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Top 10 Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World

Mushrooms have different uses for centuries due to the health benefits which they have been discovered to provide. They used to grow by chance around environments without being used. But this changed in 1652 as they started being cultivated. They started becoming popular in 1894 when a mushroom growing structure was built for the first time. As pointed out by the American Mushroom Institute, the value of mushroom grown between 2016/2017 was around $1.22billion, with the price of one pound averaging $1.32. Top Teny online magazine reveals some of the most expensive mushrooms in the world. You will be surprised by the prices these mushrooms seem to be commanding at the moment. The best part is that they are in high demand.

1 Yartsa Gunbu ($2,000/ounce)

Ghost moth caterpillars are where these forms of mushrooms are gotten from. This parasitic fungus uses tiny spores that are airborne to get the caterpillar infected. The fungus will then start eating its host while it is alive inside the caterpillars. After this, the caterpillars will be dead, and such is how the fungus will start growing. Being able to afford this type of mushroom in the market can make you earn some respect amongst friends and family members. This is because of its high price in the market.

2 European White Truffle ($3,600/pound)

European White Truffles are very expensive. Although most people believe that truffles aren’t the same as mushrooms, don’t forget that they also belong to the fungi family. The reason why truffles tend to command a very high price is the difficulty in harvesting them. This makes them very rare in the market. There is even a black market where they can be gotten at pretty high prices. There are places where original truffles can be gotten from like France and Italy. Truffles from China are often known to be of low quality. Therefore, they may command much lower prices.

3 Matsutake ($1,000/pound)

Matsutake is another expensive mushroom that is worth mentioning on this list. It is prevalent amongst the Japanese due to its fruity and spicy aroma. Matsutake isn’t harvested in large quantities as before because red pine trees are where it is grown from. And these have been rendered unproductive by an insect. Japan is the home where it is produced. It should be noted that depending on where it can be found; the price can also be as high as $2,000 per pound.

4 Morels (254/pound)

Dried morels mushrooms can be found in different markets around the world. It could be the reason why they don’t command prices as high as the others above. However, they are still regarded as one of the most expensive mushrooms around the world. It comes with a ruffled head that is distinctive. They look like the human brain or even sponge. Finding this mushroom is difficult, though, because leaves usually surround them. The reason why their price is high is that their growth is seasonal.

5 Chanterelles (224/pound)

One of the most notable features of Chanterelles is the spicy flavor that it has been known to produce. This is one of the reasons why it is costly in the market. They usually come in various colors like golden, orange, yellow, and white. Please note that the most popular and favorite is the one with a golden color. These types of mushrooms aren’t eaten raw because they can make you ill. So, they are always recommended to be cooked completely. The reason for their high price is that their growing conditions are specific. For instance, they will grow very well when there is a downpour, after which heat and humidity will follow for some days.

6 Oyster ($12/kg)

Oyster may not be commanding prices as high as those listed above, but it is still expensive in the market. It is perfect for those who are considering to start growing mushrooms on a part-time basis. These mushrooms are one of the fastest-selling amongst others in the market. Chefs are always buying them in large quantities. Oyster mushrooms are expected to become even more expensive in the coming years. For instance, it was recently discovered that it could help improve liver health. This is evident in the role it plays when it comes to the reduction of triglyceride accumulation inside the liver.

7 Black Truffle ($168/ounce)

Black Truffles are highly expensive mushrooms due to how they require special conditions to grow healthy. These organisms can only be grown in soils that have got a perfect amount of minerals, moisture, and pH. Due to this, they are always scarce in the market, thereby making them very expensive. Another reason why they are from the priciest kinds is the distinct aromas that they produce.

8 Porcini ($48/pound)

Different species belong to the porcini family. However, Boletus edulis happens to be the one that is in high demand in the market. It can also be referred to as king bolete. These mushrooms are usually found amongst spruce, hemlock, chestnut, and pine trees. Porcini is different from other types of mushrooms in the market because it is mycorrhizal.

9 Fly Amanita ($24.75/30 grams)

This type of mushroom can also be called Amanita muscaria. It has various species, with each of them possessing its unique colors. In most countries around the world, this mushroom is regulated due to its psychoactive properties. Muscimol is one of its major properties. Therefore, when eaten, it can produce feelings of drowsiness, high body temperature, hallucination, euphoria, and others. Despite all of these effects, it is still one of the most expensive, amongst others.

10 Bearded Tooth mushroom ($50/kg)

This mushroom is also known as Hericium Erinaceus. It can also be called a lion’s mane mushroom and has a unique appearance like that of noodles. The late summer season is when they grow healthily. Dead hardwood is where they are usually found in.

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