Top 10 List to Plan Your Interior Design

Interior decoration or Interior Designing is an aesthetical designing of space with furnishings and decorative. Well-Thought-Of colors of the wall and some well-planned placement of furniture can transition space into a beautiful area. But this isn’t an easy task. It involves a lot of planning and decision making relating to style and settings. It’s similar to converting a blank canvas into a beautiful painting which requires a correct color selection and precise brush stroke to create a masterpiece.

Artfully decorating a space can seem like quite a challenge, every element needs to be in sync. From wall color to the floor rugs everything should gel and project the right mood for space. While it requires a lot of coordination and planning, decorating your own space can be loads of fun too.

You are free to recreate the vision in your head without anybody’s interference. You can choose to make a balcony a studio, or convert your dressing room into a walk-in closet; it’s all up to you!

The best way to do this in an easy way is, to begin with the planning of the space. There are many aspects of the designing and if they are planned well ahead, you can smoothly transit the space from what it is to what you want it to be. But, how do you plan it all? We have decoded this for you. We have developed a list that can guide you in planning your interior decor photos. Here we go:

Top Ten List To Plan Your Interior Design

1 Research–1st step is research.

Look around for design inspirations. The vision you have in your head might need some help in being brought to life. So check out the internet, local stores, and also take an inventory of the supplies you have on hand. You might find some nifty ideas on Pinterest board, which will help recreate your vision in a more budget-friendly manner. You can create a vision board for each room, filled with your favourite fabrics, colors, decorative items etc. Or you can go into 1 board for your entire home. The bottom-line is to create an inspiration board that you can refer to any step of your design process for more ideas.

2 Make sense of your board

Once your research is done, and the board is ready it is time to head over the board and start making sense of it. If you want one theme to flow throughout your house, and you have multiple boards (one for each room) then you need to find a common thread across al these boards. If you would like to keep every room to have a distinct feel then you can look for a prominent feature on each board and make this the focal point of that room. For example, You might like marble, and can choose that to be a common theme across your entire home. Every room can have a marble feature, in form of a marble table top, a marble washbasin, marble flooring, etc.

3 Stock Taking:

It’s time to look around you. What inventory do you already have? Will your current sofa fir in your designs? Can a coat of paint or a change of covers make it fit in perfectly? Would the grand painting fit into your minimalist design theme? Check and recheck each piece. Some pieces may need some modifications to fit right into your theme. Some pieces might just not make it into your new theme. So let them go. Donate them or do a backyard sale, and invest the proceeds into your new furniture.

4 Get Realistic:

So far we collected all the information of what you wish to have in your home. Now it’s time to get down to the basics and make a list of what all you NEED in your home. This will be based on your lifestyle. If you work from home, a workspace with a desk and comfortable chair are essential. If you have kids, a safe play area with stylish kids curtains is essential and so on. This list is of the non-negotiable items you need to have in your home.

5 Budget Time:

We have a list of your wishes and a list of your needs. It’s time to reconcile the two. You may wish to have a plush large sofa with a pure leather finish, but will it go well in your home with kids? Also, how much of your budget will it eat up? Is it worth that much budget? What other items you will have to forgo for the sofa? Answering all these questions will help you merge your wish list and your list of needs into one and make them fit within your budget.

6 Time for some action:

You have your list, your vision for the home, now it’s time to bring it into life, on a virtual scale and check if it makes sense! Choose any of the numerous apps available online, and place the items you have chosen to add to every room where you would wish them to be and see the final look. Is it pleasant? Is it what you envisioned? Is the table too large for your dining room? Or the drapes too heavy looking for your bedroom? Is there enough room to move around the furniture’s? Does it look cluttered? Is there too much or too little negative space? Answering all these questions will help you make a final call on what you need to invest your money in. Also you will know how and where you would like each piece to be placed. So your floor plan is ready.

7 Lights:

With your floor plan in place it is time to plan the lights. You now have a good idea of what will be where. So you can plan your lights accordingly. A spotlighting over your favourite artwork, a work light over your work desk. Some ambient light in your drawing room. Study the different light options and plan them accordingly

8 Re-budget and tie the loose ends:

With the lights, we have all the pieces in place. It’s time to take a final look at the budget and see if everything is within the limits. Also, make a last check if you have included everything in your plans. Are the curtains taken care of? Did you budget for the carpets? Have you included the wallpaper or paint costing? Tie all the loose ends. So then we can move into action

9 Action:

It’s time to start the work ground up. Get the lights and the paintwork was done first. These work are best done in open space, and also the dust and dirt produced while doing them will be significant, and can damage your furniture’s, draperies, etc. So get the room ready 1st. Then move onto bringing in the furniture.

10 Show-Off:

You have created your dream house. It’s ready for your family and friends. It’s now time to flaunt your hard work. Go on, invite over everyone for a barbeque and let the compliments flow.

Guest Writer:-

Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interior – Home Decor Pune

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