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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Vacation Destinations that Will Blow Your Mind

One thing that has been common amongst celebrities over the years is a lifestyle of luxury. They have been known to want the very best out of what is available.  It could be living in the best mansions, driving the most sophisticated cars, making use of the latest mobile devices, etc. Visiting some of the most expensive vacation destinations isn’t out of the list. They all love to experience events that will be remembered for a lifetime and these locations do offer lots of them.

The major aim of this post is to show you ten of the most expensive celebrity vacation destinations that will blow your mind. After discovering all these destinations, you will be considering how to visit them on your next vacation, most especially if you have got the financial muscle.

1 Turkmenistan

This is also referred to as door to hell and is one of those destinations that aren’t pronounced amongst tourists. However, it is proving to be one of the favorite spots for celebrities as it offers lots of interesting facts and sights. It is a field which produces natural gas. There are rumors that one of the reasons it is proving to be a favorite spot for celebrities is that the government doesn’t want people to be aware of its existence because of the environmental issues it has generated over the years.

2 Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela

There is a lot of tension in Venezuela due to the political unrest it tends to be experiencing. This has made it one of the fascinating locations for celebrities. You may want to believe that Roraima formation and Angel Falls are only what has made this country quite popular. However, it has got more than these to offer as there is also Lake Maracaibo. The lightning the lake records is far more than what any other part of the earth experiences.

Lake Maracaibo
Angel Falls

3 Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Grand is an Island that has attracted lots of Hollywood stars over the years, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Hugh Jackman. Few destinations can create that world of fantasy in your imagination the way that Mykonos does.  It has got features such as cyan blue waters, ancient Adriatic architecture and whitewashed walls. Don’t forget the world-class hotels that are available for those who have got the money to spend. It is no wonder Mariah Carey claimed this place ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting the needs of celebrities.

4 Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy

Jim Toth and his wife were one of the few celebrities to have paid this location a visit. Positano has proven to be one of the best tourist locations in Italy where celebrities head from all over the world. The villas in the place aren’t only mosaicked but also multi-colored. It has also got Tyrrhenian seascapes and church domes that have fascinating histories. Celebrities love visiting Le Sirenuse which is a hotel close to the water.

5 Pyramiden

The place is located in Norway, and it seems to get more popular as the number of celebrities that visit it annually is on the increase. It is a location far from urbanization which makes it unique. Celebrities get there by boats once the rainy season hasn’t reached its peak. It is a town that has been deserted which offers lots of interesting facts. Even celebrities love to visit a ghost town.

6 Vanuatu

This is a Pacific Island which offers the celebrities something different from tourist resorts. There are features that make this place outstanding such as deep Blue Ocean, good weather and deserted beaches. However, such isn’t the reason why it is becoming more well-known recently; it is known as a location or destination that has the worst record of natural hazards, including tsunamis, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tropical storms, etc.

7 Stratford, Ontario

Stratford is a famous place in Canada where celebrities usually visit due to its annual event: Shakespeare festival. This is a place that has been purely reserved for the rich and affluent. Celebrities love it because it gives them firsthand experience of some of the materials Shakespeare used in most of his plays such as gardens that contain herbs and plants.

8 Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff, Alberta is a combination of wealth and class. Its sights are breathtaking and the hotels, as well as spas, shouldn’t be left out of the picture as they are incredible. With regards to luxurious vacations, Banff has definitely got a lot to offer which is why celebrities prefer to explore it most of the time. It is a place that has offered them the ultimate exploration experience over the years.

9 Kiawah Island

Located in South Carolina, Kiawah Island usually hosts most of the celebrities around the world, especially during the PGA championship which is organized annually. There are a 5-star Sanctuary Hotel and private mansion. These have got complete concierge services. The major reason why this is proving to be the perfect vacation destination for celebrities is the fact that it enables them to have firsthand golf experience.

10 Tuvalu

Tuvalu overlooks the Pacific Ocean. There aren’t too many celebrities visiting this place recently due to the number of times it has been attacked by natural disasters. It is a location that gives the apt description of global warming. The sights are perfect though given that it shows nature in another way. It is a perfect Island for relaxation, especially during the summer season when the rainfall is mild.

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