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Top 10 Best Curtain Brands In The USA

Getting access to some of the best curtains may sound very easy, but it isn’t in the real sense. Because there are lots of products in the market which can’t meet the expectations of customers like you. The companies producing them will not tell you since they are eager and desperate to sell. It is your duty and responsibility to exercise utmost caution to ensure that you have the best curtain in the market.

The principal aim of this post is to expose you to some of the best curtain Brands in the USA. These are top curtain brands which are meeting the needs of their customers on a consistent basis. They will not only help you maintain a high level of privacy but also ensure that your home stands out.

1 Utopia Curtain

Utopia brand is one of the best when it comes to curtains that are up to standard. This curtain will give your room a thoroughly modern look. It will provide privacy, reduce light entering your room, and even minimize noise. Polyester fabric (250 GSM) is what it has been made from which implies that it will last for a very long period. Also, it has been designed in a way that can perfectly fit into any curtain rod. And this means that you will not need to spend extra money on buying a curtain rod.

 2 Veratex Curtain

It is another top USA brand which you can look at to get some of the best curtains around. It is 100% linen and not only stylish but also trendy making it perfect for any modern room. One of its most outstanding features is the smooth panel sliding. It also comes in various colors that you can choose from to match the color and items design in your home. Veratex Curtain has been spectacularly crafted to meet the needs of users. Also, it doesn’t need to be steamed or ironed before hanging.

 3 Hammer Head Shower Curtain 

Hammer Head is one of the top brands which produce shower curtains in the US. This product is perfect if you are looking for a shower curtain that can help protect your privacy in the bathroom. It has been made from polyester of the highest quality, and it has been designed without lining. Some of its other features are mildew and mold resistant, water repellent, bright color, and textured waffle pattern. A washing machine can wash it.

 4 Mountain Weavers Shower Curtain

Mountain Weavers brand has been known to produce sturdy shower curtains over the years. This one is an exception as its features are outstanding. It has been made from cotton duck cloth (sturdy 9-ounce). This has been made possible through coated brass grommets (heavy duty nickel), which help them to last as long as possible. Also, you can make use of the washing machine to clean it without any liner.

 5 Ellis Curtain 

Ellis curtain has been in the business of curtain production since 1920. This should tell you about its experience in producing some of the best curtains that will make any room stand out. This is one of its top curtains with great features that will leave you impressed. It has been designed with 100% cotton to ensure a smooth draping effect. Also, it comes with two standard tiebacks. Given its simple design, there is no doubt that it can add value to any home.

 6 AK Trading Curtain

AK Trading curtain is made of Jute burlap to provide any home with a perfect look. There are different places where it can be used for such as wedding, restaurants, windows, wall covers, room dividers, bars, clubs, and many others. This explains its high level of versatility and comes with a natural color which means you will not need to bother whether it will fade with time or not. This is indeed a curtain that will provide a luxurious look to any atmosphere.

 7 BEST LINENS TO YOU Shower Curtain 

If you are looking for a contemporary curtain while on a shoestring budget, the Linen shower curtain will meet your needs. It is affordable and will ensure you enjoy all the features of the modern curtain. Polyester is what it has been made of. Best of all is that the fabric is soft-textured and durable as well as it is resistant to mold and mildew. Also, it is 100% waterproof and can be easily maintained.

 8 Appleberry Attic Curtains 

One of the significant features of  Appleberry Attic Curtains is that its curtains look like they are designed specifically for your home. They are gorgeous with crisp colors that will make your room look pretty outstanding. 7oz cotton fabric is what it has been produced with which even makes it unique from other curtains in the market since polyester material is what most manufacturers use.

 9 Bean Products Curtain

Bean Products are famous for selling top shower curtains that you can use in your bathroom. They are of high-quality materials just as highlighted by this shower curtain. It can help in resisting mold and mildew. It has been manufactured with 100% cotton. Finally, you don’t need a plastic liner to make use of this handcrafted curtain. It is known for the high level of simplicity and great functionalities at the same time.

 10 Heritage Lace Curtain 

This is a shower curtain that is produced by Heritage Lace. It can be easily washed using a machine, produced from 100% polyester and it can make any room looks very appealing. For the best result, it is recommended to use it along with a vinyl liner. It can be used in a farmhouse, cabin and so on. You will definitely get good value for your money with this shower curtain.

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