CanadaCIS Reviews: 10 Signs of a Reliable Immigration Agency

Canada is a country that has a lot more to offer than other countries. For instance, a high-quality life, a great education system, a good healthcare system, and so much more. This is why many people dream and aspire to migrate to this country and build an amazing life. However, the process of obtaining a visa to such a top-notch country is not so easy. This is why many future immigrants seek the help and services of expert professionals. They might turn to immigration consultants for assistance. An immigration agency helps people with their visa applications and ensures that the process is completed quickly. This is why many people seek the services of an experienced immigration agency to ensure that they obtain a visa.

There are two sides to every matter. The same goes for immigration agencies. That said, before you seek the services of some immigration agency, you should ensure that it is reliable and authentic. Numerous fake immigration agencies are operating everywhere. You want to make sure that your money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. In some cases, you might lose your eligibility to apply for any immigration programs. Therefore, you will want to take utmost care while selecting a reliable immigration agency. Let’s have a look at ten vital signs to look out for if you’re going to see that the chosen immigration consultancy is reliable or not. We also recommend checking out this link about CanadaCIS Reviews: 10 signs of a reliable immigration agency.

1 Registered Immigration Agency

Before choosing an immigration agency, you will have to ensure that its consultants are registered with Canada’s immigration regulatory body. In Canada, it is the ICCR. That said, refrain from going to freelance consultants, even if they are charging less. Always go to a proper set-up office and count the years of their services as they are less likely to be fraudulent.

2 Correct Contact Details

Always do loads of research before trusting an immigration consultancy. A dead giveaway of a fake consultancy is that their provided phone won’t match their local address. For instance, some immigration consultancy might have a Canadian address. However, their provided phone number is linked to another country. Watch out for such red flags.

3 Correct Email Address

A reputable and authentic immigration agency will never have some random email address. Always double-check the email address before mailing any of your sensitive documents and other details to a consultancy.

4 Transparent Dealings

Before formally starting the process, an authentic consultant will give you a clear picture and basic Canadian immigration information. They will also ask about your plans, views, and priorities during the first visit. They will be transparent about their charges and provide you the details of all offered services. They will be clear in telling you about their consultancy charges and their subsequent visa charges. It is recommended to sign a contract before making any payments.

5 Transparent Communication

Refrain from falling victim to sweet words and fake promises. Suppose the immigration consultancy is being straightforward and clear in their information regarding their immigration process. In that case, you will have nothing to worry about.

6 Authentic Payment Requests

If the consultant is ready to sign a contract before payment, it is authentic. That said, beware of shady payment requests, such as WhatsApp and other apps.

7 Satisfactory Past Services

You can ask the immigration agency about the number of successfully processed applications within the past couple of years. If the consultancy company can provide you with a satisfactory track record of past services, it is a positive sign. Make sure that the immigration agency will keep updating you about all steps and milestones of your visa application.

8 Good Testimonials

Most of the authentic immigration agencies will have an official website. You have to check out their website properly and thoroughly before proceeding to contact them. Before jumping to conclusions, always go to the testimonials and read reviews. This will give you a better idea of their authenticity. You will also know whether they are experienced professionals. Also, keep in mind the number of employees, history, and past customer testimonials.

9 Authentic Website Content

An authentic immigration agency will have good website content with original information and testimonials. Fake agencies, on the other hand, are more likely to have copycat websites. It is important to pay attention to details.

10 Authentic Website Domain

An authentic immigration agency will have a secure domain with a padlock. Again, pay attention to details so you can watch out for copycat websites and fake agencies.

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