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Top 10 Most Confusing Movies in Cinema

Plots of movies are what attract audiences to the movie. If it is well-crafted, it attracts more people and gains positive reviews from the critics. Some movies are reported confusing and puzzling, yet it still interesting. It needs you to watch the movie more than a time to get well acquainted with the movie and its plot. Here is a list of the top ten confusing movies.

10 Vanilla Sky

There is much of the apparent obliqueness and bewilderment from the plot that is all set on by the typical evasion “it was all a dream.” At the same time as perhaps not as completely obvious as that, but the whole film occurs in the clear dream of a man in cryogenic postponements whose subconscious has begun to declare itself. That clarifies the continuously toggling nature of reality, and the strangeness that envelopes him.

9 A Space Odyssey

Its trippy visuals, extended scenes lacking dialogue and glacially-slow speed let it near unsolvable to some people. The film’s ending is also unforgettable, when astronaut Dave Bowman plunges through a psychedelic kaleidoscope of colors and is then changed into a huge space-faring baby called the “Star Child.”

8 Donnie Darko

You almost require a degree in theoretical physics to get the meaning of this sect classic. Fortunately, a director’s cut was opened in 2004 that lets the oblique, time travel plot a little easier to chase. However, we are still a little perplexed by the ending a decade later.

7 Eraserhead

It is the highly strange tale of a man called Henry Spencer as he takes care of his changed, reptilian child. It has a chicken that gushes blood, enormous sperm cells and an odd woman with swollen cheeks who inhabit a radiator. Even though Lynch has obstinately declined to give details of the film, it could be explanation on sexual mores, a figure of speech for the terror of paternity or just a bad dream.

6 Primer

It is an impenetrable low-budget movie about two scientists who create a time travel machine. Primer that was created with a $7,000 budget is complex, it would be a huge irony. Truly, it is full of details that numerous viewings are almost needed. About 10 years following its release, fan sites are unknotting its meaning. Thus, if you are willing to watch Primer, you should do some serious reading first.

5 Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions is one of the most puzzling movies. Especially, the movie’s ending is a genuine puzzle. Does Neo die following his climactic fight with Agent Smith? Or does he turn to be one with the Matrix? What are the Architect and the Oracle gibbering about in the concluding scene?

4 Tree of life

The family’s tale is scattered with haphazard scenes describing nothing less than the formation of the universe, the beginning of life and the devastation of the Earth following the sun goes supernova. The film’s ending which offers a vision of death and rebirth in a slow motion like a dream.

3 Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive’ is one of David Lynch’s most fantastic works. However, this story of a hopeful actress who takes care of an amnesiac beating in her aunt’s house is easy to pursue. Indeed, it is non-linear, incoherent, full of seemingly not linked sequences and extremely open to understanding.

2 Pi

It is so complex; it will make your eye-brows rise. It engages a mathematician called Max Cohen who turns to be more and more passionate with the concept that all nature can be realized with numbers. He also experiences paranoia and hallucinations. The film has surprising ending that revolves home surgical procedure with a power drill.

1 End of Evangelion

It was positively received by critics for its sole visual style and forceful story in which children employ mecha to battle soaring monsters called  “Angels.” Almost the people say that it does not make lot of sense.


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