Top 10 Bizarre Tech Products Trending

Technology is taking over the twenty-first century. Technology even has had some signs that it is dominating the globe since the Victorian age. However, devices and gadgets have had an upgrade as instead of being designed to serve dire and essential everyday needs and it soared to accomplish the demands of a care-free life.

Here are 10 of the most bizarre tech products categorized according to their potential to serve dire and paramount needs and the idea behind their usage.

10  Hushme 

Have you ever been talking on the phone while feeling embarrassed of all the noise overwhelming your room or office? Or do you highly appreciate your privacy? and tend to lower your speaking voice whenever you are speaking on the phone that the person to whom you are talking to on the other line cannot comprehend a single word you are uttering. That’s the reason behind creating Hushme; the gadget is to subdue the overwhelming noises taking over your environment so you can speak freely without putting much effort and concern to keep the conversation private. The bizarre gadget is to be unleashed later this year.

9 Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed 

We have to admit beauty stems from a healthy lifestyle, drinking water, doing sports and sleeping well. We acknowledge that we have to get the right amount of sleep and getting rest in order to be able to face the world with a smile and to have some zeal to work and live the utmost of our lives.
That is the reason behind introducing Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed. The bed adjusts to a person’s sleeping position, changing the softness of the mattress to make the person comfortable. Moreover, it toasts your cold feet in cold winter days. We know how much cold feet hinder us from having a good time of sleep and rest. Not to mention that this magic bed muffles your sleeping partner’s snoring. The gadget found its way to the markets in the first half of the year. However, the price is undetermined.

8 Smartypans 

Have you ever considered calculating your calorie intake? Have you ever halted your cooking process because the recipe was slipped from your mind? SmartPans are designed to calculate the calories of the food into it, which is quite essential for a generation who would like to keep aware of their nutrition and the intake of the calories needed. Furthermore, they are your cooking partner as they are programmed to guide you while cooking and give the instructions to carry out the cooking process correctly. We bet that they are healthy pans that would not affect the taste of your meal.  

7 The iGrow Hair-growth Helmet 

The dream of having long, shiny and glowing hair does not come true only by shampoos and vitamins; now we own the iGrow helmet.
The iGrow Hair Growth System is designed by Apira Science. The bizarre gadget aims at providing your head with a combination of red lasers and LEDs, in a bid of vitalizing fast hair growth.
The company states that the lasers quicken and stir up the process of hair growth, energizing hair growing cells which, in return, bring hair follicles back on track to grow normally. 

6 Olly the Robot With Personality 

Do you recall Spike Jonze’s Her when a lonely man had developed feelings for his intelligent computer operating system? Olly, the smart robot, is not far from Samantha, the computer operating system which captured the heart of our introverted protagonist and perhaps hundreds of men.
The dream of having an intelligent robot or a computer system that helps solve a puzzling maths equation, cook or do the house chores, or even be a friend and a good listener for you has been en route. Olly, smart home hub, is designed to learn and develop as we speak to it every day. It is also designed to identify family members and carry out their demands. 

5  LICKI Brush 

Ways to tickle your pet pink have been patterned, either to communicate with them to pet them. Thus, LICKI Brush may sound bizarre, but the idea of the gadget was implemented out of courtesy and appreciation to our pets. The Brush enables you to lick your cat, in comparison to the fact that the pets used to lick their owners. The gadget is to be put in your mouth so do not worry about your hygiene. The gadget has the potential to create that unbreakable bond you aspire to constitute with your cat.

4 Bird Photo Booth 

Ask yourself how many times you have come near a fowl to have a better look on their little and colorful feather but they had their little hearts in their mouths and flew away. Many house owners opened up about being rejoiced in seeing birds and feeding, so Bird Photo Booth facilitated it for us. How? By a fowl feeder that operates with a wireless 4k motion-activated camera. So you can remotely photograph a visiting bird without disturbing their pleasant and blissful sojourns.

3 Kerastase Hair Coach 

Brushing your hair is an everyday action. Moreover, it does not take much effort or time. However, it is not easy, and some people dedicate time, effort and thought to brush and comb their shiny locks the best way possible. That is the reason why Kerastase Hair Coach was designed; it aims at brushing your hair softly while receiving feedback on your brushing performance. Created by Withings and L’Oreal, the feedback is sent via a companion app. The beloved smart hair coach is scheduled to be launched for less than $200.

2  Smarter FridgeCam 

It is needless to say that technology’s primary purpose is to make your life easier and to guarantee your comfort. Technology even offers gadgets that would save you a lot of money and effort, even when you think that you do not need it. We never thought that we would ever need or be able to view what happens inside a fridge. Believe our words; you will be in a dire need of Smarter FridgeCam to remind you of what your house or fridge needs when you are shopping at the supermarket. Furthermore, the smart cam identifies barcodes on food and detect the expiry date of food products, the rotten food and what needs to be eaten. 

1  Hypersuit 

Technology took the whole life to a whole new level, and created alternative life regardless the controversies surrounding the prospects of developing virtual life. That is why we have the Hypersuit. Interestingly, the Hypersuit is a wearable simulator designed by the French firm THEORY. It aims at providing the impression of flying like a superhero. You can feel that you are traveling across the globe even when you are lying down in your bedroom.
Theory patterned the suit with the HTC Vive to create base jumping, space, and superhero experiences. However, chances are few that the Hypersuit well be released any sooner.

It is paramount to say that we should not let technology devour our lives. Sometimes we just should do our chores and activities our selves. We wouldn’t let a robot let our lives slip away, would we?

Speak up and tell us about your favorite bizarre gadget and why did it capture your mind?

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