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Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in The World

You are hungry! You want something to eat! So, here is the bill, your breakfast cost $3500!!!  Ordinary people of a normal lifestyle will be shocked and fascinated when seeing the rich spending thousands of pounds or even more on something to eat. This list of food shows you how rich people live and spend their money on, and how expensive this food is.

1 Huge Italian Truffle To Fetch $216,000.

Its cost is so expensive because truffles are difficult to cultivate. It is called the king of all fungi. The newspaper has reported that a rich man and his wife bought a big Italian Truffle paying $160,406.

2 Almas Caviar $25,000.

This kind of caviar is very rare and expensive food. It is originated from Iran. This food can be found only in Caviar House or in Prunier in London.

3 Yubari Melons $22,872.

Yubari melons are the most expensive cantaloupes in the world. The Japanese city is famous for this kind of fruit. This type is known for its juicy sweetness, so, it is so delicious. It is expensive as it grows only in Yubari.

4 Densuke Black Watermelon $ 6,100     

This type of fruit grows only on the island of Hokkaido; hence, it is expensive because of its rareness. You can’t find many Densuke fruits because of the small harvest of every year. Densuke Black Watermelon is so hard, crispy and very sweetie.

5 Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007- $4,200

It is named after Domenico Crolla who is a chef known for making a special creation of his pizza. The chef puts a portrait on his pizza. It consists of lobsters marinated in cognac, caviar, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, prosciutto and vinegar. But the great surprise is that he puts 24-carat gold flakes.

6 Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry – $3,200

This dish is a decision from Bombay Brasserie to give it to the winners in “Who Want to Be A Millionaire”. The name is translated into” Seafood Treasure”. This dish consists of Devon crab, beluga caviar, white truffle, gold leaf, four abalones, quail eggs, and Scottish lobster.

7 Craft steak’s Wagyu Ribeye Steak – $2,800

Wagyu steaks are the most expensive in the world. This steak is called also, Japanese beef cattle. It is very expensive not only for the importance of the beef itself but also, for the way of raising the cows; these cows are fed on beer only, and the farmers massage them by their hands to ensure the tenderness.

8  Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata- $1,000

In Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York, you can buy an omelet dish for $1,000. The ingredients of this dish are lobster claws, 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar, and six eggs.

9  Westin Hotel Bagel-$1,000

Westin Hotel Bagel is the idea of Frank Tujague, who is the executive chef in the Westin Hotel. This bagel consists of white truffle cream cheese and goji berry-infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves. It is highly-priced food because of the white truffle which is very expensive.

10 Mattake or Matsutake Mushrooms-$1,000

It is the most expensive mushroom in the world. It can be found in Asia, North America, and Europe. You can find it, particularly in Japan. But, the harvest of this kind of mushroom is only tiny tons every year.

To sum up, our world is full of expensive foods. But, the highly-priced dish does not mean that it is a delicious one, and the cheapest does not mean that it is not tasty.                       

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