Best 10 Lifestyle Magazines That List Newest Trends

A lifestyle magazine keeps you very much updated with the latest information. Through the details provided, you will be able to understand what is happening in your field of interest. However, it is essential you subscribe to the right lifestyle magazine as most of them aren’t worth your time in any way. Trying to insist on using such magazines to get the latest update may lead to frustration which is the last thing that you want to experience.

It is the reason why this post has been created which is to help you discover some of the best lifestyle magazines on the internet. Whether you want to admit it or not, these magazines have been touching lives over the years, and there is no doubt that you will benefit immensely from the information they provide regularly. All that you have to do is reading the details below from start to finish and choose the lifestyle magazine that you would want to subscribe.

 1 People

People is another top lifestyle magazine that gives information on the most popular news around the world. It is a quintessential American magazine which you will love given what it has been known to offer its subscribers over the years. It will provide news on celebrities, gossip, and other posts or articles regarding people you may even know. Do you want to know more about your favorite stars? Then don’t fail to check out what people lifestyle magazine offers. You will be thrilled.


It is one of the best lifestyle magazines that you can subscribe to today for the latest information on different subject matters. It covers various topics and categories such as travel, lifestyle, technology, fashion, and many others. This is one magazine that you should subscribe to when it comes to getting updated with the latest trend in various fields. Its database is continuously updated to ensure that subscribers aren’t lost with regards to what is happening around them. In a nutshell, this is one website that gives you the opportunity to learn about your surroundings.


Some people are very interested in everything which concerns celebrities. The only problem is that most of the times, they can’t seem to know the right places to find these details. There is only one source which is US WEEKLY. Through this lifestyle magazine, you will be able to discover a lot of more information about your favorite actors, actresses, and other celebrities. Whether these details related to deaths, births, divorces, and marriages, rest assured that you will be provided with firsthand information by US WEEKLY.

 4 Vogue

Vogue is also known as the fashion bible by many around the world. It is not difficult to see why as it has been able to cover everything related to fashion. If you are crazy about fashion and want to know more, this is one magazine you shouldn’t fail to subscribe. You will even be exposed to interviews of top celebrities on fashion topics. It is indeed a priceless magazine for every fashion lover.

 5 Variety of Marie Claire

Variety of Marie Claire is a lifestyle magazine that is majorly dedicated to serving the interest of those who love fashion. Subscribing to a magazine of this nature gives you access to lots of hidden information that you wouldn’t have known about fashion. You will also discover some of the latest trends in the world of fashion. Subscribers are provided with various interviews and tips on fashion.

 6 Allure

Allure is another top magazine that you can sign up with today. It is beneficial most especially if you want to be a celebrity in the future. The reason is that it provides you with information that will prepare you for such a journey. It is a magazine which is specifically aiming to meet the needs of women who are majorly concerned about beauty. The good part is that every woman wants to look pretty which is why it is one of the most preferred lifestyle magazines amongst women today.

 7 Cosmopolitan

It is a popular lifestyle magazine which targets women with some of the latest news and tips that you can think of a lot. Speaking, it tends to target females who are fashion savvy despite covering other topics. You will be given access to celebrity interviews, fashion advice, and sex tips. These are the major areas where it has shown a high level of expertise over the years.

 8 Vanity Fair 

If you are searching for a magazine which tends to cover almost every topic under the sun, there is no need trying to rack your brains about where to find such. Vanity Fair addresses lots of topics which you will find very interesting. These could be non – fictional and fiction posts, interviews, gossip, news concerning various topics which range from fashion to business, celebrity profiles, and others.


Topteny happens to be another popular lifestyle magazine you can sign up with today. This is one company which has been able to show a high level of credibility to its subscribers over the years. It has managed to achieve such a feat by making credible information available. A website that has thousands of loyal fans and subscribers does have a lot to offer. One of the areas where this site has shown strength-in-depth is covering lots of fields over the years. Some of them are luxury, photography, business & finance, education, fashion and lots more.

 10 The Resident Magazine

The resident magazine is trendy amongst others. With almost 50,000 followers in a social media website such as Facebook, you don’t need to be told about what it can offer you. It touches on various topics ranging from food, traveling, beauty, fashion, interior, and many others. You will be learning a lot by subscribing to this magazine today.

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