 Virgin Atlantic

Every penny spent on Virgin Atlantic’s first-class section is worth it. You will be impressed with the way its interiors have been designed and decorated to make passengers comfortable. The seats have a lot of various recline options that you can explore. The dishes are also first class, and you will find them fascinating. It is your chance to experience luxury in its true form.

9 Thai Airways

The comfort level you will experience with Thai Airways’ first-class section is amazing. So much has been put together to ensure passengers are getting good value for their money. For instance, first-class passengers have spa facilities available to them. The seats haven’t only got this cozy bedding but can also recline. There is an impressive welcome kit and champagne to keep you entertained all the way.

10 British Airways

In case New York to London happens to be your destination, you can explore the first-class option of British Airways. It has got modern as well as sleek interiors. Every first-class passenger is usually offered a sleeping kit like pajamas, slippers, and other items. The beds can recline 180 degrees. You will be spoilt by what this airline has put together for first-class passengers.

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