Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women

Each new year comes with new trends in the world of fashion, jewelry, hair colors, hairstyles and more things that make us fashionable and help us to renew our life while welcoming a new year. The most important trends that we care about are the fashion trends as we think that what we wear is more important than the other simple things that are responsible for complementing our overall look and increasing our elegance. Hair color trends that are presented every year and even each season are also essential for increasing our elegance and providing us with a new and catchy look that is not costly. There is a wide diversity of hair colors that are presented every year to renew those which were used before and to meet different demands. Selecting the best hair color for you is determined by your skin tone and your personality as what you wear and the color that you choose reflects your personality. If you want to change the look of your hair without changing your hairstyle or haircut, then you can easily choose a new color for your hair. Let’s take a look at the following top 10 hair color trends for women to decide which one you will choose for the next year.

1. Titan blonde hair: It is not red and is perfect for those whose hair is naturally blonde as it creates strawberry hues which seem to be natural.

2. Red hair: One of the hottest hair colors that are presented for the new year is the red color as it makes you energetic and increases your power. You will find it in different shades whether they are light or dark to choose what suits your personality and your skin tone.


3. Oxblood red hair: It is a dark shade of the red color and is appropriate for different skin tones especially the pale skin tone.

4. Auburn red hair: It is another shade of red hair and is sometimes described as reddish brown for being close to brown in its color.

5. Platinum blonde: It is among the hottest hair colors that are presented for the next year. It is perfect for those with light skin tone.


6. Copper red: It is one of the multiple shades of red and is perfect for being selected in the fall season. It is suitable for different skin tones especially the fair and light ones.

copper red
copper Red-hair-colors-for-2012

7. Bronzed brunette: The brown color is also hot for the next year and it appears in different shades such as bronzed brunette which can be chosen for different skin tones.


8. Truffle brunette: It is among the latest and newest hair color trends that are presented for the new year. It is brunette but presented in a new way.

Chocolate Cherry

9. Mahogany: It is perfect for those who like the brown color and want to get a red touch for their hair without dyeing their hair red.


10. Ombré hair color: This hair color trend was common in the last year and is still present to be found in the next year. Ombré hair color trend comes in new colors such as blue, purple and green instead of blonde.


There are also other hair color trends that you may like such as brown reds, rich brown, brownish, matte hair color and multiple colors. Now, which hair color do you like the most? 


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