Top 10 Essential Accessories That Will Update Your Suit

Men’s suits are designed to be handsome and elegant, and they are a critical fashion item in any man’s wardrobe. A well-tailored and classy suit can look good on anybody. The designs are so good that many now wear suits casually over the weekends. While there’s a huge choice out there, you should pick your accessories thoughtfully and carefully – one wrong accessory can tank even the finest of outfits. Read on for some excellent accessories bringing patterns, color, and oomph to your suit.

1 A Necktie

In general, your suit is incomplete without a necktie. However, choose your necktie carefully. Make sure that it accentuates and does not distract from the overall look you are going.

A silk necktie with conservative patterns such as a micro-grid or stripes is the best accessory for your everyday business suite. On the other hand, brightly colored or patterned ties are ideal for showing off your personality when outside the office environment. In the right setting, a bowtie is a whimsical, yet appropriate addition.

 2 A Tie Clip or Bar

Just as it is functional, a tie clip is also a fashionable accessory that helps bring together your entire look. Whether it features the basic bar design or an intricate one-of-a-kind design, the right clip is what brings together all your accessories – in addition to keeping your tie wrinkle-free and neat the entire day. Unlike tie tacks, tie clips do not damage your tie’s material, making them an important accessory for keeping the tie in place.

 3 A Necklace

Depending on the formality of the occasion, always keep your metal necklace as simple and classic as possible. Alternatively, you can dress it up using a minimalistic pendant such as a dog tag for an edgy embellishment to your outfit. However, never wear several necklaces at once, especially if you are going for the formal look – it will just make you look out of place!

 4 A Pocket Square

A vibrant, colorful pocket square is a great way of letting your personality shine through your formal suit. For the conservative look, choose a pocket square color that accentuates your shirt’s color, or makes the pocket square clash with your outfit for that energetic vibe. You can tone down a brightly patterned or colored tie, or even a loud suit with the help of a white or neutral-colored square.

 5 A Scarf

Not only is a seasonal scarf great for accessorizing your outfit, but it is also a necessary item in the colder season. You can tie the scarf in various ways to make your suit less or more formal, no matter the occasion you are attending. You can also wear thinner and lighter fabric scarves in the summer and spring months.

 6 Snappy Suspenders

Suspenders are retro accessories that are fast making their way back to popularity because it’s easy to mix and match them with any of your suits. When chosen carefully, suspenders look great when combined with a casual seersucker suit or a black tie outfit. However, remember to leave your belt at home if you choose to wear suspenders.

 7 An Elegant Watch

Your wristwatch ought to be as dressy and classy as the suit you are wearing. Business suits go well with a stainless steel timepiece with multiple functions, while a simple dress watch will do for a black-tie or wedding affair. Choose a watch from places like this online watch store, Watch shopping, with a grey or blue face to accent your tie and suit color, or impress everyone by getting a watch with the mother of diamonds or pearl on the dial.

 8 A Handcrafted Belt

Figuratively and literally, a good belt should hold your suit together. With the right belt color, you can break your profile in half, making your overall appearance slimmer and taller. The rule of thumb is to match your belt color with the shoe color.

 9 A Pair of Colorful Socks

Brightly colored or patterned socks can change the dynamic of your entire outfit. While many people prefer colorful socks for casual events, a few top leaders show up in public with novelty socks. Such bright socks are for the bold out there who are looking to stand out from everyone else.

 10 A Pair of Statement Shoes

Combine your day-by-day suit with shoes that take your overall outfit one notch higher. As long as you have a simple outfit, a pair of bold shoes showing off colors, patterns, or prints will brighten your look. Fortunately, there’re several statement footwear options that you can use to incorporate extra style and color to your ordinary suit.


As it’s clear, there are several accessory types you can add to your suit to differentiate yourself or class up your outfit. It is up to you to pick those accessories that complement your style and make you unique!

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