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Top 10 Scary Cake Creations that will Make You Sleep No More …

Have you seen cakes that have scary cake looks? Well, here are some of them and when you see it, you won’t be able to sleep

1 Floating Eyeballs

Floating Eyeballs1

Floating Eyeballs3

Here is a creation of a floating eyeballs cake. The features of the cake are a pot with boiling water with eyeballs in it. The eyeballs look like it was taken from a person for it still has nerves connected to eat. It’s like eating other people’s eyeball.

2 Zombie Cake

Zombie Cake1


This is a creation of a zombie cake. The features of the cake are that it has one armed zombie and has internal organs under it. Can you take eating bloody organs from a zombie cake?

3 Skeleton Couple

Skeleton Couple2
Skeleton Couple1

Here is a creation of a skeleton couple. The cake includes a skeleton couple like they were groom and bride in a wedding ceremony. It is a symbol of love that can’t be destroyed even by death. True love never dies they say.

4 Clown Cake

Clown Cake1
Clown Cake2

Here is a creation of a clown cake. The cake has the feature of a scary clown that is seen in horror movies. The face of the clown is like it is mocking you and telling you that you don’t have anywhere to hide because it will find you no matter where you go. It is not recommended to give this cake to persons having a fear of clowns.

5 Chopped hand

Chopped hand1
Chopped hand2

Here is a creation of a chopped hand cake. The cake looks like a hand that is cut after being tied by a rope. The poor hand that is tied up and chopped at the same time. Whom hand could it be?

6 Human Salad

Human Salad1
Human Salad2

Here is a creation of a human salad cake. The cake is composed of human flesh together with salad ingredients. For vegetarians, this cake will make them rethink of being vegetarian..

7 Zombie Bride

Zombie Bride1
Zombie Bride2

Here is a zombie bride cake creation. The cake is like a bride that is bitten by a zombie. The bride also has a gunshot scar on its forehead and an open wound on its chest. The designs of the cake are well furnished that the feature of the bride is real.

8 Baby Face Cake

Baby Face Cake1
Baby Face Cake2

Here is a baby face cake creation. The face of the baby is a lifeless one. I think this cake is too harsh for the little ones. They might think that they are in danger. But it is still cake, well it’s still edible.

9 Skin Peeled Human Face

Skin peeled human face1

Zombie Cake

Here is a skin peeled human face cake creation. The face of the cake is skin peeled that its nerves and muscles are seen. This cake will give shivers to persons that fear wounds or blood.

10 Chopped Human Heads

Chopped Human Heads1
Chopped Human Heads2

Here is a chopped human heads cake creation. The cake is composed of two chopped heads of a man and a woman. Because of the well-done effects of the cake, the heads looks like real.

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