Top 10 Bizarre Travel Accessories This Year

If you are into traveling, experiencing new adventures, and you go on without looking back, you may think of fetching some bizarre travel accessories to have fun and increase the chances and prospects of enjoying a hell of a trip. We have to admit that one of the steps to have a memorable trip that you can be proud of and note down about, is to get what it takes to render it unforgettable; to get whatever is unusual. Think of unusual places, buy bizarre accessories and products, and accompany weird and ludicrous friends that will make you roll in the aisles.

Topteny has brought you ten of the best products you can put in your backpack. The accessories are set in order according to their “weirdness capacity”. When you walk down that road you think it is like Japanese products: luxurious, yet affordable, and renders your life insanely easier that you can have an accessory to grab a remote control from the coffee table that is right in front of you.

10 Fan-Jackets

There are days when it is boiling, and air conditioning suddenly becomes essential and a real necessity to sustain life. Fan-jackets have come all this way long to save us from boiling in the hot weather. Fan-jackets and trousers are with small battery-powered fans attached to the jacket in a bid to keep you cool as the build in fans works on circulating the air. Such brilliant ideas were brought by former Sony technician Hiroshi Ichigaya. Ivhigaya admits that the two pieces of clothes he has created are not too trendy or fashionable; you may look inflated due to the air flow. The batteries you use to operate the fans are rechargeable by USB ports and, of course, you should remove the batteries before washing the jacket.

9 Portable outdoor shower

If your Trip is to a tropical place and you cannot endure the hot weather, portable outdoor showers are the ultimate solution. Why not take a shower at the moment? Why do you have to wait till you get to your hostel, hotel room or cottage to have a cool shower? Life is becoming easier and easier. The convenient design shoots water from the bottom. Moreover, you can turn it on by activating the weight sensor. On the other hand, you can turn it off by stepping off the platform of the shower. Finally, it is from three to 15 feet. What can make your trip more exciting than having a shower in the woods? What can be more exciting than taking a bath while enjoying nature?

8 Urinelle

Yeah, we know that such idea is disgusting. However, women have faced a real problem while being on a trip or camping in the woods and deprived of their right to take a leak in clean toilets. Thus, being forced to urinate in a dirty and disgusting toilet is even more repulsive. SDS thanks to the genius who thought of such an innovative design for women. We probably think the inventor is a woman as well; the struggle is real. Urinelle has made this hygienic urinating tube when the preferable normal way is not an option.

7 A germ-killing wand

For all the germophobes out there, we finally got a way to wipe out germs dwelling on train seats, toilet seats, doorknobs, spoons, and plates. The UV-C sterilization wand is more suitable for small surfaces, as it takes some time to do the job as mentioned in the second video.

6 A motorized scooter suitcase

As a traveler, the struggle of carrying or dragging heavy luggage to the train station or airport is real. Motorized scooter suitcases have alleviated the pain and reduced the chances of suffering from a backache. Anyways, this suitcase can wear more than one hat; it can carry your clothes and be your own mean of transport, in other words, a scooter that takes you out the hall of the airport. Plug your scooter suitcase to recharge it so it can go up to 37 miles.

5 Ostrich Pillow

As much as traveling and hitting new places is romping and spine-tingling, it is also enervative. Tranquility and breathing space are a luxury we cannot afford. Thus, the Ostrich Pillow is there so that you can enjoy your slumber. The Ostrich pillow is downy and cushy, but most importantly, it gives you the private space you sought after to have a deep slumber in situations when you get deprived of such tranquillity and calmness.

4 A waterless toothbrush

You can rejoice in new cities and places where you get to sleep on trains and subways. Sometimes you do not get the privilege to take a shower, change your clothes or even brush your teeth, but who said travelers should give up on their hygiene and fresh mouth breath?! If you cannot find an adequate bathroom or sink to brush your pearls of teeth, you can take advantage of these magic lollipops. Interestingly, Toothettes have the potential to brush your teeth using your own saliva. The bag comes with twenty of them.

3 Re-timer glasses

Jetlag cure glasses are a perfect option to those whose body and eyes cannot adjust to new time and daylight. Thus, if you find the adjustment to new time zone tiresome, jetlag cure glasses are here for you. The purpose of their design is to change the time at which your eyes are exposed to light. Moreover, it can fit over your reading glasses or spectacles. Finally, you can recharge the glasses via its USB port.

2 Scrubba Wash Bag

Going on trips that last for long months may result in a problem in finding enough clean clothes because all your clothes, apparently, are covered in specks of dirt after trying to rejoice yourself and paint the town red. So, what do you think of having the world’s washing machine accompanying you in every destination you hit. Surprisingly, the quality of washing your clothes receive are quite impressive for a portable washing machine. Not only is the washing machine cleans good but your clothes get to dry in minutes after being taken off Scrubba wash bag.

1 Barefoot Shoes

The Vibram Five Finger Barefoot shoes are foot-shaped. They were relatively designed to accommodate your feet and ten toes and to render you comfortable as you have never felt before. The bizarre footwear is made from scuff resistance mesh fabric. So, shout out to whoever thought of such an idea that enables you to walk as if your feet are to feel the air.

We hope the jaw-droppingly crazy accessories gave you an impetus to go on wild trips and loosen up. From now on you can brush off all the worries and negative thoughts; you do not have to worry about the prospect of not having proper means to satisfy your needs. As you all consider doing laundry, brushing your teeth and finding a quiet atmosphere so you can enjoy your deep slumber as necessities, and you would not risk giving up on any of them, especially if the issue is about your hygiene.

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