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Best 10 Popular Online Shopping Sites in Canada

Are you looking to kick-start things with a shopping spree? Do you live in Canada, and you don’t want to take any chances with shopping sites that are yet making their mark in the e-commerce world? Here is a smooth rundown of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Canada. Just read carefully and make your best pick.

1 Walmart Canada

Do you intend to shop for some household items? has been regarded as the most significant retailer in the world. It’s an e-commerce and retail company that has been in operation for over 50 years. They parade any household items, as well as official equipment and appliances. They offer a wide range of products, covering almost everything that can be found on other shopping sites. They have as many as 700,000 customers who hit the site daily to make their shopping come true.

2 Amazon Canada

The most popular and most reliable shopping site in Canada for books and electronics products is Amazon Canada. It is, however, second in the overall rankings here. I am quite sure you are aware that Amazon is the oldest and most significant e-commerce company in the world. From a worldwide perspective, Amazon will be rightly conferred with the title of the best e-commerce site. has become widely popular and trusted amongst Canadians.

3 AliExpress

This site is a subsidiary of They have a lot of items on their sites for your shopping pleasure. AliExpress is not just crucial for the Canadian public because the site is available in various languages such as Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew and many more. You can find anything you want on their platform, ranging from handbags, designer clothes, beauty gifts, accessories, etc. Visit to find out the various category of items that feature on their shopping site.

4 CustomPins.CA

CustomPins.CA is Canada’s leading pins maker with over 20 years of experience; they are a brand under that provide enjoy friendly service and get premium quality custom-made pins and badges at unmatched prices. Do you often worry because you can’t choose a good gift? Maybe you want to know what is the best gift for others to happily receive, why not choose a customized product? For example, custom lapel pins. If you are a merchant, you can customize exclusive lapel pins to give as a gift to your customers or even sell as merchandise. If you are someone who struggles with commemorative event gifts, you can choose event-related elements, commemorative dates, or logos to customize pins as souvenirs. Why is a lapel pins the most suitable gift choice? Not only it is pretty to decorate, but also very easy to keep and carry. Visit CustomPins.CA to know more!


5 Dress911

With the name, this one is quite straightforward to figure out. They deal in dresses of all types. Their objective is simple – you cannot come to their shopping platform and not find a dress that you like. They stock retro dresses, indie dresses, party dresses, and prom dresses, all at affordable prices. If you seek a dress code that reveals your personality, this is where you will find it. They offer a constant shipping rate of $5 for customers within Canada. To get started on your dress quest, log on to, and you will be ready for some shopping adventure.

6 ASOS is a British company that deals with beauty items and fashion clothing. This company deals on more than 850 different brands. ASOS also has its range of accessories and clothing. Although its headquarter is in London, they can still ship products to over 140 countries over the world. At ASOS you are assured of getting the best of Retro clothing, Vintage inspired clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. They also deal with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and Diesel. Their prices are pocket-friendly because they do ensure that customers get a discount from time to time. Whether you are a male or a female, has a wide range of products just for you.


For anyone who is looking for men’ clothes with superb quality, shopping platform is where you should be. This is a Montreal based online shop that allows their customers to sort products in a variety of categories such as  Tees, dress shirts, casual shirts, blazers and suits, denim, accessories, bags, and shoes. They love to put their customers ahead of the trend, so they are fond of releasing 12 new collections now and then. This is where you get the best quality for the cheapest of prices. And it gets even cheaper with their time to time discounts. With a $6 order, you can get your buys shipped to you anywhere in Canada.

8 is where it’s all going down regarding where you can find the best of beauty products. It assures customers access to a collection of nice beauty products. This shopping site is fully enhanced with the latest technology to simplify your shopping experience. Foreo, NARS and Juice Beauty are some of the brands available on this platform. They don’t charge anything for shipping.


This store parades a collection of boutiques and luxury brands. You can also find other categories such as shoes, bags, accessories, etc. offer over 7000 fragrance, skincare and cosmetics products. If you make an order that is up to $100 or above, you are entitled to free shipping.


This is one of Canada’s best online stores when it comes to buying electronics, toys, books, etc. stocks all the categories of products that you need to reflect a perfect lifestyle. Ranging from your most loved electronics to books, toys, baby products, fashion accessories, home and décor, bath and body, jewelry, yoga, sleepwear, office supplies, party planning, writing, social stationery, reading and many more, they have got you covered. You get a free shipping bonus if you place an order of $25 and above.

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