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Top 10 Most Popular Interior Design Jobs and Their Salaries

The field of interior design is broader than you can ever imagine. It is probably one of the most exciting careers that anyone can do today and earn a living. In case you are interested in this field, ensure to read the details of this post provided by the American magazine Topteny from beginning to end. It reveals some of the most popular interior design jobs, including their respective salaries.

1 Corporate designers

Just as the name sounds, cooperate designers are specialized in ensuring that professional interior designs are created for companies. These can be small or well-established organizations. Their primary function or roles are to ensure the creation of safe, functional, and efficient spaces within working environments to ensure improved employee productivity. Corporate designers usually try to come up with designs that reflect the brand of companies they tend to be working for. These professionals are known to earn an average annual salary of $46,443.

2 Executive

This is usually the top person in each interior design company. They are always the brains behind the formation and existence of such companies. He is known to carry out roles such as explaining the company’s designing mission and vision, overseeing various phases of project design, managing financial details for every project and others. The least amount of executives usually earn around $115,000/annum. There are instances when people can reach higher. What makes the difference can be the location, credentials, experience, and academic qualifications (degrees).

3 Director

This job comes in various titles like Junior Principal, Design Director, Creative Partner, and Managing Director. It is the position that is next to the executive, which has been explained above. Interior design directors have the responsibility to make critical decisions about projects being handled by other workers. They take an active part in the planning, directing, coordinating, and execution of projects to ensure the needs of clients are met without any compromise. Directors usually earn one of the highest interior designer salaries ($97,600 per year). He is also responsible for the selection of furniture. Finally, directors are always expected to have an in-depth understanding of design processes. This enables them to make suggestions and recommendations whenever necessary. It has one of the highest interior designer salaries, among others.

4 Senior Designer

Some job titles for this role are Senior Architect, Senior Interior Architect, Studio Manager, Associate, and Senior Project Designer. These professionals ensure that projects are executed as scheduled. They have the sole responsibility for managing the technical side of every project. Most times, senior designers are expected to work together with directors before projects are executed. They are expected to be good at finish selection, space planning, furniture specification, and more. Graphic presentation skills are recommended highly. Senior designers are expected to have vast knowledge about applications like Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, InDesign, and others. Their average salaries earned is around $74,000/annum.

5 Junior architect

In major interior designing companies, junior architects tend to work with senior designers to ensure projects are planned most effectively. However, this isn’t the case with smaller companies as both roles are always merged into one. Listening attentively to details is very important in this role. They are expected to possess problem-solving abilities. Also, a junior architect should be creative, artistic, and imaginative. The annual salary for this role is $56,700/annum.

6 Project Manager

A project manager is also known as a strategist or planner. He is responsible for the planning, execution, and budgeting of various interior design contracts/projects. Project managers are expected to possess considerable leadership skills that can help bring out the best in other workers. They are also likely to come up with comprehensive plans on how projects are meant to be executed. The average annual salary of project managers is $61,010.

7 Designer

This role can come under job titles such as Interior Architect, Project Designer, or Architect. Designers are fully involved in the starting phases of projects down to when they are completed. Bachelor’s degree is the least qualification for this position, with applicants expected to have skills in AutoCAD, Photoshop, and other sophisticated tools relevant in the field of interior designs. The salaries of designers usually vary based on the level of experience, education, and geographical location. However, in a developed country such as the US, their average annual salary can be around $55,000.

8 Junior designer

The titles for junior designers can be Intern Interior Designer, Intern, Intern Architect, Junior Architect, Architectural Designer, or Architectural Assistant. He is expected to work alongside senior members of the team to ensure set goals for every project are achieved. Paying attention to details is an essential requirement. Having skills in AutoCAD and Photoshop is an added advantage. The annual salary which this role attracts is around $50,100.

9 Interior decorator

Most of the time, interior decorators usually work hand-in-hand with clients to know what they want. The aim is to conclude various aspects like space planning, finish, color combination, fixture options, and others. Interior decorators also work together with vendors and contractors to ensure the right pieces of furniture are installed for clients. Based on these, it is evident that effective communication is a vital requirement to execute this role correctly. An interior decorator’s salary can be $39,610 per year. As compared to other interior designer salaries, this isn’t high, as you can see.

10 Technical Designer

This is a very specialized position and requires lots of experience to be executed correctly. Creativity and precision are needed to be successful while carrying out this role in various interior design projects. Qualification in vocational training is required. Also, technical designers are expected to understand how to use software like Photoshop, AutoCAD, and others. The average salary for this role is $54,300 per annum.

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