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Top 10 Creative Mug Ideas That Surprise Everyone

If you are one of those ardent coffee lovers, there is no limit to how many mugs you can have in your home or office. After all, they have their specific functions to perform to ensure that you enjoy taking coffee as expected. It is essential you start each day with something fresh, and there is no better way to do this than making use of different mugs.

If you are looking for where to find various mugs that can meet your needs in diverse ways, there is no doubt that you’ve come to the right place. This post will list out some of the best creative mugs in the market that you can get access to today. The best thing about these mugs is that they are perfect for specific jobs. You need to identify the ones that will be ideal for your needs in one way or the other and begin to make use of it.

 1 Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug doesn’t only give you the chance to have a great time drinking your favorite caffeine, but it also ensures that you can see what is happening around the environment with its camera lens. That is to say; it is a creative coffee mug which comes with a lens to enable you to take note of the ongoings in any environment. You don’t have to bother whether it is safe or not as it has been proven to be 100% user-friendly. This Camera Lens Coffee Mug becomes very useful when you want to supervise a group of persons and at the same take your favorite coffee. With the use of this creative mug, you can rest assured that your coffee consumption will not be interrupted in any way.

 2 Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Cup is one of the most innovative coffee mugs you can think of in the market. Its design is simply impressive, and there is no doubt that you will love it. It is a ceramic cup which has managed to stand out from others in the market given the way it has been designed. The handle has a guitar shape which makes it very realistic. This mug is perfect for those that love music since it reminds them of the basic ways through which sounds are produced. Even if you aren’t in music, you can still make use of this coffee mug due to the stylish design it takes. Also, it has been produced with the ceramic material to ensure that it is even safe to take advantage of it. And this makes it be user – friendly.

 3  Viking Warrior Mug

Handle Viking Warrior Mug is another top creative mug that you can add to other cups at your home and office. This mug can serve various purposes when being put to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your office trying to take some coffee or in your home wanting to relax with some beer, this is one mug that you can make use of today. One of this warrior mug greatest benefits is its impressive design. When kept in the home or office; it can contribute its quota towards making such an environment look great. It has been designed with stainless steel and ceramic. Also, it comes with a handgrip shape.

 4 Self Stirring Mug

This creative mug seems to be very different compared to those mugs listed above. If you can’t do without coffee even while traveling from one location to another, this is the mug to make use of to meet your needs without any compromise. Its high level of creativity exceeds the capacity to contain your coffee while traveling because it has been designed to get the content stirred all by itself with a single push. With this mug, you will be able to drive and at the same enjoy your coffee in the morning. Its stirring speed isn’t too fast or too slow. All you have to do is turn its switch button on which is easy to locate, and you are good to go!

 5 Heart cup 

Sometimes you want to leave a lasting and indelible impression on your spouse. There may be lots of ways to do this, but some are just too complex as compared to others. So, you need the heart cup that has been created to help build the bond which exists between you and your partner. With a mug as creative as this one, you will be able to prove to your partner how much love you do have for him or her. It is indeed a perfect way to reignite the relationship between you. Its design isn’t just simple but also will help you send the love messages across through using a creative mug such as this one.

 6 Hidden Animals Mugs

Are you looking for a way to give your guests some surprises but can’t seem to find any? There is one sure way to do this which is making use of hidden animal mugs to serve them their favorite drinks. They are meant to create this great suspense in the atmosphere which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. It makes them ask lots of questions about what’s inside the mug you must have used in serving them drinks. There are different mugs you can buy from the market with various designs such as dreaded gods, creepy crawlies or even horrible. All you have to do is choosing the one that makes them curious and at the same time very delighted. Mugs like these present the chance to ask questions and learn more about other types of animals which exist.

 7 Golf Mug

Do you love playing golf or would want to have a feel of the game itself? There is no need trying to look any further about how this can be done. With a golf mug, you will be able to understand a lot about golf. The function of this mug goes beyond ensuring that you enjoy your favorite coffee because its base has a golf hole. Even if you don’t want to make use of this mug, it can still be presented to loved ones as a gift item during any of those special seasons. There is no doubt that they will appreciate it.

 8 Baseball Coffee Mug

If you don’t like to possess the mug which has been stated above, you definitely will love this baseball coffee mug. This mug makes eating to be fun that you will not even remember you have a stressful day ahead in office. It comes with a baseball glove which has been attached to it. Drinking and eating become fun activities with a mug of this nature. Now you can easily play sports using your food. Through its use, marshmallow can be tossed into cocoa, toppings into ice cream or crackers into soup.

 9 Mug with Hoop

Do you enjoy playing with food? Are you looking for something that can help you have the ultimate fun during such an activity? Perhaps you will need a mug that comes with a basketball hoop. This mug is just perfect to make you have fun while eating at the same time. It is unique, and the main idea is to ensure that you take part in those activities involved in having meals. It is a creative mug and can make guests comfortable when used to serve their foods.

 10 Mood Mug

With the mood mug, you will be able to express your mood even without saying anything. They are of different types to show your mood. It is a simple way of communicating or sending messages across to others about how you feel towards a given situation.



After you have seen the above, it is pronounced that the many mugs in the market have different functions. It is all about choosing the ones that can address your situation and needs at different times. They can make all the difference if you understand how they can be used.

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